Best Friend’s Little Sister – Part 1

I have been friends with Arjun since the age of 5 and we used to live next door. We became such good friends that after 12th, we got admitted in the same college and became roommates in a flat we shared.

We were best friends and did not keep secrets from each other. We used to bring our girlfriends to our flat to screw and were very open about it. We would even discuss in lengths what we did in our rooms under the sheets.

My friend Arjun had been dating Priya since the first year of our college. We were in the third year of our college now. I had dated a total of 3 girls and was currently dating a girl called Riya. She was my senior and as she completed her studies, she went back home and we broke up.

So, my friend organized a breakup party for me. It was a small party and he only invited his gf Priya but the surprise visit was his sister Nandita.

Nandita was 2 years younger than me. As she was around since childhood, I always saw her as a sister. I was meeting her after 5 years and she had transformed into a woman now. She was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans with her usual huge spectacles. At the party, I and Arjun drank whiskey while the girls had breezer.

My friend’s sister urged me to drink more teasing me saying I was a lightweight. To prove her wrong, I drank a little too much. Soon I felt the alcohol kick in and decided to retire to my room to sleep.

I went to my room and slumped on the bed. The world was spinning around me as I realized I had drunk too much above my limit. Suddenly, Nandita entered my room. She said that her brother and Priya were getting cozy so she felt uncomfortable and hence she came upstairs to my room.

I told her she could sleep in the extra mattress I had on the ground. Soon, due to the effect of alcohol, I slept.

Suddenly, I was awakened by the touch of warm hands on my stomach. I saw that my friend’s sister had lifted my t-shirt and was moving her hands on my abs! I wanted to stop her but the effect of the alcohol had taken its toll on me and I couldn’t move or speak.

Nandita then came close to my face and looked me in the eyes. She said she always wanted to feel my body against hers as she came closer.

I could feel her warm breath against my face as she put her lips against mine. She pushed her tongue in my mouth while tightly gripping my waist. I was in a sense of shock because I had never thought of my friend’s sister sexually but she was here now sticking her tongue down my throat!

The thing that worried me the most was the thought of her brother walking in and finding us like this. It would be the end of our friendship but my mind took solace in the fact that he may be screwing Priya in his room and might not come upstairs.

I wanted to push Nandita away as it was morally wrong but there was a part of me that was liking it. The way she was kissing me, I knew it had to be her first time kissing someone.

Soon she started unbuckling my belt and before I could react, she pulled my pants to my knees. I said, “Nandu, that’s enough! What if your brother sees us? Stop!”

Hearing this, my friend’s sister gave me a devilish grin. She then turned the lock on the door saying now no one will disturb us now.

She threw her glasses away and took off her striped top, revealing a black bra underneath.

It was the moment I realized my friend’s sister was a real beauty.

She was fair-skinned and had a great body with ample breast whose cleavage glistened with sweat as she arched back to unhook her bra. Then the bra came off revealing her perfectly shaped tight breasts with puffed nipples and pink areola. It was a sight to behold and I was speechless.

Then Nandita looked towards me and took my hand and placed it on her breasts. She gave a moan as I squeezed her breasts. She then started pulling my underwear down saying it was time for her prize.

My dick was only semi-erect, maybe due to all the alcohol but my friend’s horny sister started moving her hands along my shaft giving me a handjob. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Nandita brought her mouth close to my dick and gobbled it into her mouth.

Even after having 3 girlfriends, none of them had ever agreed to take it in their mouth and now I was here laying on my bed with my cock in my friend’s sister’s mouth while he was screwing his girlfriend downstairs in the same flat!

I don’t know how Nandita knew so much but she was expert at blowjobs. I was moaning as my dick started going in and out of her mouth each time coming out glistening with more saliva than the last time.

She then shifted her attention to my balls taking them in her mouth one at a time. She used her tongue to lick the tip of its precum as she proceeded to deep throat herself. She had used all the tricks a pornstar would use, maybe she did learn this from porn, I thought.

Soon my dick was as straight as a pole and soon realizing this, she removed her pantie and proceeded to climb on me. She had ample hair on her vagina but it was well trimmed.

My friend’s sister positioned my dick over her vagina and came down giving out a painful moan as my dick entered he vagina. She started repeating this motion and soon picked up a rhythm.

The room was filled with sound my balls hitting her ass and her moans. I kept my finger on my lips signalling her to keep it down as someone would hear her. She took no heed and soon gathered pace closing her eyes and squeezing her tits in ecstacy.

I was shocked to see blood on my dick but soon realized my friend’s sister must have been a virgin. She was enjoying a lot even though it was her first time, I thought as she continued to bounce on my dick.

Soon my head started spinning and I started losing my consciousness. Cursing the alcohol, I went to sleep while Nandita was still riding me! I was woken up by a woman screaming. I woke up and saw it was Priya, my roommate’s girlfriend who had come to wake me up but was shocked to see my blood stained white underwear.

I was puzzled too as the recollection of last night’s events hit me like a brick wall. I started cursing myself thinking about what I had done the previous night. At least, Nandita had the decency to cover my dick after fucking me, I thought.

My thoughts were interrupted by Priya’s yelling, “Did you fucking cut your dick in your drunken state?” and started to rush downstairs. Before she could, I caught her hand and I told her I can explain and that I did not cut myself. But she wouldn’t believe me so I did the only logical thing I could, whipped my dick out.

Priya gasped as she looked at my dick, fully erect once again in its morning glory.

I told her to see that my dick is fine but her gaze was unmoved from my dick.

I cleared my throat as she broke her gaze and looked at me, while I tucked my rocket back into my pants still making a tent in my trousers.

She blurted, “I never knew you were so big”.

I never considered my dick to be long because it was only 6-inches when fully erect but it made up for its length in thickness as it was almost 4-inches thick.

I told her the entire incident of the past night asking her too to keep it a secret from her boyfriend.

Hearing this, she gave me a devilish smile coming close to my ear and whispering that my secret was safe with her as long as we reached a compromise.

In the next part, I will tell you all about the compromise and the consequences of my actions.

Author’s note: All the characters and names used in the story are fictional.

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