Virgin Muslim Girl Giving Herself Completely

Hi, I am Sharma, 36 years old. The heroine of this story is my student named Salma, 22 years old with a perfect figure of 32-38-30. She is a virgin girl. I am narrating the original story which happened in 2019.

Salma visited our office for her project work and I accepted her project work just to fuck her! The day came where she joined our office for her project work.

I was sharing my room with another colleague. One fine day, she came to my cabin when I was not available but she caught my other colleague having sexual activity with another girl. After seeing the incident, she calmly left my cabin.

Salma later visited my cabin and with just her eyes, she told me that they both were involved in sexual activity. I quickly understood it and responded to her back with my signs that I will message her the rest of the story about what happened between them.

Luckily, my family was out of town and this gave me the confidence to speak to her about the story of my colleague with her friend. This went on late nights and we were on phone continuously every night. Thus, I made her very close and have emotional attachment toward me.

One fine day, she proposed to me. But I rejected and I told her that I was a married person and I cannot marry her. In my mind, my intention was only to fuck her.

One fine day, I invited my Muslim intern to my house. Since my family was out of station, I was planning to fuck her in my house. We planned to meet at our house on a Saturday.

Salma came around 12 noon and we ordered the food. In the meantime, I slowly moved toward her, kissed her cheeks and she responded with a small moan. I understood that she also wanted to be fucked hard by me even if I can’t marry her. She was a pure virgin Muslim girl hiding her feelings inside.

As she was a virgin girl, she didn’t know how to kiss on lips. I explained it to her by placing my lips on her beautiful pink lips. I bit her lower lip hard. This aroused her and in turn, she hugged me tightly.

Then, slowly giving sensual touches all over her body, I brought my hand over Salma’s beautiful breasts. I slowly removed her dress. But as it was her first time, she was not in a mood to get completely naked in front of me. I was only able to remove her top and pants.

Until 6 pm, we were deeply kissing on the sofa. Then she went to the bathroom and I followed her. Before reaching the bathroom, I unhooked her bra suddenly. Salma was in now a panty. But she was still not in a mood to show off her body completely. So she quickly asked me to switch off the bathroom light.

We then entered the bathroom. I turned on the shower and soon, we were completely wet. I pressed her breasts with my hand while kissing her and she moaned loudly. Then slowly, I moved my hand down and tried to press her virgin vagina over her panty. But she denied.

We came back to the bedroom without light. In a swift motion, I slid down Salma’s panty and tried to insert the finger into her tight pussy. But she refused again. She told that she was having fear of losing her virginity and even till this age, she hadn’t even sat on a bike.

The night passed away with us sleeping nude and doing nothing else.

The next day was a Sunday. And being a holiday, I got the idea of showing some hot Indian MMS videos to her. I showed her real homemade Indian MMS videos of how to have sex in different ways. This gave her confidence. For the very first time, I asked her to give me a blowjob.

Salma went straight down to my hard white penis, took it into her mouth and started giving me an erotic blowjob. I realized she was a quick learner. It was indeed a pretty masterful blowjob and none of the Indian girls could surpass her in the blowjob. I was in heaven.

After some time, I was about to cum and I asked her to stop. But she refused and continued and soon, all the hot sperm was in her mouth.

Then, I realized she was in a good mood. I slowly kissed her lips, her beautiful rounded breasts, navel and reached my Muslim intern girl’s wet tight pussy. Suddenly, she moaned and said, “Voddu bujji, aapu ra please. Naa valla kaavatledu ra.” (Please stop, I can’t control.)

I didn’t listen to her. I separated her legs and pushed my middle finger into her tight pussy. She was damn wet there. The fluids were all over the finger. She continued to moan loudly and I saw some bloodstains on the bed which came from her pussy.

Then she started asking me to fuck her, “Pettu bujji. Inka naa valla kaadu ra. Pettu bujji. Nannu dengu bujji.” (Please insert your dick. I am not able to control. Please fuck me hard!)

I didn’t need a second invitation. I tried to insert my thick white 6-inch dick but it wasn’t able to find its way into her tight pussy. It still needed more lubrication.

Salma came up with an idea and applied coconut oil over my dick and then we tried again. This time, it was successful and she cried out in pain. I enjoyed the real virgin pussy getting penetrated by me. She said, “Voddu bujji. Inka aapu bujji. Naa valla kaadu ra. Inka voddu. Chaalu.” (Now stop, I can’t take anymore).

But I fucked very hard and she started moaning loudly. It gave me a kick to increase the pace. At last, I released a huge amount of cum into her pussy.

After we had our first sex, Salma was completely drenched with sweat. I gave her some time to relax and when I tried to touch her pussy after that, she told me that there was a pain in her pussy.

Post lunch, I slowly kissed her cheeks, kissed her beautiful breasts, and bit her black nipples. She took my dick in her hand and gave me a handjob. Then I taught her about 69 position. We slowly adjusted to the 69 position and started the next session.

I will explain the remaining story in my next episode. For any comments, please mail to [email protected]

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