My Neighbor Aunty Made Me Her Slave

I am Shahrukh with a height of 5’8” and an athletic body. I have fair skin. Today I am going to tell you about my meeting with a gorgeous beauty. Her name is Lakshmi (name changed for privacy reasons).

Lakshmi was 5’6” and had a 36-28-36 figure. She looks like Anveshi Jain. She was slim with a Miss India body structure. My friends live in the same Building where this Beauty lived. She had a 5-year-old child. My friends were preparing for a Government exam and I used to visit them once or twice daily.

But the main reason I used to visit them was to see this Beauty daily. Sometimes she too would glance in my direction. This continued for a month.

One day, I was bored and so visited a Mall just to pass time and roam around. I went to D Mart Mall. After 15 mins of aimless roaming, imagine my luck when I saw this Beauty in the mall, shopping for groceries.

I wanted to introduce myself. I followed her at a discrete distance and was enjoying watching her ass as it danced up and down. I could see her navel area from the side view and the sight of her boobs was driving me crazy.

I followed her for one hour till finally, she reached the billing counter. After billing was done, she began holding the grocery bags with great difficulty. I could see she was finding it difficult to carry all that stuff. This was what I was waiting for. I had to make a move and decided that this was the right time to introduce myself.

I went up to her and said:

Me: Hi.

She: Hi.

Me: I think I know you. You live in the same building that my friends live in. I am Shahrukh.

She: Yes I know you. I have seen you visiting your friends. I am Lakshmi.

Me: May I help you with your bags?

She: Yes, please. That would be helpful.

So I carried the grocery and bags to her scooty. She said Thanks and Bye. I wanted to ask her if we could meet, but I missed the golden opportunity. I really felt sad about that.

After two days, I went to meet my friends. When I was entering, I saw her at home and she was doing household work. She saw me and smiled and invited me for coffee.

I followed her and went to her house. My eyes were fixed on her ass that was swinging from side to side. She asked me to have a seat. I sat on the sofa. She said she will be back in a minute and went into the kitchen. After 10 minutes she brought coffee in a cup and served it to me. She sat opposite me.

I asked her if she lived alone as I did not see anyone else at home.

She: I live with my 5-year-old daughter. My husband is a Government employee and is posted to another town. He visits only once a month. Tell me about yourself.

Me: I am Shahrukh. I have completed my B.Tech and presently looking for a job.

Then we spoke about other topics for almost an hour. Finally, she said that she has to pick up her child from school. I said, “fine” and was about to leave. She called me and said, “give me your mobile number. If I need any help, I can call you.

I gave my number and said “bye” to her. From then onwards we used to call each other daily and chat. She had a good impression of me. Now, I wanted to take this to the next level. Sometimes I used to send her adult jokes and double meaning words. She used to send me emojis and even her pics.

Once she asked do you have a girlfriend?  I said, “No”. She said, “You are handsome and fair. Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”.  I said, “I don’t find any female as beautiful and as sexy as you are”. She laughed and said, she would find one for me. I said, ‘Ok”. We continued chatting like this for another 20 days.

One day at about 6 a.m. I got a call from her. She said she had a party at her house and asked me to be there at 8 p.m. I asked her what the matter was, but she said it was a surprise. I was a bit excited.

I got ready wearing a tee-shirt and reached her house at 8 pm sharp. I rang the calling bell and after about 20 seconds she opened the door. I was stunned to see her wearing a transparent red saree with a matching blouse.

I could see her navel as she had worn it quite low. Her breasts were trying to come out of her blouse. My eyes were fixed on her boobs. She called out my name twice and I suddenly came back to my senses. She smiled when she saw my expression.

I asked her what’s special? She said it’s her birthday. I said, “Ohh happy returns of the day”. She said, “Thanks”. I asked where her kid was? She said that he was asleep. I thought something is going to happen now. She said, “let’s have dinner. I know you Muslims love biryani, so I prepared biryani for you”.

I told her that I love biryani. But my are fixed on her boobs and I can’t take my eyes from there. She caught me twice and smiled. After dinner, she said let’s watch TV. I sat on the sofa and she switched the TV and sat beside me.

Then this is how our conversation went.

She: I am sad.
Me: Why?

She: My husband forgot my birthday.
Me : Maybe he is busy.

She: I know I am not important in his life. He ignores me.

She started to cry and rested her head on my shoulder. My hand went around her shoulder. Slowly she started to kiss my neck and a current passed through my veins. She increased her kisses gradually. I too started to kiss her lips. My hand was on her boobs and I started to press them hard.

She did not say anything. I removed her pallu from her boobs and now her blouse was visible. She got up from the sofa sat on my thighs with her legs on either side. She started to kiss my mouth and put her tongue in my mouth. I too put my tongue in her mouth and we exchanged our saliva.

She then removed my tee-shirt and started to suck my nipples. I was aroused and put both my hands on her boobs and press them hard. She moaned ahhh…. Nooooo… ahhhhh. I removed the pins of her blouse and removed her blouse. She was in bra. I pushed her bra up and put my mouth on her right boob and with my right hand, I started pressing her left boob.

I made circles on her areola with my tongue. She started to moan, “Oohhhh…Shahrukh.. ooooo …noooooo suck meeeebabyyy… suck meee”. In between, I bit her nipple with my teeth. She shouted loudly, “Nooooo…it isss paining”. A little blood came from her nipple and she was shouting and crying with pleasure.

I shifted to her left boob and she began crying in pleasure. She said,” Fuck me… fuck me. I can’t wait. Fuckkkkk meeee plzzzzz”. But I was not in a hurry. I shifted my mouth from one boob to another.

I made her sleep on the sofa and lifted up her lehenga till her navel. I saw that she was wearing a pink panty. With both my hands, I removed the panty and saw that her holy place was clean shaved, and with pink lips.

I could smell the aroma from her pussy. It was the most toxic aroma on earth. I put my lips on her pussy lips. Her body shivered. I opened her legs wide and started to suck her clitoris. She put her hand on my head and pressed my head deep into the pussy.

I was making circles with my tongue and she was moaning, “Ahhhhhhh… ooooooo… babbyyy, my husband has never done this to meeeee. Make me your slave. I will die for youuu. Please fuck me harder”. I was fucking with my tongue and she was pressing my head deep into her pussy. Her whole body was shivering.

She shouted loudly and came in my mouth. I sucked all her juices. She pushed me on to her and lip locked. I put my middle finger into her pussy and she shouted, “Nooooooo”. I finger fucked her. She then made me stand and sat on the sofa. She took my cock into her mouth and started to give me a blowjob.

I will continue my encounter in the next part. Females, girls, widows, and divorcees mail me at [email protected]

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