Sex With Best Friend’s Mom On Terrace

Hello readers, my name is Dev and I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. This is my first time that I am writing a story on this site. I hope you all get satisfied with my story.

The story begins in the days of my college. I had a best friend named Swathi whom I knew since my school days. Her dad Seetharam uncle was a businessman and her mom Bhagyavathi was a housewife.

Since I never looked at my best friend Swathi in a sexual way, she had no problems hanging out with me and felt comfortable around me.

One day I got a call from Swathi to come to pick her up at her house. I went to her house and while she was getting ready uncle was talking to me. Suddenly, I was stunned for a moment when I saw my best friend’s mom Bhagyavathi in a tracksuit!

Uncle started laughing and said, “You look good and you can wear it for a full day if you like and if it is comfortable.”

Then I asked why suddenly aunty was wearing this dress as I had never seen her wearing any dress apart from the saree and that too always in a conservative way. Then uncle told me that it was originally for Swathi, but since the size was a lot bigger than what was mentioned on the dress tag, she could not wear it.

So, instead of keeping it in the cupboard, aunty wanted to try it. I said, “Aunty, you look good in this dress,” and she smiled a little and went inside.

Then when my best friend came, we all had lunch at her home. While eating lunch, Swathi was teasing her mom that she should wear it more often, as it looked good on her. She told her dad to buy more of such tracksuits for her mom.

Uncle suddenly said, “If you want to see your mother in that type of dress, then why don’t you buy it for her?” with an angry expression on his face and then left taking a phone call.

Swathi said that she will buy it for her mother and we left for the day to meet our friends for chit-chat. Then after returning, I looked for Bhagyavathi aunty because that was the only day that I could see aunty in that tracksuit. Even though her daughter and husband allowed her to wear it, I knew she wouldn’t wear it. I couldn’t find my best friend’s mom. So I left a lot upset.

After a few weeks, I got a call from Swathi. She told me that she and her dad are going on a business trip. Her mom cannot come as she needed to take care of her grandmother who was Bhagyavathi’s mother-in-law. She told me that if her mother wanted any help, I should help her.

After they had left, I went to their home and saw aunty. She was wearing a saree that fully covered her body. I became upset and listened to her talking about the purchase of grocery products. I helped her to purchase everything that she wanted.

Then she asked for my number and said that she will call me directly when necessary, instead of asking Swathi to call and inform me.

I went home that day thinking about the view I had earlier of aunty in a tracksuit. After reaching home, I got a text from aunty with an image of her wearing a tracksuit, which said, “Smile now.”

I was happy and immediately called aunty and asked, “Why did you send that picture to me?”

She replied, “You were searching for me that day right, to see me in the tracksuit while dropping Swathi. I saw that you were disappointed today too, so to make you happy I sent that image.” And she disconnected the call!

I saw that hot pic of my best friend’s mom and masturbated 3 times!

The next day, I went to see aunty. She saw me smiling and said, “Good boy, now you are smiling,” and made me eat food and told me to wait as she was taking care of her mother-in-law.

After one hour, she came out of her mother-in-law’s room. She was dull and her eyes were swollen. I asked her what happened for which we had a big conversation.

Aunty: You know I was married in this house only to take care of her. I haven’t enjoyed anything and she treats me like a slave. Her son is playing according to her wish, as all the properties are in her name. So, I am suffering.

Me: Don’t worry, aunty. I never knew all this earlier.

Aunty: Swathi is also like her father. She wants me only to work at home and not to go outside. She makes rules for me to follow,

Me: Oh shit, aunty this is too much. You have confided in me. I will help you sort out this situation.

Aunty: How is it possible? It sounds nice but it is not practical.

Me: How should I prove to you that I can help you?

Aunty: Since you asked, I’ll give you a simple task. I want to wear the tracksuit for a whole day without changing to a saree. I’ll give you till tomorrow for the whole day from morning 8 to evening 6, and if you make it possible for me to wear only a track-suit, I’ll accept your help and reward you.

Me: Deal accepted aunty, you should not go back on your words.

Aunty: Done.

Then I went home and devised a plan. I went to her home early in the morning the next day and went to her mother-in-law’s room and said, “Grandma, today, I will do all the help you want as aunty is going out to return the unnecessary groceries. She will purchase some new groceries which I don’t know to pick correctly.”

After thinking for some time, she told me to go with aunty and learn properly so that she didn’t have to go out the next time. Hearing this, I became happy as my plan had worked out. I told aunty that we were going out today and told her to change her dress to the tracksuit.

Her mother-in-law thought that she had gone out with me. But we didn’t move an inch out of the home. What I told the mother-in-law was just a lie.

Now after changing to the tracksuit, my best friend’s mother took the keys to the terrace of their home where her mother-in-law never came due to her bad knee. We both came to the terrace which had a room that was always kept empty to store fresh coconuts from their farm.

She took me into the room and asked me, “Are you ready for your gift?”

I said, “Yes,” and my best friend’s mom suddenly kissed me on the lips! I was totally mesmerized because it was the first kiss of my life and it was given by a sexy MILF aunty!

She then slowly started sucking my lower lips. I was struggling to respond. Then aunty laughed at me for a moment and said, “Sweetheart, don’t worry, you only open your mouth and aunty will take care of everything.”

Saying so, she slowly sucked my lower lips again, and then my upper lips. Now I started responding in the same way by sucking her lips.

My best friend’s mom inserted her tongue inside my mouth and started to rotate it by spreading it all over my mouth. Then, she started removing my shirt and pant.

Soon, I was standing there just in my underwear and suddenly, aunty unzipped her tracksuit and let her big tits out! She then removed her stretch pants and was just standing in bra and panty.

My best friend’s mom then started to kiss me from head to neck roughly by licking all over it. Soon, I was dripping with her saliva. She then made me feel like I was in heaven by removing her bra and burying my face between her breasts. I was literally licking my bestie’s mom’s boobs like a hungry baby.

I kept on licking around ilf aunty’s boobs and then on her brown nipples which were so big. I was soon biting and sucking them.

After some time, aunty told me not to stop and then she was removing my underwear. I removed hers using my teeth and my mouth. She licked my chest completely and said, “Now, you are going to see heaven. Don’t cum soon!”

Then my best friend’s sexy mom started licking my balls and started sucking my cock. She took my fully erect cock inside her mouth, and said, “I love your young dick.”

Aunty started giving me a blowjob by slowly licking the top of the dick and spitting on it. She asked me to lick her clean shaved pussy to get it lubricated. So I went down and started licking her pussy slowly, and soon a liquid started to flow. Aunty told me not to stop as she started cumming.

I continued for another 15 minutes and she started shivering. I was shocked. She told that it was the shivering of extreme pleasure and not to stop licking her pussy. She then rubbed her pussy all over my face.

After that, aunty lay down on the floor and spread her legs. I then entered one finger in my best friend’s mom’s pussy as she had instructed and slowly started finger fucking her. Then I moved on with 2 fingers and she took my fingers out and told me to put my dick in the place where I had inserted my finger.

I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy which was very tight, but finally, I inserted it fully and started thrusting slowly by looking into her eyes. Then she told me to do it fast.

Aunty: Dev, now increase the speed.

Me: I want to kiss you also.

Aunty: Aaaaah..aaaahhhh, you don’t need my permission. Aaaaaaahhhhh..Aaaaaahhhhh. Do what you like.. Aaaaahhhhh. I am all yours, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..

She pulled me and started kissing me and biting my lips. She bit me on my chest in between. After few minutes, I was about to cum and told her. She told me to stop, and I immediately got shocked and stopped. Then she smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry, we are just changing the position so that you can fuck me longer.”

Saying this, my best friend’s mom sucked my dick for some time and sat on my cock from above. Now I was lying on the floor, and she was on top of me.

Aunty started riding my dick hard and when I was about to cum, she told me not to do it inside her pussy. She took it out and sucked all the cum using her tongue around my cock.

We both got exhausted and lay down for some time. Later, we both got dressed and went down silently, still making her mother-in-law believe that we were outside.

We came down and went to her room. We took a bath together by applying soap to each other. I licked her pussy till she came, and she sucked my dick and balls till I cummed again.

Then we came out naked and slept in her bed together till evening. We had many more adventures and we spend some quality time before she shifted to Delhi with her family a few years ago.


This is the end of my story. I would love your feedback and comments so that I can improve in my next stories.

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