My Mom’s Friend Priya Aunty

This is a real incident that happened in my life. I am mostly writing this for my own recalling and also because I have started taking a liking to erotic writing.

I will be using different identities and hiding or adding some details to keep the veil of anonymity. Let’s get started.

My name is Deepak and this happened a few years ago. I am 23 now so this probably occurred when I was 19 or 20. I was still studying at that time and would travel by myself on my scooter. I used to leave home by 9 am and come back around 5-6 pm.

Our house wasn’t too big but it has a small sitting-area outside, right in front of our main gate. My mom used to go walking every day to a nearby park and over time, she accumulated a few friends. I never really spoke to any of them. I would kinda just make my way through after I park my scooter and get back inside after returning home.

Over time, some of these friends of her moved houses or got busy with something else. Eventually, there were only a couple of her friends that I would see and only one of them was there most of the time.

She had just recently moved to our area and my mom was the only person she knew. I never really got to know much about her since I never interacted with any of them. I was very secluded like that.

So, this mom’s friend’s name was Priyalatha. My mom called her ‘Priya’ and I usually referred to her as ‘Priya aunty’.

Priya aunty was quite tall, I would say about 5’9 to 5’10. She was fair-skinned and chubby-built. I am guessing she was in her early 40s at that time. She had black long hair and always wore churidars. Like most of my mom’s friends, I never really spoke to her much.

But from what I gathered, she liked me a lot because she used to always buy some food or snack whenever she visited my mom. Almost every time I came home, she would be sitting with my mom and she would have something in her hand to give to me. I never really took much from it and I enjoyed the free food tbh.

So this had been happening for a few weeks and one day while I was returning home, it was pouring cats and dogs. So I came home drenched and as I was walking up to the gate, I noticed that Priya aunty was standing there drenched too. We usually locked our outer gate so she couldn’t even get in.

I didn’t know why or how long she was standing there, so I immediately opened the door and let her in. She was wiping the water off her hands and hair while I went to check on my parents inside.

I went in and there was nobody. So I called them up and asked them where they were. They had gone to my cousin’s wedding. They were initially debating whether they wanna go for the reception that evening or the main wedding the next morning and they decided on the main wedding but it seemed they changed their mind at the last second,

I let my mom’s friend know about this and told her to sit for a while until the rain calmed down a bit. She sat outside in the usual place she sat.

I went inside, kept my bag in my room and came back to ask her if she wanted tea. Since my mom usually made both of us tea at that time, she said sure.

But Priya aunty also said she would make it since she didn’t want to give me any trouble. She just asked me to show her where everything was. She had never been into our kitchen or other rooms in our house until this point.

So I took her in and as we went in, she was kinda inquiring about each room. So I showed her around and finally took her to the kitchen. I showed her where everything was and went back to my room.

I was changing into dry clothes so this entire story occurs on one stupid thing that I used to do.

Now, this timeline 6-8 pm, I was pretty much home alone. My mom would have gone walking with her friends and my dad used to go walking alone too. So it was empty and I had the habit of lying naked on my bed for a few minutes before changing clothes to kinda refresh myself a bit after an exhausting day,

Now, this wouldn’t have been an issue had the fact not been that my bedroom door doesn’t lock. There wasn’t ever an actual lock on it. I would usually bolt up the main gate or just listen to the outer gate opening for the indication of my parents.

Now, this day, I was especially wet because of the rain and really wanted to just dry myself like that once at least. So I said fuck it, Priya aunty is obviously gonna know not to enter my room and or will call my name once the tea is done, plus I will just lie down for a minute or 2 before she is even done.

So I get into a hurry and strip off all my clothes, took new boxers and t-shirt and lay them flat next to me so that when I am done, they are readily available.

I turned my fan up to max and laid down on my bed on my back. Not even a minute went by and I heard her voice as she entered my room!

“Deepak, is this the cup you drink fr…” my mom’s friend didn’t get to finish that sentence as she had just walked in on me naked lying down on my bed! I couldn’t even react fast enough so I just grabbed one of the clothes I had kept beside me and covered my crotch. She immediately went, “Oh sorry” and walked out.

Now to understand why she would ask me that, I always had a couple of coffee cups that I drank from and she just wanted to know which one I preferred. The entire thing was done in a flash but felt like a lifetime. I put my clothes on fast and just sat on my bed in silence. My breath got heavy and I was sweating through the fast fan.

A few minutes past and she called my name again and said the tea was ready. I walked out silently and she was walking towards the teapai with a small plate and the tea. She smiled at me and I smiled back and we sat on 2 different sofas.

We did not mention anything about the incident. She saved the awkwardness by asking me about my day and how traveling was and stuff like that.

But only now after that particular encounter, did I notice Priya aunty’s beauty. While she was sitting across me asking questions, I kept glancing all over her body.

The first things my eyes kept going to were Priya aunty’s large breasts. She was holding the teacup with both her hands up to her chest so they were parked together. I noticed she had a small mole right at the edge of her right breast. She was still mostly wet from the rain.

Her churidar was hugging her figure quite well and her large legs and thighs were like magnets to my eye. She noticed me glancing at her like that every now and then but she didn’t really adjust herself or change her sitting position in any way. She continued to talk quite nonchalantly.

I had to crouch into myself and sit because I was getting aroused and had the hardest hard-on ever. I tried to mask it with my hands and awkward movements, but everyone knows boxers especially the loose ones are not the best things to hide boners.

Eventually, we ended our conversation and my mom’s buddy stood up to take the teacups back into the kitchen. For a good 2-3 seconds, I just eye fucked her body as she stood right in front of me with her arm out. I snapped back to reality and gave her my glass and at that moment, I forgot my boner and sat up straight to reach her.

I saw her face as she received the mug, her eyes immediately went to my hard cock. It might be my imagination talking here but I swear I saw her give me a sly smile.

I immediately crouched back into my previous position as she walked away with the cups. I sat there not knowing what to do now. It felt like everything was over and this whole issue was done with.

But my mind kept going back to her face and her body. My heart was beating faster with every passing second. So almost in a moment’s notice, I was up and walking towards the kitchen. I had no idea why or what I was going to do, I just walked as fast as I could.

I stepped into the kitchen and saw Priya aunty to my left at the sink washing the cups. She knew I was standing there because she made a half-turn towards me and went back to washing the dishes. I don’t know why, I don’t know what connection we had but something told me what I was about to do won’t be met with angry retaliation.

I stood there for a couple of seconds as Priya aunty glanced at me and went back to washing. I walked up to her with a much slower pace, stood right behind her. My dick was only a few inches from her now. I stood there breathing heavily. I was entirely fueled with what I can only describe as a wild sex drive.

As I stood there in that one second for my next action, my mind went through a thousand consequences and decisions. But before I knew it, I took one step closer, pushing my body into hers and my dick first brushing up on her wet churidar. I could feel the cold enter my clothes and I had my arms around her waist.

That sudden push forward jerked Priya aunty a bit and she dropped the cup and put both her hands on either side of the sink to support herself. Once I had my grasp and she was fine, she picked up the cup and started washing it again. I could feel her heaving breath through her stomach.

I just stood there holding her not knowing what my next actions were going to be. Any form of moral judgment was out the window at this point. She didn’t even acknowledge me and just continued with her dishes. To my absolute surprise, she kept the cups aside, washed her hands in a hurry and turned herself around.

I was now holding my mom’s friend with my head right above her large breasts and my penis now stabbing into her abdomen through my boxers and her churidar.

I looked up and saw her face. I knew the look in her eyes because I was sure I had that exact same sex-fueled look in my eyes. She took my face in both her hands and went in for a kiss.

It wasn’t a full-blown make out, it was like those awkward kisses you see in Indian movies where lips just meet and both of them have their eyes closed. I looked at her face as she did this while she had her eyes tightly shut. Priya aunty wasn’t really doing much but blowing and sucking spit back and forth from our lips.

We stayed like that for a good minute before I moved my right hand down towards her lower back. I still wasn’t confident enough to grab her ass. However, I moved my left hand slowly up to her face as I gently caressed it. Her breath got heavier.

I slowly loosened the way. She held my face to hers and let my tongue push into her mouth. This caught her by surprise but she didn’t really know how to react but open her mouth a little. I went on to make out with my mom’s hot friend as she just stood there with her mouth slightly open.

I slowly pulled myself back again, separating our lips. She looked at me still holding my face. I let go of her with my right hand and grabbed her wrist and just started walking her towards my bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom with her and told her to stand right there next to my bed. I went to the main hall, looked for any vision from outside, bolted the door and ran back in and hugged her just like before.

A bit of the awkwardness was gone by now. We were both silently acknowledging the fact that this has turned into something sexual and neither of us was going to stop till one of us says so.

I told her to open her mouth and kiss me and use her tongue just like I did. Priya aunty proceeded to do so. Ee made out like this for about 2 minutes. I had my hands around her again moving up and down her entire body as I was doing so my hand went high enough to reach the zip of her churidar top.

Whilst still kissing her, I slowly unzipped her. I slid my hand into the bare opening on her back and felt her wet back and her bra strap. Once we were done making out, I pulled away from her again. “Take this off”, I said as I tugged on her top a bit.

Priya aunty nodded and reached down for her top and pulled it off over her head. I also simultaneously took off my t-shirt. We hugged again but she held me by my head towards her breasts. Even though she was wet, her tits were warm almost like an extremely soft pillow. I just kissed and licked her cleavage and bit her breasts very gently.

As I was doing this, I tried to hastily undo her bra hook. I was not really getting much progress done. Eventually, my mom’s friend held my hands and pushed them down. She slid her bra straps off and revealed her breasts. They were quite perky for their size. They weren’t saggy but just enough to be perfect.

Priya aunty rotated her bra around her chest and undid the hook in front and took her bra off. She pushed my head towards her chest again with her left hand as she held and caressed my back with her right.

I moved down and sucked on Priya aunty’s large tits, each of them the size of my face. We were both breathing quite heavily at this point.

I licked under her breasts and sucked on her nipples. I slowly slid down and knelt down with one leg. She kissed me as I went down. I held her by her ass and pulled her thick navel into my face, tonguefucking her belly button and biting around it. I stood back up again and we started making out again.

I slipped my hands down and started undoing her pants. As soon as I untied the knot, they fell to the ground. She stepped out and kicked her pants aside while we still made out.

I held her butt again and felt that her underwear. I slowly squeezed and rubbed her thighs.

I held her by her hips again and turned her to lay on my bed. I pushed her back gently. She sat on the bed first and then I told her to go further in. She slid herself inwards and laid down as I pushed her shoulder down.

I knelt down in between her legs and started licking, biting and squeezing her thighs. Then I stood back up and lay over her. I sucked her breasts again and licked her navel more. While I was still on her, she reached her hands towards my boxers and slid her hand in. She grabbed hold of my dick and started massaging it gently.

I saw this. I got up and she sat up as I got off the bed. I stood still as she slipped my boxers off. I kicked it away with the other clothes.

As Priya aunty sat on the bed, she started jerking my dick off. She looked up at me and smiled as she continued to jerk me off. She wasn’t doing it very fast but she wasn’t that gentle either. As she jerked me off, I grabbed her tits and played with them. I felt her lips with my thumb and slipped my thumb into her mouth. She sucked on it a bit.

I then took my thumb out and held her by the top of her head and gently moved her head towards my cock.

My mom’s friend looked up at me again as she bent down, I realized this wasn’t very comfortable for her. So I lifted my hand up.

I pulled my computer chair from beside the bed and sat on it with my legs wide open. I pushed the chair back to leave some space for her. She understood and got down onto her knees on the carpet. She started stroking my dick with her right hand as she felt my entire body with her left,

I moved her head towards my dick again. She brushed the hair off her face and put my dick into her mouth. She wasn’t really sucking on it but rather just moving up and down the shaft with her lips. There wasn’t really much arousal from that.

So I kinda gestured her to stop and took her left hand into my right and sucked on her thumb and told her, “Like this” and sucked on it as I moved it in and out of my mouth. She gave me an acknowledging nod,

Priya aunty went back down and started sucking me off. It wasn’t proper but it was much better than before and my dick was getting harder.

I gently forced her head deeper with my hand. She came up to gasp some air every now and then. I started moving her head faster and her dick-sucking was a lot better than before. I was close to cumming but I didn’t really know how to convey this message to her.

I just told her, “It’s gonna come out, wait”. She lifted her head and said, “Now?” I replied with a “yea”.

Priya aunty started jerking me off with her hands again and said, “Tell me when”. As she got faster, I got very close. I told her, “I am almost there”. She kinda cupped her hand in front of my penis and waited for my cum.

To her surprise, the shot was powerful enough to hit her in the face a couple of times. She winced and closed her eyes instantly, then jerked the rest of the cum onto her palm. She stood up and asked for the bathroom,

I pointed to the door right behind me in my room. She got up and was walking over to the bathroom. As she walked past me, I grabbed her by her waist while she was facing away from me and kissed her ass and started rubbing it.

My mom’s friend told me to wait and went into the bathroom. She washed the cum off her face and her hands and came back. She stood in front of me and turned around. She kinda lifted her ass cheeks to gesture me to go ahead now.

I held her by her love handles as I stood up and sat on the bed. I pushed the chair towards her and told her to bend forward. She used the chair as support and bent forward. I slipped down her underwear. My mom’s friend’s gigantic ass was staring me right in my face.

I didn’t know where to begin. I started biting and licking Priya aunty’s ass cheeks. I spread her ass apart and licked her ass crack. I kinda stuffed my head between her ass cheeks and motorboated them.

Then I sat back up straight and positioned myself better on the bed. I spread Priya aunty’s ass apart again but towards her pussy. I saw her hairy vagina and parted the lips partially with one hand.

I had never really eaten pussy till then. I said, fuck it and went in, sucking and licking her slit. I slid a thumb her as she left out a tiny gasp. I spread the lips again and spit into it, rubbed the spit around her pussy lips.

I spat on my hand and lubricated my dick. Then I started jerking it off to make it hard again as I tongue fucked her ass and pussy.

Priya aunty waited patiently bending over the chair. I spread my legs open and pushed her down with one hand. She turned around and looked at me as she lowered herself. When she touched the head of my dick, she grabbed it with her right hand and guided it to the entrance of her vagina. She slid herself onto my dick ever so gently.

Both of us were grunting and moaning. Priya aunty started moving her hips gently and started thrusting herself into me. The warm vagina was now tightly gripping my dick in its wet grasp.

I sat back with both my hands resting beside me as she did most of the work. I kept moaning and grunting as I felt her warm cunt cover my dick over and over. After a few minutes, she got a bit faster and I got extremely aroused.

I pushed her forward and got up suddenly. Luckily, the chair with the wheels helped her adjust herself.

I held her by her waist and started fucking her deep. She whispered, “Slowly, slowly”. I couldn’t really listen to her, I started ramming my dick into her with all the sexual tension I had. I immediately understood why she said slowly as she started moaning with short gasps. But I didn’t really care at that point.

Both our bodies were slamming against each other, wet and slippery. I spat down onto her ass crack. As the spit oozed into her asshole, I slid my thumb in. She grabbed my hand and pulled it out immediately. So I just kinda rubbed around her asshole.

I started slowing down but was still thrusting deep. I eventually came to the point of coming. I bent down and grabbed her tits and started squeezing those.

Then I told her to turn around and kneel. She did so quickly. I started jerking off and she cupped her hands in front of my dick again. I told her, “In your mouth”.

Priya aunty replied with a serious ‘no’ and shook her head. I told her she can immediately go spit it out. She let out a sigh and let her hands fall down and held onto my legs.

I held her head with my left hand. I told her to open her mouth. She was expecting me to shoot my cum into her mouth.

I shoved my dick into her mouth and came deep into her. She let out a muffled disagreement as she pushed me away and ran to the bathroom. She spat out my cum and cleaned her mouth. She came back and wiped the rest of the cum off my dick and went and washed her hands. I started dressing myself back up.

Priya aunty came back and started putting her underwear back on. I held her by her arms again and went down onto her tits. U gave them one good massage and sucking with my mouth and tongued her belly again, I went back up and killed her on the mouth.

My mom’s friend silently dressed up. I walked out of the room and turned on the TV and sat on the couch, almost as if nothing happened. She walked out too. She went and undid the bolt on the main door and looked out.

Priya aunty turned to me and said the rain has stopped. I said, “Oh, ok”. She said she was leaving and went out. I sat on the couch until I heard the outside door close. I went outside, locked the outside door, switched off the tv and went back into my room and slept.

Now with any story like this, the tension obviously existed for a while. But after a few weeks, everything for back to normal and under 2 months, she moved houses again to another area and I never really saw her again after that.

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