Fucked my Sexy Cousin Akansha

Hello everyone, I am Karthik, 26 years old from Bangalore and I work in IT industry. This is a story about a real incident where i fucked my cousin Akansha who is 26 as well.

So in November 2021, there was a wedding in our family. Akansha and her family, who reside in Mumbai now, travelled to Bangalore a week before the wedding. It was decided that all the extended family which travelled to Bangalore from other cities would stay in the homes who are in Bangalore. In this way, Akansha and her parents along with her sister decided to stay at our place. To talk about Akansha, she is an extremely hot girl with lots of Instagram followers due to the pictures she used to post. Akansha has even tried her hand in modelling during her college days. I had last spoken to Akansha way back when we were still in school (10th). Her family left Bangalore in 2011 and we hardly talked to each other after that. She was kind of a nerdy and shy girl herself back then. But she has turned herself into a bomb these days. She is about 5.5 feet tall, fair complexion, long black hair to go with some really well shaped boobs and butt. Any guy naturally would die to lay his hands on her sexy body. And I was ecstatic when i learnt Akansha is gonna stay at our place for few days.

So Akansha and her family reached our home on 2nd November at around 10 pm in the night. Akansha was wearing a tight black t shirt and jeans. Akansha was looking really tired after the journey but still sexyness was oozing out of her body inspite of the exhausted look. We exchanged pleasantries and they went straight to bed after dinner as they were really tired. The next day, both families stayed home and talked quite a bit. Akansha seemed like really fun loving person and easy to hang out with. After dinner, Akansha and her younger sister came to my room wearing gorgeous netted black sarees with silver blouses. They said that they would like to create few Instagram reels. My word, Akansha was looking so sexy in the saree. They both created few videos for 30-45 minutes and I helped them shoot the videos. Akansha’s sister left my room and Akansha stayed back. Akansha said that she is bored and suggested to watch a movie together on tv in the room. I was bored too so we started watching a good thriller movie. While watching, Akansha suddenly took out a cigarette pack from her purse and started smoking. I was surprised and told her it’s home and someone might watch us. She then told me that she hadn’t smoked for 2 days now and she couldn’t resist more. After that I asked to atleast close the door of room, and she did that. Then we again continued watching the movie. For the next 30 odd minutes, Akansha kept on smoking 5-6 cigarettes. For some reason I was finding her even more sexier while she was smoking. Movie was turning out to be boring, so we started talking about each other. She asked me if i had a girlfriend to which I said no as I was single at that time. Then I asked her the same, she too replied that she is single. I was surprised and I asked her how could she not have a boyfriend as she is so good looking and hot. This conversation went on and it lead to her reveal me that she has fucked over 30 men over numerous dates in tinder, bumble and other one night stands. She actually remembered every guy she has slept with. I was shocked for a moment but to be honest, I was not surprised, she was really that sexy. Any guy’s dick would get erect just by looking at her. And there she was, sitting with me in the same room and talking stuff like this. She then got up and went to washroom. I was just sitting by placing a blanket over my body so that my dick is bulge is not visible to her.

After around 10 minutes, she came out of washroom. She came and sat right in front of me. One thing I observed was she had adjusted her blouse after getting out of washroom such that a fair bit of her cleavage was visible (it was a netted saree). I was not convinced by her hints and I tried to talk about the upcoming wedding. I really didn’t want to make a move and embarass myself. She then stopped me and told me, “Cut the crap Karthik, I know you want to fuck me.” There was a silence from me for about 20-30 seconds with no reaction. She kept on looking at my eyes. The next moment I just pounced on her like a wild cat and started kissing her passionately. I just started thinking from my dick. I held her waist and we both were smooching each other. I was rolling my arms over her blouse as we kept on kissing. She was responding really well with her soft moans and she was running her hands over my back. I was squeezing her boobs over blouse while spraying kisses on her face and lips. I then took off her blouse and started kissing her sexy cleavage over her padded bra. She was just looking mindblowingly sexy. I was her neck and boobs over her bra. I quickly took her bra and started fondling and sucking her big boobs. Her boobs were really well shaped, I couldn’t resist myself from squeezing and sucking her boobs for a really long time. Her moans were so sexy while I was running my tongue over her nipples. While sucking her boobs, I ran my fingers over her panty under the lehenga and I got feel her pussy had got really wet.

After finishing my business on her upper body, i took off her lehenga. I started kissing her thighs all the way down to her pussy. I took off her panty and started rubbing her pussy. Her moans were getting louder. I then started licking her already wet pussy. I was rolling my tongue in and around her pussy and by the wetness of the pussy I could understand that Akansha was in complete pleasure. Akansha was controlling to not moan loudly as there was family in the adjacent rooms. I licked her pussy for about 10 minutes and I again felt like squeezing her big boobs. I squeezed and sucked her boobs for a while and then took off my pants. Akansha got up and starting running her hand over my dick. In no time my dick was wrapped by her mouth as she started sucking my dick. She slowly started to suck my dick faster. She was such a pro at sucking dick and my dick could feel all the experience she has at sucking dick. I was in complete heaven as she was blowing me. It was like I could cum any second while she was blowing my dick. After an extremely pleasurable blowjob I got up to fuck her.

Akansha spread her legs wide open. I went over her. I was kissing her and rubbing my dick over her clit. Akansha was moaning in pleasure and so was I. I inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her in missionary position. My dick felt so good after entering her wet cunt. I increased my speed of fucking her. After 5 minutes of intercourse in missionary position we switched to doggy style position and this being my favorite position I fucked her the hardest I could. My dick was moving in and out of her pussy. We both were moaning now. We were so involved in sex. I kept on fucking her and I could have cummed anytime at that instant. After another 5-7 minutes of intercourse in doggy style, Akansha came on top of me and started getting herself fucked. I held both her boobs in my hands and was fucking her with my completely erect dick. In another couple of minutes, I came in her and it was amazing sex. After the sex, we kissed each other for 5 odd minutes and then we got ourselves cleaned up. It was one sex to remember for me.

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