Hot Fuck Session With Virgin College Crush

Hello readers, this is my first story on this platform so forgive for my mistakes. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the story.

This happened during my Engineering college days in Bangalore (presently in the final year). This incident happened before the lock-down was announced by the Govt.

My name is Amit (name changed) and as I am into sports such as football and basketball, I have got a lean, fit muscular body. My dick is around 6-inches. The heroine of the story is Thanushree (name changed). She has got the right amount of fat in all the right places. She is sexy and hot too.

Since we were on the same branch in engineering, I had a huge crush on her (she too had a crush on me that I came to know later). I was the topper in our department. She was also a nice student and we used to compete for the first rank. I was good at maths so she usually comes to me for asking doubts.

While clarifying her doubts in person, I used to sit on the desk and she used to stand and bent near the books. I would then take a quick glance at her milky cleavage and her boobs. This had happened multiple times on different occasions.

One day, I and my friends were talking about their favorite movies and web series. I told them that ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ were my favorites and suddenly, I noticed my batchmate Thanushree looking at me with curious eyes. So I asked her what happened and she said “nothing” and we continued our discussion.

After two days of this incident, my phone accidentally slipped out of my hand and got broke. So I gave it for servicing and went to college. I was feeling bored at college so I asked Thanushree’s phone for watching some YouTube videos.

Then I noticed her recently watched videos which were sex-related videos. There were many ‘Game of Thrones’ sex scenes and I was shocked by seeing all these.

After some time of watching some music videos on YouTube, I gave back her phone. While giving it back with a naughty smile, I told her to delete the YouTube history after watching videos.

Now my classmate was in shock and she told me that she didn’t know YouTube kept the history of the videos she watched. She said sorry and I told her that it was okay to watch such videos and it was fine and common.

In reply to that, she asked, “Do you watch porn?” I said, “Yes, I do.”

Before the conversation turned awkward, we both left.

As we used to chat on WhatsApp, it continued there. She was asking me who my favorite pornstar and favorite position was. And it turned personal like, “Do have a girlfriend?” I said no and I asked about her bf. She said she didn’t have a bf.

Then I asked her about who her crush was and to my surprise, she said that it was me from the first day of the college!

I was quite excited and told her that she was my crush too. Then she asked me whether I was a virgin. I said yes and asked her the same question. She was a virgin too.

I told her that how come a sexy girl was still a virgin? She said that she had no bf.

So I thought it might be my chance and took a bold step. I asked whether she wants to lose her virginity to me? To my surprise, the answer was yes! By reading this message itself, I was on cloud nine and my dick became erect.

The next day I met her at college when nobody was around. I asked her whether everything she said last night was true and she said yes while touching my tent with her hand!

The next second, I put one hand on my classmate’s ass and the other on her right boob and mounted my lips on hers. Guys, she was damn good at kissing! And after a minute, we broke the kiss and departed from there before someone saw us.

That night Thanushree told me that her parents were going to their village for a marriage on Friday night. She asked me to come to her house on Saturday. By hearing this, my tool was erect and I masturbated twice thinking about Saturday and then slept.

On Saturday, I woke early in the morning, got ready, and went virgin classmate girl’s house. As soon as I entered her house, I closed the door and took her in my arms. I pressed her onto the wall and started kissing her wildly. She was also in a great mood so she reciprocated the kiss with equal intensity.

Then I broke the kiss to remove Thanushree’s t-shirt. She was not wearing any bra inside. So I looked at her and she winked at me with a naughty smile.

I started licking and sucking the virgin engineering college girl’s soft milky boobs. I was also pinching them slightly and Thanushree was moaning, “Aaahh…be gentle..”

Her moans turned me on more. So I slowly inserted my hand inside her pantie and touched her wet cunt. Now my classmate was moaning like hell.

Slowly, I went to her navel and started licking there. She was feeling ticklish and trying to get away. But I held her tightly and then I went further down to her pussy and started fingering her pussy while licking at it simultaneously. Thanushree was feeling more horny and she started to push my head towards her pussy.

I was sucking her pussy and fingering her madly for some time. Suddenly, the virgin girl started shivering and shouted, “I am cumming…Ahhhh…”

Thanushree had an orgasm. I licked her juices and kissed her and shared it with her. Then she pulled down my jeans and innerwear in one go and took my fully erect dick in her hand. She licked my precum which was oozing from my dick and started giving me a blowjob. Even though she was a virgin, she was a pro in it. She took my dick completely in her mouth and I started mouth-fucking her and soon, came in her mouth. Thanushree drank all of it.

Now she took my dick in her hand and guided it to her glory hole. She spread her legs wide in missionary position. As she was a virgin, I wanted to gentle with her on her first sex. I slowly inserted my dick inside her. She was very tight.

I took my dick out and inserted it again slowly. After 3-4 attempts, I was able to get fully inside this Indian virgin girl. She was in pain and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Then I slowly started to fuck her in to and fro motion.

After a while, the pain turned into pleasure and my wild classmate was screaming, “Fuck me like there is no tomorrow..”

Now I started fucking Thanushree hard with wild strokes. Then we both came together.

After that, I changed our position to doggy. I penetrated my classmate from behind and started to ram her harder. Thanushree was moaning and she came again after a few minutes.

We both were tired by then and so we slept there together. After an hour, we got up and had a laugh telling how wild we were last night.

We cleaned ourselves and had lunch which we ordered from Zomato. We also had one more amazing session after that.

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