Sexy Doll Sadhana Bhabhi

Hi all, I am Vikram from Bangalore with a story about a sexy doll. I am 36 years old. I am working in the private sector. I am a big fan of the XIS. I have kept reading XIS stories for many years. This time, I felt like sharing my story with you. It had happened 2 years ago.

I was staying in a small apartment of 4 houses. There was a small single room with a bathroom on the terrace. I was staying in the room. On the first floor, there were 2 double bedrooms houses. Among the two, one was empty, and the other was occupied.

In the occupied house, a family was living. The family consists of an old couple and their daughter and 2 grandchildren. The lady’s husband was staying in a Gulf country on a job. Her name was Sadhana, around 34 years old. She was a beautiful lady with the sexiest figure. It was around 38-26-36.

She had a huge pair of boobs. I had masturbated many times, imagining sucking her boobs. Her second baby was around 1 and a half years old. As she was still feeding the baby, her boobs were huge and filled with milk. Sadhana was very beautiful.

Every day she comes to the terrace to hang clothes. Every time I saw her through windows. I used to shag seeing her beautiful boobs from the side through the saree. Also, I used to see her cleavage, hot sexy ass, and curve when she was trying to take clothes from the bucket.

One day I finished my bath and came out. I went out to take my boxer, which was hanging outside. I thought it was not time for anybody to come to the terrace. So I went out wearing my Jockey underwear only. I took my Jockey, and I was coming back to the room.

Suddenly Sadhana came in front. She came to hang clothes. It was not her usual time. We both collided, and she left the bucket. I held her in my hands. Otherwise, she would have fallen. We were both shocked and staring at each other.

She had just finished the bath. Her hair was still wet. And I could smell the fragrance of soap coming from her body. We were almost in a hugging position. By seeing her, I got on. I became horny. My thing below got erected. It was touching her back.

Suddenly, I left her, moved back. We were both stunned. She was staring at my bare chest and bulge crotch, at the underwear. She was stunned, and I was embarrassed. She smiled at her lips a little by seeing my erection down there.
Then she ran back home, and I went back to the room.

That day I felt really bad for myself for going out without clothes. I was enjoying her beautiful touch. For 1 hour, I tried, but my erection didn’t go away. I was lying on my bed. Suddenly I heard a sound. When I opened my door a little, I saw her hanging clothes on the rope again.

I couldn’t control my feelings towards her, took my penis out of my boxer and started to jerk off by seeing her. The jerking went on for 3 minutes. Then suddenly, another unfortunate thing happened. The door opened suddenly by the wind.

I was there holding my 7″ dick in my hand. She suddenly turned around and saw me. She noticed that I was jerking. I tried to close my door immediately. But in a hurry and embarrassment, it took some time. Finally, I closed the door. But she had seen everything.

She just hung all her clothes and went down to the house. After about half and an hour later, somebody knocked at my door. I went and opened the door. I was shocked to see Sadhana outside. She pushed the door and came inside. I just fell to her legs and said sorry for everything.

She held my shoulder and asked me to get up. When I got up, she suddenly hugged me. She told me she also liked me. She said her husband was out of the station. He was very money-minded, and he didn’t care for her feelings. I hugged her too and started to rub her body.

I pressed her asses, squeezed them. I smooched her, kissed all of her over her body. She held my penis. I took that out. She jerked it. She kneeled and sucked it. I felt as if I was in heaven. The woman I used to fantasize about was in my arms and giving me a blowjob.

Wow, what the fuck! Then I made her stand, and I lifted her saree. She was not wearing a panty. I started to rub her pussy. I inserted my finger and pushed it inside out. She was moaning in sweet pain. Her pussy was so hot. It was releasing juice profusely.

Then I made her lie on the bed, separated her legs, and started to lick her pussy. I drank all her pussy juice. Then I got up and rubbed my penis (7″ long) on her pussy. She moaned and said that my penis was so long and thick. She liked it when she saw it for the first time while I was jerking behind the door.

I was still more excited with those words. My penis got still harder. In complete josh, I suddenly pushed my penis in her pussy. She screamed in pain, but I didn’t stop it. I fucked her hard. I asked her if it was painful. She said no and asked to push it harder. I still gave harder thrusts.

She had closed her eyes and was moaning in pain. That was so exciting for me. Later I asked her for a doggy style. She said she would love it. I wanted to see her hot white curvy ass while fucking. I lifted her saree from behind, inserted my penis from behind in her pussy.

I fucked harder, held her breasts from behind. I squeezed them, drained her milk, and fucked harder for another 10 minutes. She came twice in between. When I reached the climax, too, I asked if I could remove my penis. She said no, she wanted me to release it inside.

Then I released my cum inside her pussy and filled it. Later we slept for a while on my bed. She was sleeping over my chest. Then we had sex for the next three months continuously. We had it in the bathroom, in her house when her parents were out.

We had it twice in the hotel. I had booked a star hotel room for my sexy Sadhana. We role-played husband wife in the hotel, and we were dressed like a first-night couple. It was very nice.

Later I moved from that room, and she went to her husband’s place. Now we are not in contact. But those three months were the best and the golden three months for me.

Thank you all, and thank you, XIS, for the opportunity. I am feeling very relaxed after sharing this experience. Thank you all for reading my story. If you want to ask any questions or post any comments, please ping me at [email protected]

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