Sakshi’s Adventures – Part 1

Hi readers, I am Sakshi from Pune, 23 years of age, working in a BPO for the last 2 years. I have maintained my body at 36-29-34. And my boobs are quite perky. And I use them wisely whenever needed.

The past 8 months have changed my life. I have many stories and adventures to share before the year ends. So I will be doing this in parts every day.

This all started on the day I broke up with my 4 years serious boyfriend. To be frank he just left me for another girl that lured him into lust. I was totally devastated and broken. And desperate to move on. I opened an account on a dating app and decided I would move on with the help of sex.

I started swiping and I came across a handsome lean guy’s account. I had him on my mind already. I put some hot photos of mine on the profile and it worked. We matched so we decided to meet. I knew I wanted to get fucked so I had decided to do the best I could.

I went to the boutique and got the shortest dress I could find. It was a two-piece and exposed enough to get someone hard. I got ready looked at the mirror and omg I was looking super slutty. The deep neck sleeveless tight white top that was exposing around 70% of my cleavage.

The remaining was my red strapless bra right above the long coast of my deep navel. A broad waistline which I loved exposing always as I had a flat jelly belly. I wore a kamarband to make it look sexy and grab attention and wore a micro mini body con skirt. I paired it up with dark red lipstick and red velvet stilettos.

I went to this club at KP where I saw him waiting at the bar waiting. Tall dark and handsome. I already got butterflies in my stomach. I walked towards him and kept looking at him till he recognized me and I could see his expressions change and jaw drop. I just smiled and waved a ‘Hi’.

But while walking I did not just notice him. But all the tharki guys in the club had their eyes on me. I was feeling awkward and awesome with this attention. So I went up to him and he looked at me from top to bottom. He just said ‘Hi’ spreading his arms to hug me.

I wanted this desperately so that I could move on. So I just went into his arms and I felt his tight toned body under his t-shirt. But he felt mine even more. He just rubbed his palm all over my back slowly till my ass and squeezed me tightly. I felt a shiver throughout my body.

Now I knew I was going to get fucked and it’s going to be hard. Then we had a few drinks and then he asked me to drink 4 shots of vodka. By the time I had my last shot I was super high. And then he said we should leave for his flat. I was super high and very horny.

I had given him a hot dance show and felt a lot of his body by now. I knew he was gyming hard and was gonna bang me today as soon as the valet dropped the car and I got into it. I formed a sexy cleavage and turned towards him. Then as we proceeded I started talking dirty.

“Do you like what I am wearing baby?”

He did not respond. I continued.

“Did you like my boobs when I danced? Cause I saw you staring at them.”

He looked at me and said, “Not just the boobs, baby.” and kept driving. His wit was a turn on for me. I wanted to take it a step further. I just removed my panty and threw it on his face. He was shocked by the slutty move. He just looked at me and said, “Bold.”

I got more excited and removed my bra too. And threw it out of the window. He looked at me from top to bottom and said, “You are a pornstar. You got me a hard-on.” I said I wanted to see it and just grabbed on his crotch while he was driving. And I swear he was super hard.

I could feel it I just couldn’t control to see a new dick after 4 years of shit. And I started unzipping his pants. He did not stop me and I just took his dick out and started sucking on it. He was amazed to see what a whore he had found. Now I was super horny.

In an exposing pair of clothes with no underwear. I had a dick in my mouth while I was going to an unknown place. I sucked him until we reached his building’s parking. As soon as we reached there he just parked the car and started smooching me hard and pressing my boobs.

Then he pulled down my top and started sucking my boob while he pinched my other nipple. I was moaning hard. “Oh, Yash. Harder.” He took his hand lower now and put it in my skirt. I just spread my legs and let him enjoy my body. He put his 2 fingers which easily went inside as I was very wet.

He pumped my pussy till I came hard in his car. That was so satisfying. And it was still in the car. I wondered what would happen on the bed. After that, we got down of the car. My legs were still shaking from my orgasm. He just came by my side. Squeezed my ass tightly and pushed me towards the lift.

His grip was so firm that he pushed me. At the same time, he was squeezing and holding so tight that I didn’t fall. I just tiptoed towards the lift. The moment we got in he again started fingering my pussy harder this time. I still had not come over the previous orgasm and my pussy was still very sensitive.

After two minutes of intense fingering, he just ordered me to press number 7. As the lift started moving he increased his speed and started biting my nipples simultaneously. It was too much for me. I just put my arms on the lift walls on both my sides and exploded my second orgasm.

I started squirting as he did not stop. And we reached the 7th floor. The lift opened and I was still shaking. My eyes had started watering with that orgasm. I wanted more and more of him. My nipples were super hard poking through my top and my inner thighs were all wet with the squirting I did in the lift.

My makeup ruined due to the blowjob and the watering eyes. No underwear. I was looking like a whore and then I suddenly realized that Yash was not opening the door with the keys. Instead, he rang the doorbell. I was not in a condition to react right now.

I thought we would directly walk into the room and I will not have to talk to anyone. But the moment the door opened. I saw a fair 6ft + guy with the best-toned body I ever saw. All waxed. And super toned. I looked at him from top to bottom as he wore shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. And so did he.

But he got a different view from that height I am sure. Wait for the next part to know what happened next.

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