Fucked My Virgin Sister-In-Law In A 5-star Hotel

Hi, this is Krishhna, height 5’11” with a good physique. I am jovial and naughty, I love driving a lot.

Coming to the story, I met my sister-in-law Sahithi at my brother’s wedding. We became good friends because of my friendly nature and jovial sense. We enjoyed ourselves a lot at the marriage function.

Later, she went to her native place in Chennai. We were in contact through WhatsApp regularly. We became very close in a week or two. Our chats increased and got bolded. I used to share everything with her and I used to flirt with her in a way.

My sister-in-law was 5’4″ and good-looking. She looks very hot in sarees. She had a perfect fit body with average boobs and ass.

Once we decided to meet on a weekend. I planned to go to Chennai

I went to the bus stop and took a bus to Bangalore and from there, I boarded a flight to Chennai. My sister-in-law came to the airport to pick me up. In the cab, we behaved very normally.

We went to a five-star hotel and checked into the hotel room. Immediately after closing the door, I hugged my SIL from behind and took her to the bed. I threw her on the bed and gave a lot of kisses on her face, forehead, cheeks, and neck region. She too was getting in the mood and hugged me tightly, making my monster hard.

I planted a kiss on her lips and slowly she responded to my kiss. She opened her mouth. I inserted my tongue inside her. Our tongues were fighting, we almost kissed for 15 minutes and stopped when we were unable to take a breath.

Then I went to take a shower. I came out in a towel after that I looked at my sister-in-law, she was watching tv, lying on the bed.

I moved to her and licked her ear. She pushed me with a naughty smile. I pressed her right boob while kissing her neck to which she pressed her other boob. My sister-in-law’s boobs were like melons, very soft.

I grabbed her boobs and was pressing with the clothes on. She was wearing a single piece by the way.

I slowly inserted my hand from the top of her one-piece and pressed her boobs very hard. Then I took one of her boobs out, kissed, sucked, pinched, and bit it very hard. I also removed her top in between. My sister-in-law was wearing a lace bra. I removed her bra in no time. It was a fest in front of me! I was in seventh heaven.

I pressed my sister-in-law’s tits very hard and sucked them for almost 15-20minuts. While I was sucking her boobs, her panty got wet. I could feel it.

My sister-in-law quickly went to the washroom and came out with a naughty smile. I took her to the bed and inserted my hand inside her panty. It was full of hair.

I whispered, “African forest” in her ear, for which she said, “You stupid! Shut your mouth!” with a naughty smile.

I was searching for the glory spot and I was rubbing her hot pussy. I slowly inserted one of my fingers inside my sister-in-law’s pussy. It went in with some force and she was in heavy pain. She begged me to remove it. But I inserted it again and told her to relax her body.

My sister-in-law closed her eyes, holding the blanket very hard in pain, I made my finger in and out continuously and she was moaning, “Ah ahaa ahhhhh ahhhh.. Ahhhh. Please make it fast. I can’t take it anymore.”

She was about to cum, I removed her panty and she was completely nude now. I removed my towel. She held my monster in her hand. She was surprised to see a dick for the first time.

My sister-in-law was playing my dick. She was taking the skin of the monster inside outside. Then I laid her on the bed and slept over her. My hard dick was rubbing on my sister-in-law’s pussy now.

I was teasing her but she took my monster and placed it near her G-spot. I tried to insert my dick but her hole was very tight. I looked for lubrication and found a moisturizer in the bathroom. I applied it on my dick and my sister-in-law gave me a good hand job.

Slowly, I placed my dick inside her pussy. It went with some hard push because it was her first time and she was a virgin. I started moving slowly for some time and then I increased the speed. My sister-in-law was moaning in a very high voice. So I locked her lips with mine.

It took me about 5 minutes to cum. We were in seventh heaven during that time.

After cumming, we cleaned it with the blanket and I kissed her on her forehead. We hugged and she laid on my lap. We spoke about our personal lives and later, we ordered food to the room.

After eating the food, we again went to the bed, got under the blanket fully nude. I kissed all over my sister-in-law’s naked body. I kissed her pussy and also inserted my tongue there. She wanted more and more. She was pleading with me to insert the dick and not to tease her.

We had another round of sweaty sex and then we were fully tired. We went out for a drive and while returning to the hotel, we kissed a lot and hugged. I finger fucked my sister-in-law in the car too.

We returned to the room. I took her to the bathtub and inserted my finger in her pussy in the tub. When my sister-in-law was about to cum, I took her from the tub. While we were bathing, I took the shampoo and applied it all over her body.

I insisted her to shave her pussy. She said that she was afraid of doing it. I took the razor and started shaving my sister-in-law’s pussy. In between, she let her juices on me.

I shaved my sister-in-law’s hairy pussy. We took a bath and came outside. We both slept nude.

Then the time was almost 11 pm and she wanted to go home. I dropped her on her scooty. I went back to the hotel. The next day was a surprise for me. She brought her friend Keerti with her. We had exciting threesome sex the next day.

I will continue the story based on the response I get for this story.

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