Mom seduced by a naughty masseur

Hi friends, this is Raj from Delhi, age 19, with a real incident about a naughty masseur. Just like any young guy, I, too, have a fantasy for older women. But I could merely watch my Mom taken up by a stranger in our own house.

To start with, I stay with my Mom Richa who is 44 years old and a housewife now. But earlier she used to work in a bank. My dad runs his business and, for the past few months, has been staying abroad.

My Mom was an attractive lady with a good height, 5″5 and good shape and assets for a mature lady precisely speaking 36-30-38.  She was quite modern and friendly with everyone.

She used to have a kitty party either at our house or at a friend’s house. So once after the kitty party, my Mom and her friend Pooja aunty were talking with each other in her room. I overheard their conversation.

Pooja – What happened, Richa? You look stressed out.

Mom – Yes, Pooja, just family stress. Even my husband is not with me for long now.

Pooja – Oh, you should give time to yourself now, Richa.

Mom – Yes, definitely. I need some rest.

Pooja – Richa, why don’t you get some massage from a masseur?

Mom – Do you know anyone?

Pooja – Yes, I know someone who can send someone for a body massage at home. But the issue is it will be a guy and not a lady.

Mom – Oh, what will Raj think?

Pooja – Why do you worry about Raj? He will be busy in his room, and you can get a massage in your room.

Mom – It will be a bit awkward.

Pooja – No, trust me, you will get relaxed.

Mom – Ok, Pooja, you can ask him to come tomorrow.

So Mom booked a massage appointment for herself the next day. I was at home, and Mom had already told me about it. She asked me to stay in my room as she would be taking a massage.

The only thing was she did not tell me that it would be a body massage. I wanted to watch her get a massage.

Soon the doorbell rang. I saw a young guy around just 20 or 21 years old, must be a college boy, walk in with a massage kit. Mom was wearing her kurta and pajamas, and she was looking nice.

He wished Mom and asked her where to set the massage table. Mom showed him her bedroom, and there was space there to put the table. He set up the table and also lit candles to create the right ambiance.

Mom asked him about his name and his age. He told his name was Rizwan, and his age was 21. He turned out to be just 2 years older than me. That took me by shock. Mom, too, looked a bit nervous.

He gave Mom a white towel and asked her to change. Mom was a bit reluctant in the beginning. But he convinced her by saying, “Mam, don’t worry, I am professional.” He went outside so that Mom could change.

But being a young boy and Mom being a milf, I had doubts. I could see he was checking Mom when she was removing her kurta and pajama. She had good busts. She wore a towel over her lingerie, her bra, and panty.

She laid on the table with her back facing up. Rizwan came back and put curtains so that I or anyone could not see anything. But I took the risk and lifted curtains a bit to see the massage.

He took some oil and put it on her back. As he was spilling oil, he saw Mom was wearing her bra and panty. He asked her if he should unhook them as they would get dirty otherwise. Mom agreed after some hesitation.

He gently unhooked her bra and pulled down her panty, and kept it on the bed. Now he slowly started pouring oil on her butts as well up till her thighs. First, he started from her back, rubbing it gently and slowly rubbing her neck too.

For the first 2-3 minutes, it was normal. Then he massaged her legs and thighs with oil and her feet. While he was doing massage, he was talking to Mom to make her comfortable.

Rizwan – Mam, is it your first massage?

Mom – Yes, Rizwan.

Rizwan – I hope you are getting relaxed.

Mom – Yes, dear.

Rizwan – Mam, do you go to the gym?

Mom – No.

Rizwan – Oh, still, you have maintained yourself, and you have such good thighs.

Mom – Thanks for the compliment, Rizwan.

Rizwan – That boy outside is your son?

Mom – Yes.

Rizwan – You don’t look that old.

Mom – Thanks, Rizwan.

He now moved his hands on Mom’s butts. Gosh, he was massaging her ass so hard I could see Mom getting excited, but she was controlling herself. I was getting jealous of Rizwan. He now asked Mom to turn.

Mom turned, and gosh, I could see her big boobs and nipples. Her pussy was partially hairy.  Mom had closed her eyes as she was feeling embarrassed. She didn’t expect to be naked in front of a stranger like this.

He poured oil on her boobs and navel area and started massaging her boobs. He was purposely pinching her nipples to get her aroused. Soon her nipples were tight.

Rizwan – Oh, mam are you fine?

Mom – Why?

Rizwan – Your nipples have got hard.

Mom – Oh, sorry, actually someone has touched me after long so.

Rizwan – Oh, it looks like your husband is away most of the time.

Mom – Yes.

He sensed the situation and soon started massaging her navel. In no time, he was moving his hands around her pussy. He took his middle finger and inserted it in her pussy. He was slowly moving it in and out.

Mom moaned, “Oh, Rizwan, don’t do it there.”

He said, “Mam, you just relax, don’t worry.”

He continued fingering her pussy for some time. She was shaking her ass in pleasure. I could see she was wet down there.  Rizwan removed his pant and his underwear.

Mom said, “Why are you removing your pant, Rizwan?”

He said, “I know you want more than massage. Don’t be shy. I can give you more.” Mom got up and said, “Rizwan, that’s wrong. My son is just out, and you are so just 2 years older than him.”

He said, “Mam, you just relax. Your body has got me aroused. Now let me finish this.”

He got Mom standing first and then bend her pushed his cock in her mouth. Mom didn’t know what to do. But she went with the flow and started sucking his cock. He was saying, “Aap bohut achha lund chus leti ho mam.”

Mom kept on sucking his cock for almost 5 minutes. Now he laid Mom again on the table, parted her legs. He buried his face on his pussy and started licking her pussy. Oh gosh, Mom was controlling her moan.

“Rizwan, please stop. My son will come. I am getting wet.”

He was not ready to stop.  He said, “Just cooperate with me, mam, for a few minutes.” He put some oil on his cock and inserted his cock in her pussy in a missionary position. I could hear loud sounds of pussy banging in the room.

Mom could not control moan and screamed, “Rizwan, your cock is so hard, please slow down.”

After 2 minutes, he placed Mom in the doggy style. This time it was the turn of anal. So he pushed his cock inside her butts this time. She was screaming in pain, but he was not bothered as he was continuously pumping her ass for 5 minutes and pulling her by hair.

He said, “You are a hot bitch, Richa ji.”

He now laid himself on the table and got Mom on top. His cock was back again in her pussy. Mom’s boobs were bouncing freely. He was biting her nipples and pressing them hard. She screamed, “Rizwan, I am about to cum.”

Soon her juices got out of her pussy. But Rizwan kept banging her pussy for the next two minutes till he cum inside her pussy. As soon as he cum he kissed Mom on the lips.

Mom was shocked about how a stranger half her age banged her in her bedroom. He got up and wore his pant. Mom too quickly wore her panty and bra and her kurta pajama too. Mom took out cash from her wallet and gave it to him.

He dropped his visiting card on the table, kissed Mom again on the lips, and said, “If you liked my massage, do call me again.”

He went out, and then Mom came out of her bedroom behaving as though nothing had happened. But she did not know I saw her getting fucked by a stranger.

Friends, do give me feedback on the incident. My mail id is [email protected] and you can also read my other story here.

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