Me And My Girfriend

Hey guys and girls, I have been reading sex stories for long and today I decided to share my story. About me: My name is Akki (Name changed), 24 years old currently living in Pune. I am an average built guy, with a 6-inch dick. I am not gonna brag about anything.

This story is all real with slight fiction here and there. But all the events and actions are 100% real. The story might be a bit long but I promise you are gonna love it. Also, this is my first time writing a story so bear with me. Your feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

Coming to the Story:
The heroine of the story is my ex-girlfriend, Tani (Name changed). About her: she has a wheatish complexion, cute face, curvy thighs and calves in right proportions. Big sharp eyes, flat tummy, firm and bubbly ass, and perfect size firm boobs. She has a figure of 34-28-32. All in all, she is a cute hottie.

This happened 5 years back. I had just got free from my Plus 2 exams and was waiting for my college to start. I was sitting at home getting bored. So I called up one of my friends. Let’s call her Sak. She was at her relative’s house and someone was passing jokes on me in the background of the call. I asked Sak who that was, she said it’s her cousin, Tani.

I jokingly asked whether she is hot? Regretted immediately. But to my surprise, Sak said yeah she is hot but out of my league. I was hurt by this. I told Sak to just introduce us and then we will see. So Sak gave her my number and I and Tani started chatting.

We became close friends and were very open with each other. Sometimes we even used to do sensual flirting (not sex chat) with each other. Months went by, I started college. I and Tani had become really close. One day I confessed to her that I had feelings for her.

I was really scared of what if it destroys our friendship. But to my surprise, she said she also has feelings for me. But she never said because she was scared I might not feel the same way. So that’s how we came into a relationship. A little fact that till now, I and Tani had never met in real as we both lived in two separate cities.

Yes. It was a long-distance friendship that turned into a long-distance relationship. After coming into a relationship we met a few times. But only for hanging out. She lives with her parents and can’t stay out. I used to go to her hometown to meet her.

We both loved each other a lot and were dying to meet alone for a long time like a holiday or a trip or something. But we couldn’t as she was a year junior to me and still in her plus 2. She lived with her parents so couldn’t leave her hometown.

So we carried on meeting at cafes and restaurants in her city until she went to college in a city near mine. We both were happy as now we could meet without restrictions. So the first weekend after her college started she came to the city where I was studying.

We both were so happy that we hugged each other tight and stayed like that for 5 minutes. The day went great. I accompanied her while returning to her college. We were traveling by bus. She was looking outside the window. We were holding our hands.

I was lost in her face. I gave a kiss on her head from the side. She turned and asked what happened. I just smiled and looked into her eyes. She smiled and came forward. We both came close and our lips met. That was our first kiss. We kissed for 5-10 minutes.

Then suddenly the bus hit a bump and we came into our senses. We both were so hot at the moment. But sensing other people on the bus I just kept caressing her thighs and she kept holding my hand. That day not much happened as her friends came to receive her from the bus stop and I came back.

After that incident, we started doing frequent sex chats and were dying to meet. So one weekend I booked a hotel room in her college city. I didn’t inform her as I wanted to surprise her. I bought some chocolates and went outside her PG and called her. I asked her that her sound is not clear please go out.

Her room was on the first floor and I knew she had no balcony so she will have to come to the front gallery. As soon She came and looked down I said, “Hey love, mind coming down?” She was elated and started jumping with joy. She changed quickly and got down.

She jumped on me hugging tightly crushing her boobs on me. I hugged her back and we kissed right there in the street. It was so erotic. She was wearing a tank top and hot pants. I was feeling her thighs and her butt. We broke the hug. She told me to wait for 20 minutes and she will come after changing.

But she took some 40 minutes. Trust me I was bored as hell waiting outside her PG but the wait was worth it. She had changed into different hot pants. It was black and fitted more nicely giving her ass a nice shape and good contrast to her milky thighs. Her legs were looking so hot as she quickly shaved her legs.

She was wearing a loose shirt type top with front buttons and had tied a knot just above her navel. She was looking damn hot, I felt like pounding on her then and there. But I controlled myself and complimented her, “Someone’s gonna make every guy jealous of me today.”

She smiled and pointed at the outline of my semi-hard dick and said, “Someone is waking up,” and winked at me. This made me go mad. I just grabbed her waist and kissed her really hard. But soon we were brought to senses by a vehicle horn from the adjoining street.

We went to a mall, she did some shopping and then we had lunch. After lunch, we went for a movie and I booked last row corner seats. We were sitting there holding hands. After a couple of minutes, I started caressing her thighs. She gave me a smile and started rubbing my thighs.

I moved my hand up and started feeling her belly and waist. She got in the mood. we both were hot and without saying anything we started smooching. We smooched for 5-10 minutes. Then I started licking her neck and biting her ear. She got wild and started pulling my hair with one hand.

She inserted other hand in my shirt and started feeling my chest. I gave a small bite on her neck. A current passed through her and she scratched my chest and started moaning my name slowly. With my left hand, I was feeling her back and with my right hand, I was feeling her thighs.

I moved my left hand on her shoulder and pulled her top to the side and started kissing her collar bone. Trust me, guys, after neck collar bone is the most sensitive part for a girl. Meanwhile, my right hand started pressing her boobs over her top. Her right hand started rubbing my hard dick over my pants.

I cannot explain the feeling, I was pressing her soft yet firm boobs and she was rubbing my dick. I could feel my precum oozing. I am getting hard even now by writing about it. We continued our make-out session till the interval. As soon as the lights came on, we left each other and adjusted ourselves and our clothes.

She had a naughty smile on her face. I had a painful tightness in my pants. We remained sitting there till the movie resumed. As soon as the lights went out, we again started exploring each other. This time I put my hand inside her top from below.

I caressed her belly, her waist and then started massaging her boobs over her bra. Meanwhile, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt. She started feeling my upper body, we were eating each other madly. It’s like we were not in a theater but in a hotel room.

As I had inserted my hand inside her top it was getting tight. So I opened the buttons of her top and slid it aside. With my left hand, I opened her bra hooks. As the bra loosened I took her boobs out and started massaging them. What a feeling it was. I was feeling boobs for the first time.

I brought my mouth near them and started sucking them. Tani went crazy after this and unbuttoned my jeans and put her hand inside my underwear and started jerking my dick. I was on cloud nine. I took my right hand, opened the button of her hot pants.

I inserted my hand inside her panty and started feeling her pussy. It was hairy as she wasn’t expecting all this. Her pussy was all wet with her juices and I started rubbing her clitoris. Tip: guys don’t directly go for fingering, start by rubbing the clitoris. Give proper attention to the clit.

She went crazy after that and started moaning and biting my neck. I was sucking and licking her boobs and nipples. This went on for an hour or so and she came twice by the fingering as she was a virgin, I was also on the verge of cumming and told her the same.

She started jerking my dick at a fast pace. I came on her hand and in my underwear. She licked my cum from her fingers and gave a wink to me meanwhile I licked her juices from my hand and gave a smirk to her. With each other’s juices in our mouths, we had a long deep smooch.

I suddenly realized where we were and in what condition we were. I told her the same and we came into our senses. We saw that the movie was about to end. So we adjusted our clothes gave each other a long smooch and sat there for the movie to end. We had no clue what was going on as we didn’t see the entire movie.

Meanwhile, Tani came close to me and whispered in my ears, “It’s the best movie I have ever seen or rather I should say, performed.” She said this very seductively and gave a sensual smile after this. I was turned on and started getting hard on even though I just ejaculated a couple of minutes before.

We left the theater, had dinner at a good restaurant. But after the movie, we found it hard keeping our hands off of each other while walking or in the backseat of a cab. We kept feeling each other and frisking each other when and wherever we got a chance.

After dinner she became sad. She used to become sad whenever it was time for me to leave or for us to part. But this time the plans were different and she didn’t know it.

How she reacted when she came to know about the hotel? What happened after that how we both lost our virginity? I will share in the next story based on the feedback for this one. For any feedback and suggestions feel free to contact me. My email id: [email protected]

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