My First Time With Virgin Girlfriend Snehal

Hi! I am Siddharth, a 21-year-old engineering student living in Kolhapur. The heroine of this story is Snehal, my now ex-girlfriend.

This happened when we were both in the second year of college. Snehal was my first long term relationship. The physical attraction between us was extremely high voltage!

By the first 2 months, we were already kissing each other like mad people. Some months later, my girlfriend let me access to her beautiful 34B breasts for the first time (but that is a story for another time). This happened when we were already at the doorstep of the third base.

It was the month of May. Since we both had backlogs, we had to stay back. But, instead of studying, almost every day, we were naked in each other’s arms in my room. No sex but everything else because my girlfriend wanted to have sex only after our families agreed.

One day, Snehal came to my room. I was in my undies at that time. She went straight to bed. She shut the window and pulled me by my neck chain. I was cupping her face kissing her passionately. My gf loves biting my lips.

I was tugging her hair with my left hand while my right hand was moving on her waist below her top. I slowly laid myself over her and was kissing her intensely. I was not letting her breathe. Then she pulled me by my hair and looked me in the eyes for a moment and started kissing me again.

I sucked my girlfriend’s earlobes and nibbled on her jawbone. Snehal was already pushing me to her neck by then. I kissed her entire neck, leaving a thick layer of my saliva in the process.

I then tugged on her top and stuck my tongue in her beautiful deep cleavage. (I have a fetish for breasts). I was rubbing Snehal’s nipples over her top while giving her hickeys on her breasts. Then she stopped me, took off her top, and pulled me over her again.

In the process, my dick had gotten between her legs. My girlfriend wrapped them on my ass and was rubbing her pussy on my dick with our pants still on.

I sucked her boobs over her bra while slightly touching her down there over her pants. I sucked her armpits, releasing the beautiful aroma of her sweat. She was excited to an extent that she pulled off her bra and guided my mouth to her left breast.

My girlfriend had perfect baby pink nipples. I circled them with my thumb. I blew air over it and then suddenly started sucking them very hard. She was arching her back like crazy. I was twisting her right nipples between my fingers.

She then asked me to bite her nipple and so I did. I stuffed her entire breast in my mouth and sucked it hard. She cried out of pleasure.

After a few minutes, my horny girlfriend guided me to her right breast. I was massaging her left breast throughout while I sucked her right breast.

After sucking her breasts for about 15 minutes. I moved to her navel. I moved my tongue in and around her belly and bit there hard. Then I looked up and asked for her permission to undo her pants. She nodded with slight hesitation.

I hurriedly took off her pants. The wet aroma of her pussy attracted me to it. I nibbled on Snehal’s inner thighs when she suddenly pressed my head on her pussy. I scratched it with my teeth over her panties. She took it off and again pressed it against my face.

I inserted my finger into her vagina and started sucking hard her vertical lips. With two fingers, I rubbed my lover’s g-spot while I sucked her dry on the outside. With the other hand, I parted her lips and stuck my tongue in.

I was sucking my girlfriend’s clitoris like a nipple and she started suffocating me by pressing my head hard on her pussy! I responded by increasing the speed of my fingering and intensity of sucking until she cummed.

After catching her breath back, Snehal again pushed me down. This time, I stuck 3 fingers into her virgin pussy and 2 into her virgin ass and started nibbling her clitoris.

This time, she cummed within 2 minutes! Also, by this time, I had taken off my undies. I went over my girlfriend and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. I pulled her hair and started rubbing my dick intensely and came on those vertical lips.

The virgin girl was horny and wanted me to fuck her right then. But since we were not married, she asked me to fuck her ass so that she could keep it as a golden memory. We both were happy as it was our first time.

I turned her over and started kissing her from her neck. I moved down via her spine to between her buttocks. I stuck my fingers in my girlfriend’s asshole while also licking it. I licked it hard with my tongue while rubbing her clit which resulted in her cumming almost instantaneously!

Then I moved up, put my left hand on her clit, and held her left nipple with my right hand. In one single thrust, I shoved my dick into Snehal’s virgin ass and started fucking her. I did this simultaneously until she came all over my bedsheet.

Then I tugged her by her hair and then rode her till I came inside her ass. I always had the chance to fuck her in her pussy but I respected her too much. So I was happy with whatever I got.

We use to be so horny that we didn’t need any stimulus to get excited. And whenever we were alone, I would fuck her ass. We also did it under the shower once. The heat between us was so amazing that we both slept naked in the Delhi cold without a bedsheet! This happened multiple times that I have lost count of.

It continued till November last year when it was her birthday. Just this time, we were in a sleeper bus heading home.


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Love, Sid.

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