Bestfriend Aashima’s Hot First Time Sex

Hey ISS readers. My name is Nikhil and I am a huge fan of sex stories especially desi ones. So I thought of sharing my own encounter. About this story, the heroine of my story is my bestie Aashima (name changed).

I am six feet tall and my best friend Aashima is my childhood friend. We studied in the same school and in the same class before parting ways in class 11 due to different subjects. We were pretty good friends at that time itself but real closeness came in college.

I had a crush on my best friend for a long time but never had any bad feelings about her. Occasionally, I visited her classroom during recess and we used to have lunch together.

Just before our final exams, I came to know that Aashima had a boyfriend. I was shattered. Still, seeing her happy made me happy. After school, her relationship continued. I too moved on and made a girlfriend in the first year of college. But both of our first relationships didn’t last long and eventually, we broke up with our respective partners.

Our bond grew stronger as we shared our deepest secrets with each other.

Finally, when we were in the last year of our college, Aashima called me up to meet one day. Due to our part-time internships, studies and stuff, we only got to meet each other a very few times.

Anyway, we decided to meet in a cafe to have some brunch and hookah. That was a bit different. Actually, my best friend didn’t know that I was in a relationship with a girl. I shared all my secrets but this was one which I hid from her.

So, that evening, we were sitting in the cafe talking about stuffs when she came up with –

Aashima – How come you never had a girlfriend? You are a handsome guy.
Me – What kind of female friend are you? You are not able to set me up with anyone!

Aashima – Oh come on, you never like anyone I suggest.
Me – Ok, set me up with anyone. I will go on a date with her.

Aashima – What are your date plans?
Me – Why should I tell you, fatty? It’s a secret for my special one.

Aashima – Really? I am your best friend, you can’t keep secret from me.
Me – Oh yes, I can. There are things which I can’t share with you.
Aashima – Like?

I didn’t want to mention about my past relationship but maybe the strong hookah was the reason that I told her about my ex-girlfriend.

Me – You know, I have not always been single. I have had a girlfriend and we broke up just a year ago.

My best friend’s facial expressions just changed from happy to shock.

Me – I know you should have been the first person to know about this but I am sorry. Just couldn’t tell you or anyone else.

Then I narrated to Aashima how we broke up. Narrating the whole story to her was a big relief as I lightened up from the past. I got a bit emotional to which she patted on my shoulder and said, “These things happen yaar. You may love someone but you don’t always get love in return”.

Then she told me about her breakup. How her bf cheated on her. I listened to her carefully and she ended her story. There was a deep silence for around 5 minutes.

Aashima then broke the ice.

Aashima – Areh, what happened yaar? We are not here to cry over the past. Let’s order some food and have funny talks.

My mood freshened and we ordered food.

While having food, she all of sudden came up with –

Aashima – So, have you done it?
Me – Done what?

Aashima – Arey, wahi couple stuff?
Me – What couple stuff?

I knew what she was talking about but we never had such types of conversation before so I was just making sure.

Aashima – Sex?
Me – Nahi re.. We just walked hands in hands and made out once in the cinema hall.

She started giggling.

Me – What??
Aashima – You are so cute..and dumb too.

Me – What about you?
Aashima – I have never allowed him.

Me – Means you too dumb.
Aashima – I am not.

And we continued long talks and never realized that it was 9 pm by now. After paying the bill, we came out of the cafe. The cool breeze was blowing. The traffic was less too.

We decided to take a walk to the metro. She was holding my hand by my elbow while we were walking. It was not the first time we were walking like this but still, it felt different that day.

As we approached the metro –

Aashima – Hey Nik, why haven’t you asked me for a date ever? Am I not attractive to you?

Me – Well, that is not the case. I just don’t want to ruin the things which are between us now. By the way, you could have asked me.
Aashima – If I did, would you have come?

Me – Why not? You are the closest person I am with.
Aashima – Then what about this Sunday? My place.

Me – Really?
Aashima – Yes, we will have lunch at my place and then we can go for a movie.

I agreed. We took the metro and my bestie was supposed to exit one station before me. Everything seemed to have changed. I was never so much happy before. She was smiling and blushing too.

The metro was quite empty and I placed my hands on her waist. She gave me a stare. I winked. She blushed.

Her station came and she was about to leave. All of a sudden, she kissed on my cheek and ran out of the metro. I tried to get hold of her but she went out and the door closed. I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about the moment.

For the next four days, we texted each other a lot. Sometimes, the chat turned into sexting too. I was looking forward to the Sunday.

Finally, the day came and I went for the date with my best friend. I was in a white shirt and blue jeans. I rang the doorbell and Aashima opened the door. She looked stunning. She wore a black tank top and blue jeans shorts. I had never seen her in shorts before. Her fragrance was amazing. Her bare legs were inviting. By the way, her measurements were 34-28-36.

My best friend understood my dilemma. She came up and hugged me tightly. I started to hug her back tightly to which she said, “Not so fast”. But it was already too late for me.

I gave her the flowers which I brought for her and then lifted her and took her to her room. Both of us knew what was going to happen next. I placed her on the bed and started to kiss her.

I was rough and had no experience. I was just kissing as I have watched in porn videos and biting her lower lip. Aashima took her face away and started giggling. I asked, what?

She said, “You stop, let me do it and then you join”.

She took my face towards hers and slowly placed it on her lips. Our lips locked perfectly this time and she was sucking smoothly. I stood still for a while and then started to respond to her.

We were kissing passionately and breathing heavily. I couldn’t resist more and placed my hands on her breasts. She wanted to say something but I didn’t let her lips off.

Our eyes met many times and then she let her body free. It was a green signal for me and I started pressing my best buddy’s boobs. They were so soft like cotton and I was pressing them with all my might. She was feeling the pain but soon started enjoying it.

We then got separated for a while. We were breathing heavily, staring at each other’s eyes. My dick was hard like never before. She could see that from above my jeans. I made her lie on the bed and pounced on her boobs again.

I took her top and bra off and she was lying topless in front of me. I took my shirt off and went straight at her boobs and started sucking the right one. Aashima was on heaven 9. She closed her eyes and started moaning. I started to press her left boob with my hand and kept on sucking the right one.

After 10 minutes or so, I switched and started to suck the left one while pressing the right one. We were enjoying so much.

Aashima’s moans were filling the room. I couldn’t resist anymore. I took her shorts off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. I smiled looking at her. She looked away blushing. It was clean shaved and her pussy was light pink in colour. The sight was tempting me. It was dripping wet. I started to suck her pussy. Now her moans became louder.

Aashima put a pillow on her face and started moaning loudly, but due to the pillow, the volume was lesser.

Meanwhile, I increased my speed and placed my tongue inside her pussy. It was an awesome feel for both of us. After around 15 minutes, Aashima started shaking vigorously and her legs started to get stiff. I stopped to take a look at her face but she held my face into her pussy again!

She was nearing an orgasm. I understood that and resumed my oral in my best friend’s pussy. Her liquids were all over and after a minute, Aashima squirted while shouting my name. Then she lied still. She looked exhausted and happy. I think it was her first orgasm ever.

I gave her a few minutes to recover but it was her time to return the favor. I took my dick near her mouth. She understood what I wanted and started making faces. But then she held my dick and started giving a handjob. I was at the edge of the bed while she was sitting on the ground and giving me handjob.

I asked her to take it in her mouth and she did so. It was satisfying. The feeling of a girl’s hand and mouth on your dick is so different and it was hard to control. My dick was getting harder.

Then I stood up, held her head from her hair and started mouthfucking her. I lost control over myself and came inside her mouth. I never cummed so much in my life, half of which started dripping out of her face.

Aashima gave me a smile and then went to the bathroom to clean her face. I lied there on the bed but soon, my dick was getting hard again.

Now it was time for the real show. I knocked on the bathroom door, it was open. My bestie was washing her face. I grabbed her from the back and started kissing her neck. Man, these are for sure their weakest points. She was losing her control.

We came out kissing and caressing each other. I spread her legs and took my hard dick into her pussy. It was very tight. I tried with all my might but could only manage about 25 percent in. Aashima was in immense pain and asking me to take my dick out. I pulled it off and asked her for some oil.

She told me where it was and I applied oil on my dick and again tried to fuck her. This time, it was smooth and dick went further in. She started to moan again. She was a virgin and I could feel the obstacle.

I knew it was going to be painful so I placed my hands on her mouth and started pushing hard. Slowly, it started to go in. And then I was inside her.

Blood started to come out of her pussy and tears flowed from her eyes. I stopped pushing and started kissing her. She was not responding. I was sucking her mouth inside out.

After a few minutes, she started responding which gave me the signal that her pain had reduced. I started giving strokes as fast as I can and she too started to moan. I was sucking all over her upper body while I fucked her.

After around 15 minutes of intense fuck, she was nearing her orgasm. I sped up my strokes and after a minute or two, she came. A few seconds later, I too came inside her. I could feel me ejaculating my semen inside her. She was smiling with her eyes closed at that time and it was the most beautiful sight for me.

We laid down there for a while and then we stood up. Aashima’s vagina was swollen and she could hardly walk. I took her to the washroom and we showered together.

After the bath, she wore my shirt while I wore my vest. We ordered our lunch from Zomato and then watched a movie. I mean she watched the movie, I was busy pressing her boobs and tickling all over body with occasional kisses.

Then I called in my home and told them that I will be staying over at my friend’s place.

At night, I wanted to go another round but Aashima’s pussy was swollen and hence we changed our mind. I boob-fucked her and dry humped her. And then we went off to sleep.

She was in my arms the whole night and I didn’t want to let her go. In the morning, I woke up first and looking at her innocent sleeping face made me realize I was in love with this girl. I started to play with her hair. She was not asleep but her eyes were closed. She was smiling.

As all guys must be knowing about the hardon in the mornings. She touched my dick and it got harder. She opened her eyes and I was giving her a sly smile. She knew what she was about to get first up in the morning.

I went down and opened her night shorts. Her pussy was still red. I looked at her. She turned over and gave me a smirk. Her permission was loud and clear. It was the turn of her third hole now.

I pulled my dick out and placed it in her asshole. It was tight. I pushed in hard. She started moaning. After a minute of struggle, my dick was inside her ass.

I started pushing and she too moved too and fro. I kept on kissing the neck region. After 10-12 minutes, I came inside her ass. We hugged tightly and laid there for a while before I left.

It was a special day for both of us – a step ahead – From friends to a couple.

The following week, I took her to a fancy deck restaurant and proposed to her. She agreed readily. Ever since then, we are in a relationship. It’s nearly 1.5 years now and we have fucked each other so many times in this period

So, this was my story guys. Do comment.

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