Uncle brings some friends over

Hey guys, this is Leia Sharma again! So last story was about how my uncle groped me when I was sleeping. This time he does something even dirtier!

(My details – I’m fair, short brown hair, 36D boobs and my measurements are 36-34-36)

So uncle came home for Diwali and was spending a whole week with us. I was scared as what he might do to me during this whole week. But luckily my parents will at home this whole week so I had nothing to worry about. My uncle reached at home and my parents greeted him. He came to me and hugged me and whispered, “Are you ready to have fun, bitch?” I was shocked but I just smiled. I went inside my room and didn’t come out until lunch. The next day was a working day so my parents had to go to work. This sucked because I had to stay alone with my uncle.

Just as my parents left for their office, my uncle came into my room and sat beside me. I was wearing a tshirt with no bra as I usually take it off after sleeping and I hadn’t put it on this morning and pants with panties inside. My uncle said, “What are you doing, bitch, are you ignoring me?” I was confused and said that why would I ignore him. He just lifted up my tshirt in a second and said, “Then why are you hiding these babies from me?”. I tried to resist him but he tore my tshirt leaving me naked from the top. He then put his hand on my pussy and started to rub it on my pants and another hand on my nipple while his mouth was on my other boob. I was on heaven. I was so aroused. I started to become wet.

He then took off my pants and panties and I didn’t even resist. He took my boobs in his hands and started shaking them. He then pinched and bit my nipples. This all was too uncontrollable for me. He put two fingers inside my pussy. And I shouted/moaned loudly. I unzipped his pant and took out his huge tool and put it inside my mouth. My uncle moaned. I kept sucking it until he came. When he came he put all of his cum on my boobs. He then clicked a picture of me with cum on my boobs and one of me licking his cum.

I went to the washroom and freshened up. Little did I know what was to happen next. My uncle had sent my pictures to his pervy friends group which were lived in the same city. He invited all of them over without me knowing.

I came out of the bathroom and started searching for something to wear. Then my uncle came and asked me to wear this, giving me a package. It was a black lingerie except that it was fully transparent and then a transparent mini dress with not even a blouse. He said I was gonna be his wife for the day. I wore the dress and the lingerie. Just then I heard the doorbell ring. My uncle asked me to get it. I went it and saw 5 friends of his standing outside. I said namaste to all and welcomed them inside. They could all see my nipples and my ass cracks. My uncle hugged them and asked me to hug them as well. As I started to hug them one by one each of them touched me either on my boobs, or my pussy or my ass. I didn’t say anything.

As they sat down, I went and brought cold drinks for all of them and then one of them shouted, “You look better without that dress on, bitch”. I was shocked and everyone was laughing. And then one of them stood up and pulled down my dress and I just stood there in my lingerie. They all took pictures of me in that transparent lingerie. Then they stripped me off it too. My uncle had ordered some swiggy food. When the door bell rang everyone asked me to open it. I was too shy as I was naked. But I was forced to open it. I hid behind the door but the uncles asked me to come and pay from the front. When the delivery man show my boobs and pussy he was shocked. He was about to drop the food. My uncles invited him inside and asked if he wanted to drink water. He said no. Then my uncle asked me to give him some of my milk. I was so shocked but I wanted to do it. So I went and put my boobs on his mouth. He sucked them for 5 minutes. Everyone was busy taking pictures. Some of them had their dicks out and were jerking off.

Finally the man left after we gave him a 200 ruppes tip.

Then one of the uncles took me into his room and started the fucking session. He was already hard. All he needed was a good fucking. He started by rubbing my pussy and I was moaning. He then slowly inserted his dick inside my pussy and started fucking me. This was the best fuck of my life. Then I felt another dick on my arsehole. I was shocked and saw another uncle putting his dick into my arsehole. Then other uncle kept sucking my boobs and nipples. And other uncle kept kissing me. My own uncle kept recording the whole scene. He wanted to make a whole movie out of it.

Soon the uncles took out their and came all over me. And then the other two uncles took their place. My uncle came and put his dick inside my mouth putting it very deep. I was so tired after this fucking session. I must have dozed up after the fucked.

When I woke up it was pretty much in evening and I was wearing the clothes I had worn at home. My boobs were covered in cum and I couldn’t move my body. There was many whatsapp messages and when I opened it I saw a group named ‘Leia’s gangbang’.
And there were all the uncles in it and the swiggy guy. And they have shared a lot of videos and pictures of me in the group. I was very embarrassed but hot thinking about the afternoon. I sent a picture of my boobs covered in cum and kept my phone back. My parents were home and my uncle was acting like nothing happened.

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