Erotic Thai Massage And Losing Virginity

Hi readers, this is Dormamu, a long-time reader of ISS. I am here to share my experiences. I am sure they will be passionate enough to arouse you.

To introduce myself, I am a young professional, recently graduated from one of the top institutes in India, and currently working in a leading global MNC.

I was a virgin till this incident happened. I have a decently built – ideal weight, height, and I am athletic too. My younger brother is 7-inches long and well-built too. He works out every day – for the last 10 years.

This incident happened 2 years ago when my company chose me to represent them at the conference to be held in Bangkok – the land of massages.

Till then, I had heard a lot about Bangkok from my friends, so I was very much excited about the trip. After a few weeks, I stepped foot in Bangkok. I was alone.

I was to stay there for a week and I wasn’t expected to spend more than 5 hours per day at the conference. This meant that I had immense time to explore the city, people, and the massages.

On the second day of my stay, I was in a real mood to experience a massage. So I did a quick search on Google and ordered a 1hour full body massage in my room. This was really easy in Thailand – and the massages are quite cheap too.

Within 30 minutes, the masseuse arrived. She was looking amazing, dressed in a red skirt and a tiny top exposing most of her body. She had excessive make-up and had a very seductive built of 34-30-36 and looked of the age of 30+.

We greeted each other, and she told me to lie down on the bed, face down to begin the massage. After a minute, she changed her dress and replaced her skirt with a boxer and top with a tiny bra.

That sight of the masseuse was extremely satisfying to me, and my little brother had just woken up seeing her. I removed my shirt and pants and lay down only with my underwear. Although I wasn’t sure whether she meant naked or not, I was a bit shy.

The Thai masseuse started her massage by applying oil all over my body.

She started with my foot and then immediately went to my thighs. She kept rubbing my thighs from my knees to my ass. During each round, her fingers would knock on my balls (probably unintentional).

With each knock, I was feeling so horny and a bit shy. And then she sat on my legs and started massaging my ass. She let her hand inside my underwear and started rubbing my ass.

That’s when she commented, “Nice ass.”

I replied, “Not as good as yours.”

She smiled and said, “Actually your underwear is not helping. Would you mind removing it so that I can do my job properly?”

I hid my smile and replied, “Sure, if it helps you.”

The Thai masseuse let her hands inside my underwear and pulled them out of my legs. Now, I lay naked in front of her, and remember that she was semi-naked too.

I did have a feeling that we were moving in the right direction, and a happy ending is awaiting me tonight. She immediately started rubbing my ass and massaging my balls slightly.

Damn it! It was a heavenly feeling. Then she moved on to my lower and upper back for a soothing massage. After 5 minutes of that, she asked me to turn upside down.

I was a little shy, as my little brother was damn too hard but managed to make it though. I lay face up with my little brother standing (remember 7 inches).

The Thai masseuse seemed to act like she didn’t notice it, but I saw her peeking at it now and then. She started off with my foot and without spending much time there, she reached my thighs.

She started rubbing my thighs till my dick and balls. She never lost sight of my dick, and she kept massaging my inner thighs touching my balls completely.

Her diving fingers made multiple rounds around my dick without touching it. I am sure she was teasing me. Then she moved to my lower abdomen and that’s when her hands kept touching my dick head.

At this point, I was already ejecting some cum. Tiny amounts were oozing out when she kept pressing my lower abdomen. And that’s when she said, “Would like to extend your package to FULL SERVICE?”

She quoted a price, and I was like, “Sure, why not?” I told her that I was a virgin and I should be treated/taught accordingly. She was happy to part with some wisdom about massages that night.

She immediately took my dick in her mouth. Seeing that, I was already on the verge of my first orgasm. Oh, man! I should say that she was very good with her tongue.

I bet no one could spare more than 20 seconds of her play especially with the intensity of moaning she made. I held her head and hair firmly, moving it up and down till I came in her mouth.

She swallowed every bit of it and also complimented me on its taste. She was an experienced woman, and her compliments pleased me.

Just when I thought it was over, she asked me to get ready for round 2. For a change, I offered her a massage. She said it was the first time a client was willing to give her a massage but was happy to take the offer.

I asked her to be in bra and panties so that I could go step by step. She lay down on her abdomen and without wasting much time I started massaging her thigh. I followed the same process as she did, rubbing her thighs while my fingers felt her ass and panties. Similarly, I removed her panties and started rubbing her ass and pussy.

I asked her to turn around and wow, her pussy was clean-shaven and so beautiful to even watch. I slowly let my finger into her pussy.

She kept moaning during the whole process. My other hand was busy on her boobs, removing her bra. She had huge, apple-boobs with nipples popping out like mini-dicks.

So my left hand was playing with her right boob, my mouth sucking her left boob, and my right hand inside her pussy. I kept inserting my fingers and pulling them out slowly.

I understood from her moans that she was enjoying it. I was also exploring her vagina, trying to identify the G-Spot, and I was able to find it in a couple of minutes.

Then I started kissing her lips. Wow! They were soft and tasted delicious. Her tongue was super active, all over my mouth. In fact, I gave a blowjob to her tongue for a while.

I then licked her face and kissed her neck and ears. She enjoyed it when I kissed her neck area, so I spent some time there while I was rubbing my right hand onto her pussy.

Now I moved completely to her pussy, and was determined to give her an orgasm. So I started biting her pussy and licking it. It was so delicious, wow.

I still have her taste in my mind. My tongue was exploring the inside of her pussy. Soon I brought my finger to rub her pussy and increased the pace multi-fold.

She started screaming in pain. I screamed too to give her some company, till she started squirting. Her cum was all over my face and bed, but it tasted amazing.

She took a minute, hugged me, and we lay there lying on the bed as lovers. I really wanted the moment not to end. But my little brother wasn’t quiet. I got ready for the actual ROUND 2.

In a minute, sexy massage girl was on me, riding my dick passionately. Both my hands were on her boobs while she kept riding me very professionally.

The Thai masseuse looked very experienced, as every stroke was perfect and her movement was very seamless. I asked her to pause before I could cum.

Then I switched to the missionary position with her legs spread over my shoulders. My hands were holding her feet, my lips on her lips, my dick was performing its job with success.

We kept screaming like anything, while I kept increasing the pace and in 2-3 minutes, both of us cummed together. I gave her a kiss on her lips and lay down on her for 5 minutes.

She got up and used the restroom to clean herself up and get ready. I paid her and got her number for future reference.

She commented, “You don’t look like a virgin to me. If it’s true, then sex is a natural talent for you.” I was a bit flattered, gave her a final kiss, and we bid goodbye.

This was an awesome way to lose my virginity, and I am sure I wouldn’t have experienced this in India. So, readers, plan for a trip to Bangkok to enjoy this.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you need any recommendations on massage places or if you are a single woman in need of a partner.

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