Breaking Into All 6 Beautiful Holes Of Two Virgin Colleagues

Marriageable age is a tricky time in one’s life. Especially so in India where social pressure makes you desperate to shut the mouths of society by closing the whole saga by finally entering into a marriage.

But Indian society is getting transformed too. We demand some understanding with the prospective spouse, some talking, and some exploration. Whether that happens for namesake, it happens.

The young professional generation who wakes up early to catch a cab to office and returns after the sun already down has hardly a chance to talk to girls except in office or on social media which is often irritating and confusing.

So, like a young guy (by the way, I am a banker, a financial analyst to be precise), I was also betting on my office hours to meet someone. And thanks to new policies of the private sector, they maintain a good sex ratio and my hopes were not belied as I met several beautiful ladies in my office.

My eyes were always in judgment about the prospects with each and every girl. I was a walking evil through the corridors, my eyes of a wolf measuring up every girl, her body, her smile, her mind. Willingly, or unwillingly, the body mattered the most. My testosterone was raging.

The story I tell is of when I was 27 and a virgin. So, no surprises, my dick was a rage inside me, a volcano ready to explode at first chance.

Now I introduce you to the first girl – Sushma. The lovely, plump, fair, polite, tall girl of 5 feet 7 inches. She was proficient at work but somehow, I never understood even till my last day at the office that how her dressing was so peculiar. Whatever she might wear, one could always trace her bra and undies.

Our official policy was liberal and the best result was her dressing style.

Inside her loose pajamas and t-shirts, no ordinary man could stop noticing her curves, her breasts like soft magnets always repelling each other and spreading out which made the curve of her waist even more conspicuous. Her ass was shaped like onion but fluffy like cotton balls.

Sushma was with the accounts department and I was with the analytics. My eyes were set on her and after stealing her sight for a few weeks in the cafeteria, when I finally got to meet her in a meeting, I knew I was not leaving the chance.

So that is what I did. My engagement with the accounts increased, for efficiency, for cost-cutting, for rationalization of expenditure, for manager-focused reports and everything that god-given creativity could generate.

But Sushma was not the only one who kept me awake at night. There was also – Bhavya. The sleek, thin, talkative like a chatterbox, impetuous but quick to laugh and witty like hell.

There was something about her skin, it was so smooth, so smooth, I am rendered speechless. It was silk, polished by god himself, spotlessly white, with pink, not brown, natural lips. Such girls often thrash and junk you quickly.

I was clear if I wanna land her, I need to be slow and slow her down. She was quick, she would wash me away like a tsunami if I try to catch up with her.

To slow her, to bring her down to my pace was to make her vulnerable. She was with the sales team. It suited her. And me too, as I just suddenly saw a lot of potential in providing sales insights through analytics.

Morning meetings with Sushma, afternoon meetings with Bhavya and evening went into planning my moves and messaging the two ladies.

Girls, after all, are like coconuts. Hardshell from outside and softcore from inside. Sushma was kind of feminist – always at the forefront of office gossip about who was the predator among our bosses and how the ladies must avoid him and encouraging fellow girls to complain and so on. I was to be cautious with her.

Bhavya, on the other hand, hardly had a female friend. She was a solace to men in office. She talked about sex, relationships, politics, sports, culture, and even accepted that women have primary responsibility for child care after marriage because of their natural affinity to children.

Bhavya was cool talking about sex, always defending pre-marital sex in informal discussions and debates. But she too was virgin (she casually told in one chat). Again, I was surprised how. Was she one of those kinds who hangs the fruit in front of you but never let you touch it? Many men must have approached her. How on earth was she still single?

This robbed me of sleep for several nights. I was betting on choosing one of these two women for my life and both were terribly dangerous in their signs. One could make life hell convincing her for marriage and the other could make me lose my job.

So, I moderated my expectations and went back into my shell – limited to formal messages for official purposes in office hours and no more than purely coincidental meetings. Amazingly, it worked.

Sushma would drop by in the evening to ask if I would like a coffee. Bhavya won’t come herself (which was good for me lest both should meet each other) but message how I was and would complain that I am anti-social and do not stay in touch.

I stuck to the policy of speaking the least and asking more and more questions. They were happy to speak. I was happy to listen.

I will pretend receiving messages in front of Sushma and laugh and then refuse to tell her what was the message. She grew curious. I will always tell her – boy-thing. But every time, I will finally share with her the very message I had planned. She will giggle.

She started opening up slowly. She would also share such messages from the girl-group. No doubt, we were talking sex like never before.

Bhavya and I will drift towards marriage and sex every night. I would start kidding saying I want 4-5 kids. She would say – your girl will throw you away, and I will reply – if she is hot like Bhavya, she won’t be able to stop me!

And so went the chats for months and months. It was hard work, I must say. I had lost hope actually many a time. In fact, I thought I was already friendzoned. But given no other options yet in the office, I had no choice.

Finally, it started paying dividends. Visiting Sushma at her home one day, I deflowered her. She was better than I thought.

My colleague’s plumpness should not have been mistaken for a bad shape. She had the best shape I could think. Her boobs were a handful of treasure. She was doing gym for months I could see from her nascent abs. Her ass, I pounded all night and it still felt fresh like morning grass. So soft it was.

Sushma did not make much fuss of virginity. I had not expected her to be. So, after quickly taking off her pants and undies, even before I removed her top, I just laid her down and inserted me in her without any rituals. Only when she bled and baptized my virgin cock red, I realized tearing my virgin colleague’s tight pussy apart that I had done it.

Sushma covered her face with her palms and after going all in, I drove her hands away and placed my mouth on hers. As I started drilling her, she moaned but I suppressed those moans with my mouth. She would open her mouth only to find my tongue going in her mouth.

I was happy. I had not promised marriage, love or anything. And she crowned me with her virginity. Wow! That night was special in many ways. I had literally forgotten all caution, including a condom.

I was just lying on my colleague’s beautiful body and fucking her with all the frustration that a 27-year-old virgin guy could have. I wanted to dirty her. So, missionary position and skin to skin rubbing badly, I was thrusting in. My hairy body was on her smooth skin.

I wanted to make a mark on every inch of her body. I licked her up, her face, shoulders, boobs, waist, back, so much that she shuddered for a moment looking at me surprised. But I just held her tightly and started fucking again. We did not speak for hours. We just fucked.

With my other colleague Bhavya, however, it was more difficult. She was always surrounded by people of all kinds – her friends from school, her colleagues, her neighbours, random guys, cousins and so on. But after the seal-breaking experience with Sushma, I wanted to break another. And, with that pear-shaped ass, long waist, Bhavya was perfect.

I was fantasizing about fucking her and then resting my head on her long curvy waist, planting a kiss every now and then. Our chats were on going like before but I was not finding a way to raise it further.

The delay was dangerous and a turn-off. So, part-irritated and part-normal, I slowed my replies to her after dinner. Bhavya noticed it. I just said that I enjoy walking on lonely roads (which is also a truth). Guess what, she wanted to join me.

Here I got a bit lucky, I must say. So, slowly, we started holding hands, then mild shoulder-rubs. Once suddenly, I just put my arm around Bhavya’s waist when we were about to turn back to our homes, to pull her closer. She did not mind. The next day, we smooched on the same spot. And next weekend, she left her virginity on my bed.

For many weeks, I was always comparing them. I will fuck one and notice something and go back to see the same in the other. My understanding of the woman body was really fucked up.

Sushma had those big prominent pussy lips while Bhavya was sleeker. Sushma’s hips were massive and plump, still, somehow she did not show an extra flab on her thighs which would have really turned me off.

Bhavya had hips that wiggled like nothing else once you slap them. That wiggly-ness was not there with Sushma, her ass was flesh! The sound it created when slapped was a joy to hear.

Sushma’s best were her breasts. The massive, shapely, firm with dark brown nipples – a mouthful of delight. Bhavya had good firm breasts but none like Sushma. Her strength was her lips, big blowjob lips. I had imagined them circling my cock from day one. The day they finally did was a day of enthrallment.

Those were days of discoveries. Every day I will learn something new about the female body. The impractical expectation of extraordinarily and artificially firm breasts which somehow hang up in the air was the first one to be broken.

Both the girls had a shapely fulsome bosom. But obviously, no implants. I accepted it.

Similarly, doggy style is not so good as it may seem in the video, especially for a whole night fuck – was another fact I soon realized. (but, it is worth doing it every now and then). You need to get down to the bed and fuck in leisure when you are doing it daily. But the biggest surprise was something else.

Bhavya used to live with her colleagues. So, for her, my house was the place to get laid. Sushma had a flat of her own, she wanted privacy. But Bhavya was on losing side with this. I will fuck Sushma wild in the evenings, all eager after the whole day’s work. But after dinner, for Bhavya, I was more discrete – seeking pleasure, rather than giving.

So, I started mixing morning walks with night walks. Life was a roller coaster ride literally. My performance actually shot up. I was fully satisfied sexually and my motive to get married was somewhere forgotten.

One day I asked for a blowjob and got it that very day after a few caresses and false refusals. Another day, I asked for anal, I was bluntly refused. I was taken aback. Getting regular blowjobs, I could make peace with my urges but the confusion was just too much.

They were ready to suck on my cock, lick it every way I asked for, whenever I wanted to for however long I wanted to. But, no ass! Why?!! They knew I was not happy with refusal. So, both will try to compensate elsewhere.

Bhavya will gobble up on my balls in so loving a manner, it will send shivers up my spine. Sushma will fuck me with her ample tits and I will keep staring her as she does it.

They knew really how to control my drive. But somehow I was obsessing on their butts. I will spank them thoroughly while fucking, printing my palms. My colleagues will happily take it too. They knew they were being punished.

It was in those days that Sushma suggested we should watch some porn together. I was okay with the idea, especially we were done fucking for the night.

I was searching and just typed, “best blowjob” and started whatever seemed like good. It turned out to be a threesome. I was about to change, when she said, “I like it, no need to change.” I smiled in my heart but right now, my target was her ass.

We watched the porn and there our black stud finally opened up the asses of the girls he had in the video. I was caressing her hips all the while, my dick was rock hard again. She stared at me, “What happened? What are you thinking?”. This was clearly an invitation. “Baby, please let’s do it. I will be gentle, pleaaaaaaaseeee.”

She nodded and I smiled. “You should apply some oil on me so it would be easy”.

She knew she was working for herself. Her dedication at massaging oil on my cock was something to be seen. I enjoyed it. And then, she understood herself, it was time. She mounted on bed and exposed her ass. I was delighted to see it.

I poured oil on her asshole and started inserting in. Bit by bit, I will pour more oil after every thrust in..and finally, I was all 8 inches inside her. Sushma again came first for ass (like she had in giving me her phone number, her address, smooch, virginity, titty fuck, blowjob, and everything). It was such a delight.

My colleague’s ass was so so tight. It was literally squeezing my cock and I was stretching her wide. She did not speak, I could just listen to her oomphs.

I held her waist and fucked her ass until I had come twice inside her. I pulled out my cock and lay beside her. She had cried. I could see her eyes wet. I felt a strange intimacy for her, for her commitment to please me. I smooched her and hugged her and there we slept till morning.

My plans for a morning walk with Bhavya were gone, but it was okay. Sushma’s ass was very much worth more than this. When I was coming back home, I met Bhavya who was returning from a morning jog. She was drenched in sweat and her tight pants were a delight – a matter of pride that I take off those pants almost daily.

I told her that I had a night out with old friends who were incidentally in the city. The real thing came next. When she turned to go back home, her ass was shouting #metoo!!

I knew one was just not a good enough number for me. I wanted another ass.

So, that night, after the night walk, when she lay in my bed, I was just caressing her ass. My mind was set on those lovely hips. I wanted me inside, separating those ass cheeks with my cock.

Bhavya knew I was going mad but she was cruel. In spite of all pleading, she did not give in. One moment, I felt I was even spoiling what was going on – the regular joy of fucking this talkative and lovely woman.

I controlled and we had make-up sex. She rewarding me with another blowjob. Her blowjob was always good under all circumstances, I bet. But she knew I was sad.

“Why do you want it so much? Do you not know how painful it is for the girl?” I was thinking for one moment and I blurted it out too – “How do you know?”

“I just know, it is very tight.” she instantly knew she only made me more eager.

I did not say anything and she knew what I was thinking. She came close to me and I knew I was not letting her go now without taking her ass.

I took off her pants and turned her towards the wall. With two fingers inside her pussy, I adjusted her and before she could think, I pushed my dick inside my colleague’s ass. She resisted a bit but I had caught hold of her. She was indeed very tight, very very tight. Perhaps, I felt so because it was sudden and there was no oil either.

Talkative as she was, she was making noises all the while, “James, it is hurting me”, “James, stop”, “James, I hate you” and so on. But I was already enjoying her ass and was in no mood to stop easy.

To take ass while standing and controlling the girl was not that easy. It was a task of strength. But for the first anal of Bhavya, I did not mind myself exhausting. I fucked her against the wall. She gave up soon and she was pushed against the wall and pressed against me – her tight ass being drilled inside out, her fluffy hips being pounced.

After I finished, I was straight down on the bed. She sat on the floor itself. Noticing it in a while, I went to her and sat beside her. She started crying.

I hugged her and lifted her to the bed where I kept her against my chest for long. In the morning, it took me quite a while before I made her vent out her anger. But it was done. I was ready to manage. There was nothing stopping me anymore. Her ass was done for.

That night, we walked normally and she came to my apartment normally and this time, we had anal normally too. She massaged me before the anal, not with oil but with her lips and saliva. She was an obedient girl that night and thereafter.

So, this way I had broken into all six beautiful holes of two gorgeous ladies. But I was doing them separately. My fantasy was to bring them together. I shall continue with that in the next story.

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