My Slave Sex Experience With An Older Woman

I was 19 years old then when I experienced slave sex. One day I was working in the garden in front of my house. There was one fence between our garden and the garden belonging to the opposite house.

However, there were a lot of holes in the fence. The people living in the opposite house can see to some extent as to what was happening in our garden and vice versa.

I was wearing half knicker and was trying to plant one tree. Suddenly I heard a sound, and I looked into the opposite house. The lady, aged around 35 years living in the opposite house, was coming out of the bathroom. The bathroom was outside the house.

She was completely naked, and she had to walk at least ten feet to enter into her house. I was able to see her big breasts hanging in front and the big ass as well as the hairy bush between her thighs. By the time she entered her house, she just saw me watching her.

She went inside the house, and I could not concentrate on planting the tree. I was sexually aroused to the fullest extent. My cock became erect, and it came out of the knicker a little. The head of the cock was visible outside the knicker.

Without my knowledge, I put my left hand on the cock and started pumping up and down slowly. I was doing this for more than five minutes. By then, I got a sensation that somebody was looking at me. I looked again into the fence.

The lady was found to be sitting in front of the fence at her house portion and was watching my action. I was slightly panicked.

She asked me: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I replied.

“No, you are doing something wrong, and I am going to tell this to your parents.”

“Please, don’t tell this to my parents,” I innocently pleaded. Since I was a young boy, I was afraid that she would create any problem. At that time, I did not have any idea to think that she had some other ideas.

“Then you have to do me a favor. Come to my house and solve some math problems.”

I accepted that offer, and I thought that would solve the problems. Within another five minutes, I was inside her house. She was alone in her house. She was sitting on a sofa, and I occupied the seat next to her. She gave me a book and pointed out two mathematical problems.

I started doing the job. By then, she left the sofa and came back again and sat slightly closer to me. Suddenly, I took my eyes from the book and saw her. Her naked breasts were hanging in front of me. She was completely naked. I had seen her half an hour earlier while she came out of the bathroom.

She smiled at me and told me, “Come on, see those breasts and see the hairy bush between my thighs. You can come closer and see them.”

Initially, I hesitated, and within seconds, I took courage and saw those massive breasts keeping my eyes wide open. She took my hand and put the hand on the breasts, and told me to squeeze. I started squeezing both breasts, and the exercise lasted for about five minutes.

Suddenly, she held my head and put my mouth on her breasts. She told me to suck, and then I started sucking those breasts. She allowed me to take it in my mouth. I started sucking the breasts alternatively for about fifteen minutes. She moaned a little.

Then she took my head away from the breasts and put the head between her thighs. My lips were on her slit, and she told me to lick the vaginal lips. It was the first sexual experience for me. I started licking the vaginal lips. It smelled good and salty. I was between her thighs for more than twenty minutes.

Suddenly she clasped her legs around my head, and I could not move it even for a single inch. I was compelled to perform the act. Even though I was not able to breathe properly, I took an interest. I was happy that I had been giving her much pleasure.

I spent sucking the breasts and licking her vagina for more than forty-five minutes. Then she told me to sit on the sofa and removed my knicker and took out the penis. It was standing like a rod, and she started licking the dick happily. She put the entire dick in her throat and started sucking it slowly and steadily.

After ten minutes, I pumped my load in her throat. She drank the entire juice and finally cleaned the rod, and the rod was rock hard again. She spread her legs wide and told me to put my rod into her vagina. She taught me how I had to put my rod into her vagina.

After five minutes, I learned the art of pumping the rod in and out of the vagina. After fifteen minutes, for the second time, I pumped my load into her vagina. I felt a little tired. She happily kissed me on my lips and told me, “Thank you, boy. You should come to me as and when I call you.” I nodded my head.

As and when she was alone, she would pass some signals to me, and I used to go to her house and perform the act. On the second day, she taught me to fuck her anus and lick the anus. On the third day, she poured honey in her vagina lips and told me to lick the entire honey using my tongue.

The same thing I repeated on her breasts and her anus. I could not imagine that sex would be so pleasurable. She made me her slave, and I happily obliged to do all sorts of sex games with her. On one occasion, she told me to drink her urine.

I was reluctant for the first time. But I never hesitated to drink her urine afterward as and when she handed over a beer glass containing her golden urine. We maintained the relationship for more than six months by doing all sorts of sexual activities.

Then one day, she told me to come to a house belonging to her friend. I went to the house. There were four ladies in the house, including my friend. We took lunch together. The lady instructed me to remove my clothes, and I stood in front of the four ladies stark naked.

Out of the four ladies, two were around 35 years, and two were of the age of around 25 years. The three friends came closer to my rod and inspected the rod as if they had been seeing those rods for the first time. Within another five minutes, everybody was sitting on the couch stark naked.

The lady instructed me to lick their bushes. I knelt in front of the second lady and licked her vagina for five minutes, then the third lady and the fourth lady. The game went up to the next day morning. I had fucked each lady at least two times each during that visit.

The party was regularly conducted at least twice a month for more than three years, and I could not forget those sexy nights forever.

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