Kabir Fucks Virgin Office Colleague In Bangalore

Hi all, thank you for the amazing response I received for my first post. About me: I go under the name of crazy horse and/or Kabir. I am a married male, 31 years old residing in Pune.

This is a true incident that happened in Bangalore. I had just been posted thereafter my training and a new girl had joined my office. She is, and I kid you not, a south Indian actress now!

So, anyway, coming to the story: I was in charge of my department. Amongst various responsibilities that I had, training new recruits came under me. Her name, for the purpose of this story, is Madhuri.

I like to believe that I was a kind of a manager who would be kind to the new recruits and would spend considerable time in training them, both before and after my shift to ensure that as a time when they would be well equipped to handle all minor guest grievances.

This made my job and life a bit easier. I did this irrespective of the gender of the new recruits.

Though I demanded perfection from my staff, I never demeaned them in any way. I was quite popular amongst my staff as the type of manager who would be hands-on.

Anyways, this was Madhuri’s first job, and she like all freshers was rather nervous. I enquired a bit about her to make her comfortable and started her training.

Deviating a little to tell you about her: she was fair, about 5ft 8in with an hourglass figure. Her breast was small yet perky, large enough to fit in the palms of my hand.

During her training, she became quite friendly with me and to my utter delight, she soon picked up work quite easily. It was always a big support to have her in my shift.

As days passed, she became quite popular at work and was constantly asked out by boys in other as well as in my department. She did go out with a few of them but maybe was not interested in any of them as she used to tell me that they all hit on her constantly.

A year passed. One day, she called me at night and told me that she has an interview with a leading airline the next day and she had to go to Delhi in the last flight and asked me for a couple of days’ leave. I agreed and on an impulse asked her to come and meet me on the way to the airport.

Madhuri agreed and came over to my place and exited the cab. Since there was still plenty of time for her flight, we were just standing behind her cab talking and in the end, I wished her best of luck and impulsively hugged her.

My hot colleague wrapped her arms around my neck and lightly kissed my neck. I broke the embrace and kissed her deeply and slowly, starting with her lower lip and sucking on it and lightly biting it. She moaned a little and held me tightly as we shared our first kiss.

I wished her best of luck and she quickly jumped in the cab and went away. My mind was in turmoil and I called her. She answered even before the first ring got over. I am going to paraphrase the conversation for context.

Her: Yes?

Me: I don’t want you to think that I was trying to act great with you Madhuri. I.. I don’t know what came over me.

Her: Yeah, don’t worry, Kabir. It was a nice kiss (she whispered).

I smiled.

Me: When are you back?

Her: Tomorrow, late night. Why?

Me: You want to come over to my place?

I waited nervously as she kept silent, my heart beating rapidly.

Her: Can I take a shower at your place?

Me: Yeah, you sure can!

We said our goodbyes and ended the call. That night I could hardly sleep. I went to work the next day and applied for her and my leave. I eagerly waited for the day to get over and rushed home and tidied up my house. I went to the market and got something to eat and a bottle of wine.

I got a call at 11 pm when she landed and she excitedly told me that she got selected. I congratulated her. She told me that she would be at my place in 20 minutes.

She came to my place and we hugged each other. I tried to kiss her but she resisted, stating that she was dirty and wanted a shower first. She went to the washroom and came out wrapped in a towel. I asked if she wanted any clothes and she denied.

We sat in the balcony of my room overlooking the city in the night and enjoyed the view and the wine I had got earlier in the day. By our second glass, we were both slightly tipsy.

I held her and pulled her on my lap and we shared a deep and a passionate kiss. Madhuri moaned in the kiss which I found to be highly erotic and kissed her even more passionately till we were both gasping for breath.

I pulled her hand and led her to the bed. She closed her eyes as I pulled her towel and exposed her boobs. And man, weren’t they heavenly! I kissed around the edges of my hot colleague’s boobs, slowly caressing the other and not touching the nipple. In front of my eyes, her nipples stiffed and she gasped:

“Suck them! Please!”

I took her nipple in my mouth and gently sucked on it. She moaned so loudly that I had to cover her mouth. My hands went down and parted her towel to reveal a clean-shaven pussy. I rubbed around it and she moaned in delight. She pulled me up and said:

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“No babe, I want to make love to you.”

Madhuri hugged me tightly and we kissed deeply. I removed my clothes and stood in front of her in my birthday suit. My dick was rock hard with veins popping out. I think that it was the intimacy of our friendship that made it so erotic.

She pushed back the skin to reveal my bubblehead. She looked at me in traditional and said:

“It will not fit!”

“Where?” I asked, giving her a wink.

“In my mouth or my vagina. I am a virgin!”

I guided her and slowly inserted in her mouth. Though she gagged a bit, I was careful to make her comfortable with the size and kept it slow. Once she got comfortable, I began to pump into her soft and warm mouth, my precum oozing in her mouth.

I couldn’t control anymore and pushed her back in the bed and opened her legs. I buried my mouth in her pussy and licked and sucked and bit without mercy. She soon came and I lapped her juices.

I lied down and pulled her on top of me and slowly inserted my self into her. She, being a virgin, was tight – extremely tight. Madhuri’s mouth opened in a soundless scream as I entered her completely with a few strokes.

“Fuck!” she gasped.

“Okay”, I said naughtily and started gyrating her. After some time, I came on top and inserted again inside her. Madhuri dug her nails on my back and I started to stroke rapidly. Her warm and moist pussy was driving me crazy and I kept on increasing my pace.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Madhuri suddenly grabbed me and held me tightly. She just had a massive orgasm. I also started coming and both of us held the other as we came, both of us panting like two dogs in heat.

She opened her eyes and we looked at each other.

“That was..” she began.

“I know,” I said and we kissed each other in a contented way.

Hope you all enjoyed the story. That really was one of the most special nights of my life.

Please do share your feedback on [email protected] Keep on rocking and keep on enjoying a healthy sex life.

On a side note, I had mentioned in my previous story that I was having problems with my wife. They are sorted out now. I love her dearly. And yet, I do feel the need to explore my sexual life to the fullest. In case any married female in Pune wants an NSA, message me.

Just to clarify, I am not looking for an emotional relationship. I respect all the sexual partners I have had in life and in case of anything happening going forward, would expect the same. Complete Discretion for life is expected and given.

Till the next time!

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