My First Sex Experience With Neighbour Girl

Hi guys and girls, men and women. My name is Raj, 23 years old from Chennai. I have read many sex stories on XIS and finally decided to submit my story. This happened an year ago with a sexy girl from the neighbourhood.

Let me tell about myself. I am 5.8 tall, skinny body with 6-inch cock. I look like Dhanush in ‘Thulluvadho ilamai’ movie.

Let me describe her. She is 5.2 tall, average body, 34B-30-36 figure. She is one who took my virginity. Yes I am virgin till I had sex with her.

Let me start the story. Her name is Riya (name changed). In 2016, we moved into a new house which was in the first floor.

The house owner residing in the ground floor. His family consists of three – he, wife and a daughter. Riya finished MBA and was working in a reputed IT company. My relationship with her was normal until an incident happened in June, 2016.

In June 10 2016, her family went to a relative’s house to attend a function. She was alone in her home. I use to ask her something whenever my parents were not at home. My parents were also not at home that time. I was hungry as it was lunch time.

I went to her house and rang the bell. I was ringing the bell for some time but she is not responding. The door was locked. I knew the back entrance which I used and got into her house. I directly went to her room. When opening the door, I saw my neighbour girl standing naked without any clothes on her!

She was looking at the mirror, so she didn’t notice me. Her smooth ass was visible to me fully. My cock became half erect while looking at her ass. Suddenly, she turned and saw me standing there. She quickly covered her body with her hands.

I was afraid that she would tell this to my parents. I just ran from that place. After an hour, she knocked on my door. I opened the door. I avoiding eye-contact with her. I was looking down.

She pulled my face up to make eye-contact. Then she said, “Luch is ready. Come and have it.”

I just nodded my head and locked my house. She was standing there till I locked my house. I then looked at her back through the window while she was leaving. She walked to her house winging her ass. Again my cock was half erect and made a small tent in my pants.

After some time, I went to her house. She served me lunch. We ate lunch. I was still not making eye contact with my neighbour girl.

After eating lunch, I said to her, “Thanks, akka. Lunch nalla iruthu na varen (thanks sister, lunch was wonderful. I am leaving)”.

She pulled my hands and said, “Patha thai pai pesamatiya (you have not talked about what you saw)”. I remained silent.

She came closer to me and asked, “Pathathu puduchicha (have you like what you saw?)”.

I said, “Na yeduthum pakala akka (I did not see anything, sister)”.

To my surprise, she just pulled my pants down. My underwear too came down. My half erect cock became fully erect after the sudden shock. She touched it and said, “Paraval un sunni nalla iruku (your cock is not bad)”.

The neighbour girl slowly pulled my foreskin back till it was tight. She asked me, “En da nee kanni paiyana?” (Are you a virgin?). I replied by nodding my head.

She said, “Ah na doora lock panren first illa matipom” (I will go and lock the door so that we don’t get caught). She came back locking the door.

Then she slowly stroked my cock which sent a current through my body. I was moaning lightly, “Ahh ahh mm” and said, “Akka unga kai patathum enaku oru mariya iruku” (after you touch my dick with your hand, I am feeling something strange).

She asked me, “Ne kai aducahthu illya” (have you masturbated?). I said, “Redu illa moonu murai pani iruken akka” (two or three times I did).

She smiled and said, “Yen da verum moonu murai” (why only three times?). I replied, “Bayama iruku akka en sunni mela irukura damage aakgunum” (I thought my cock will get damaged!).

She was now increasing her speed in stroking my cock. I was not able to stand. She pulled me into couch, “Iruda na unkau kai aadikurathu epadinum solren” (I will teach you how to masturbate).

I closed my eyes and enjoying her handjob. Suddenly, I fell some irritation and precum in my cock. I opened my eyes and saw blood on my cock. And then I felt a pain in my cock.

I was shocked and asked her, “Akka ratham varum valikuthu” (sister, my cock is paining and why bleeding?).

She just wiped my blood from my cock and kissed my cock’s tip. She licked my cock like an ice cream. She said, “Na un foreskina tear paniten” (I tore your foreskin). I asked her, “Akka, yen epadi paniga?” (Why you did this?). She said, “Epadiyum first nightla tear aagapoguthu” (anyway it going to be torn in your first night).

Then she stood and asked me, “En da un sunniya na thadavunen nee en mela kai vekala” (I gave you a handjob but have you even touched me?).

I replied, “Ungala kekama kai vecah kituviga nenachen akka” (I thought you would get angry if I touch you without asking).

She just smiled sexily and said, “Unaku ena undapula ena piduchithu?” (what part you like in me?).

I replied, “Unga soothu akka” (your ass, sister).

She asked me, “Striptease panthu irukiya” (you have seen striptease?).

I replied, “Pathu iruken akka” (I have seen).

She replied, “Na unaku striptease pani katuren but nee onu pannum” (I can striptease for you but one condition).

I replied, “Ena akka aathu?” (what is the condition?).

She smiled and touched my cock, “Un sunniya touch panam irukanum” (you should not touch your cock).

I replied, “Muyarchi panren akka” (I will try, sister).

She was wearing a red colour top and jeans pants that time. She started to dance and was showing her sexy moves. I was not able to control. I was so eager to touch my cock but she was signalling me not to touch my cock. She slowly lifted her top till her navel and was teasing me with her eyes.

I was mesmerised by her moves and was looking at her navel. Then my neighbour girl removed her top completely. She was in a black bra and jeans. She took her leg and placed it next to me. She bent down showing her cleavage to me.

My cock was hard and I was in heaven and hell because I wasn’t to touch my cock. She then turned and showed me her ass. Then she unbuttoned her jeans, lowered it a little bit, showing her black pantie.

I touched her ass over her jeans but she slapped my hands and removed it from her ass. She then removed her jeans completely. Now she was in her black bra and black pantie. I was waiting to see her nude body.

She put her hands inside her bra and pinched her nipples and let out a soft moan. That was when I lose my control and hugged her. My erect cock was rubbing her panties and I felt it was wet.

Then I kissed her necks, cheeks, and forehead. But I did not kiss her lips because I never kissed someone in lips before. She was stunned by my act and pulled me to the sofa.

She sat on me and kissed on my lips. She sucked my upper lips and lower lips. I followed what she did. We exchanged our saliva.

Then I put my hands into her bra and started pinching her nipples. I was twisting her nipples and tickling it. Then I moved to her pussy and touched her pussy. It was clean-shaven and soft as cotton.

I slowly moved to her ass and put my hands inside her panties. I pressed her ass like a mad man. She was moaning out load. Then I removed her bra and panties and made her nude. I was kissing her boobs and licking it like an ice cream. I made her boobs fully wet by my saliva. She was moaning which made me do more naughty things.

I was rubbing my fingers on her pussy while I was licking her boobs. She was pulling my head towards her boobs more. She got mad and pulled me away from her boob. She asked me, “Enda pundai kulla un virala vida poriya illya?” (why are you just rubbing my pussy without fingering it?).

I replied, “Akka na panathu illa so bayama iruku” (I have not done it before, so I am afraid).

She smiled and said, “Na kathu kudu kuren” (I will teach you then). She stood and went to her room. I just followed her and got a kinky idea. I bent down kissing her ass when she walking to her room. So, while she was walking, her ass was smashing on my face.

This fun was got over in a few seconds. She lied on her bed and opened her legs wide, showing her soft and shaved pussy. She smiled and said, “Nee panathu enaku puchi irukuda” (I like what you did).

She asked me to lie down facing her pussy, I lied down. She said, “Yethu thanda pundai” (this is pussy).

I got angry and kissed her pussy. She asked, “Yenda kiss pana?” (why you kissed?).

I replied, “Enaku neega introduce pani vachiga so oru sina mariyatha” (you introduced me to it, so this is like a small courtesy).

She smiled and asked me to show my finger. I showed her my middle finger. She said, “Seriyana virala katura? (are you showing the right finger?).

Then she explained me how to finger pussy. I learned that and did like she asked. My neighbour akka was moaning like hell while I was fingering her. I was kissing her lips to control her moaning and fingering her pussy hard and fast. Then she released her juices. I tasted her juices which was in my fingers.

She then took my hand and sucked one of my fingers and tasted her own juice. That juice was the sweetest juice I ever had.

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was her dad. He said he will be back in 1 or 2 hours. So we planned to finish our sex session soon.

She asked me to fuck her directly without playing. I slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. It was a bit difficult to go inside fully. So I tried a few more times and my cock went fully inside her pussy.

I stayed still for a few seconds while my cock was inside her pussy. It was bit painful for me, so I asked her, “Akka ungaluku valika laiya?” (sister, you don’t feel the pain?).

She replied, “Vali perusa illada konjama valikuthu rumba nala en pundai kulla sunni pola” (I also have a little pain because I was not fucked recently).

Then I started to pump my cock slowly. I was moving in and out slowly while I grabbed her ass. She closed her eyes and was enjoying my slow fucking. After a few minutes, I fucked her a bit fast than before. My cock was going deeper into her pussy. She let a soft moan and I grabbed her both boobs, slowly massaging them while fucking her pussy.

Then she took control of my cock and was fucking my cock. While she fucked my cock, I was massaging her ass and rubbing my fingers on her ass hole. She was moaning loud.

Then she said, “Na un sunniya otha mari en pundai oruda.” (Fuck my pussy like I fuck your cock).

I fucked her fast and hard as she fucked my cock. “En akka epadi okuren” (am I fucking you properly, sister?). She just smiled and closed her eyes. I continued fucking her faster and harder.

After 15 minutes, I asked her, “Akka enku kanji varuthu enga vida?” (I am going to cum. Where shall I cum?).

She just took my cock out of her pussy and said to me, “En mulai mela viduda” (cum on my boobs).

She stroked my cock and then I cummed on her boobs. She took my cum from her boobs and tasted it. She gave me a sexy smile after tasting each and every drop of my cum.

Then we both hugged each other. She kissed on my lips. It tasted good because of her saliva and cum. Then we took a bath together and I fucked her under the warm shower.

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I hope you enjoy the story. I like to get feedback from readers.

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