Sudden Encounter

Hi guys, thanks for your feedback on my first story. It encouraged me to share with all of you the incident which happened last month. I received several compliments for my story. Off late, last week I got an email on my hangout Id from one of the XIS reader Nikki (I have changed the name for obvious reason).

Though this was a late compliment, she was quite happy and wet after reading my story. In her email, she wrote back that she would like to have 1:1 with me after reading the story. I pinged her on Hangout same evening. When I woke up in the morning I saw her text saying she will be pinging me post 10 am.

Niki – Hi!
Rags – Hi, I was waiting for your text.
N – Is It? I thought you must be a busy person.
R – Busy for the world but not to those who make me curious.

N – Aha, that’s nice. I read your story.
R- Ok. How is that? Did you like it?
N – Yeah. I enjoyed it. Was thinking though, you are only good at writing or…
R – You can’t comment unless you give it a shot.

N – Cool, How about meeting at Kormangala CCD this Friday at 5 pm?
R- Cool. Sure.
Friday morning I got a text.

N- Hi.
R- Hey.
N- The plan is ON?
R- Absolutely, see you at 5 pm at CCD.

As it was Friday morning, there is not much work after the office. I was able to leave the office and reach CCD at time. I took the corner table and was waiting for her. After some time, I see a girl in her late 20’s coming in. She took out her phone to call. I saw a hangout call on my mobile.

It was enough for me to understand that she is the one! I answered the call and made her come to the place I was sitting. She was wearing black jeans and a red top (sleeveless). She was looking hot as the jeans were tight. I was able to figure out her curves. I ordered two coffees and the conversation started.

N –So finally we met!
R- Yeah. Finally. I was not expecting it to be so quick but glad it happened so quickly. We chatted a couple of days before and today we are having coffee together.

N- Yes, and the credit for this goes to the way you narrated your story. It tempted me to meet you at earliest. (She gave a nice smile.)
R- Lucky I am.

We chit chatted for some time. Then she asks me, “I am looking for a fuck buddy with whom I can spend time as per my availability without any further questions asked.” I was taken aback for a moment but I responded to her, “Sure!”

She set the ground rules that we won’t be asking for any personal information. We will only contact through hangout and no numbers to be shared. I was happy with the rules which she set up. I told her, “You meant NSA kind of relationship?”

She just smiled and said, “You name it whatever you want. But if you are interested we can give it a shot.” Looking at her I was thinking only a stupid will say no to such propositions. She said, “Alright then we will meet soon.” We finished the coffee and parted our ways.

Tuesday morning she pings me:
N- Hi!
R – Hello.
N – Can you take off today?

R- (I was shocked to hear such a request at a sudden) Well it depends on what’s going in your mind!
N – I am alone today at my home so and was wondering if you like to drop by.

I was in a dilemma but thought let’s make a change and told cool. She texted the details of the location and I went to her house. I asked her to come down to pick me up. She was there as I reached. We greeted each other and went to her flat. She was wearing jeans and a black top when she came down.

She asked me to relax on the couch and told me she is coming in a minute. I was just surfing on my mobile and she comes back in a while. She was a changed girl altogether. She was wearing black hot pants and a red loose top. I got the shock of my life.

She was pretty fair. I can see her milky thighs approaching me with every passing moment. She came and sat next to me. She gave me a sensuous look and whispered in my ears, “I am all your!” I just grabbed her and gave her a tight smooch.

While smooching she adjusted herself in my lap and we were sucking each other’s lips. I was able to feel the sensuality in her body moves and the way she was sucking my tongue. I held her tightly and we were lip licked for almost 5 minutes.

By the time we ended, I can see the slut in her who was ready to get fucked. I took her into my arms and took her towards her bedroom. She was biting me all around when I was taking her to the bed. As I dropped her on the bed, I took off her red top and took my hands to unbutton her shorts.

While I was taking off her clothes she was biting me all around. Fuck, her body was hot as anything and she was wearing a matching lace bra and panty. Since starting I was attracted to her voluptuous ass. I flipped her on the bed with force. She told “Aahh, you like it rough.”

I told her, “You are due to see more, baby.” I unbuttoned her bra and took that off. I can see her back and take off her panty. She lifted her ass so as I can take off it nicely. I was able to see her sexy ass now and I spanked hard on her ass. “Ouch!” She shouted and started moving her ass.

She said, “I love the way you are making love to me and I am all horny.” In between, I was spanking her ass. She was moaning. She jumped from the bed and whispered in my ears, “I am hungry,” and started unbuttoning my jeans. She took it off along with my innerwear and held my dick in her hand.

She was caressing my dick like a whore and took it inside her mouth. The way she was sucking it, I was able to figure out that she is pro in that. She was licking and sucking it. I was holding her with hair. She took it deep and simultaneously she was looking into my eye like a horny bitch.

I was dying to fuck her. I said, “It’s time for you to be my bitch.” She winked hearing to it and told, “I love that.” She took the position and lifted her ass giving me an invitation. I jumped to her and started inserting dick in her pussy. It was all wet, so it went smoothly inside.

She was moaning like crazy as I was taking it inside. “I am loving it. I want you to take it deep and fuck my pussy hard,” she told. I was holding her with ass and stroking hard. I held her with her hairs and she shouted, “Ouch.” I continued humping her.

I flipped her to missionary position. She was teasing me by giving a different view of her pussy. I was rolling my fingers to her lips which were trying to bite. I was stroking her and she was like, “Stop It’s paining a lot.” But I was in no mood to listen to her.

I kept fucking as well as rubbing her nipples form my fingers. She was pleading me to stop as well as to fuck. She was shouting, “I am thirsty for your cum.” I told her I am about to cum. She jumped from the bed and opened her mouth and said, “Don’t want to waste it, cum in my mouth.”

I offloaded myself in her mouth and she sucked every drop of cum. I laid on the bed and she was over me.
N – Never thought you will fuck me so wildly.
R –I will take it as a compliment.

She winked and gave me a smooch. I got up from the bed to get freshen while she was on the bed naked, she asked. “So, hope you are not regretting taking the day off.” I smiled and told her I have still 15 days of leaves with me and winked. She smiled and told, “Don’t worry, it won’t last for long,” and winked.

I hope you folks liked the story. Do share your feedback. Any female in Bangalore interested to contact write to me at [email protected] We can discuss and take it forward basis mutual discussion.

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