Deflowering My Drunk Petite College Friend

I had visited my home town in the weekend after I fucked Sameera (My Newlywed Schoolmate Cheats On Her Husband). Amrita (Deflowering My Slutty 19-Year-Old Neighbour), who was unaware of this, was waiting for my return.

We hooked up anyway and had a few rounds of rather rough sex. Though she enjoyed it thoroughly, it left some bruises on her tender body. Her fair skin was so soft that our usual encounters would themselves leave the skin surrounding her boobs and pussy red.

But this time, she was going to be sore form all the ways that I stretched her and would have some marks on her thighs, arms, and neck. I was impressed by how good this tiny 19-year-old neighbor of mine was. It was too bad that I would have to go back after the weekend. I hadn’t had enough of her supple body.

That week went on quickly as I had a lot to do at work. But the weekend left me yearning for sex. After two lustful weekends back to back, porn wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy me. So I decided to go out to take my mind off things. I thought of visiting my best friend, who was living in the city with her husband.

Kavita and I were childhood friends. She had moved to Bangalore after her wedding, a year or so back. I used to visit them regularly, and she had been asking me to come over for a while as well.

I rang her up and agreed to visit in the evening. But as I was getting set to go, I got a call from my college senior Riya. She had been close to me while we were in college, and she had moved to Bangalore recently. Riya had gotten a new place and was inviting me over for some time. I was the one putting it off.

I finally decided to visit Riya first and texted Kavita that I might be late. Though she was my senior, Riya looked way younger. In fact, she had a schoolgirl built and was even tinier than Amrita. On my way over, thoughts of Amrita’s body flooded my mind again.

Though around the same size, Riya had a wider body that was less shapely. Her boobs were never prominent, even when wearing tight-fitting clothes. That made me think of an instant picture of her naked. Riya had a dusky complexion, which I found very attractive, a pair of nerdy square glasses, and could still pass off as cute owing to her size.

When I reached over to her place, I found her in her nightclothes, a thin t-shirt, and a knee-length skirt. Her short hair was down, as always. The 26-year-old Riya could have easily passed for a highschooler. We started to talk, and she handed me a beer from the fridge.

I didn’t know when she picked up drinking, but this was the first time I saw her do it. When I inquired, she said that it was recent, and she was just getting into the ‘Bangalore vibe.’ We kept talking about random stuff while she finished her beer and proceeded to the next.

She didn’t pay much attention to me when I asked her to slow down and kept talking. Then she went on to tell me what was bothering her. Her parents were looking for a match for her for some time but weren’t having any success with it.

She was okay with getting married. What bothered her was the lack of interest the potential matches were showing in her. It made sense. She had a decent job and had no baggage. Though cute, her appearance did not invite a lot of lust, and I could see why many guys would find that unattractive.

And then she went on to state the same as she chugged the second bottle. Then she went to the washroom, staggering slightly, leaving me to think about what to do next. The sex demon inside me awoke. If her body was so tiny, would her pussy be so too?

Yum! I thought as I imagined Amrita’s incredible tightness. I saw Riya walkout drunk, but still in her senses. I decided that I would play my cards right.

“Are my boobs too small?” she asked drunkenly, cupping her breasts, and went on, “I have heard that sex makes them bigger.”

I was pretty sure that this was an urban legend, but I just smiled and agreed.

“They are small. But it will still arouse guys, right?”

“Don’t know, you’ll have to try and see,” I replied.

The alcohol probably helped ease her shyness. But there was a shine in her eye as she lifted up her shirt and bra in one motion to flash me. She held it up in place for me to get a good look at her U shaped boobs. They were tiny and flat, but her nipples were erect and inviting me.  I felt a movement in my pants, but I wasn’t fully erect yet.

“Well?” She asked.

I just looked down at my pants, inviting her to check. She came over, sat on her knees, and unbuttoned me. She took out my half-erect cock and didn’t at all looked flattered. Her boobs were still out, and she had my cock in my hand. Yet I wasn’t hard. Her ego was hurt.

“I’m gonna make you cum!” she said, sounding quite adamant and put her mouth over my cock.

Her technique was rather sloppy, and it was obvious that she had not done this before. But her small mouth felt really good, and I started to get really hard. She took it out, now too big for her to swallow but still impressed with her work. I held her head and pushed her back down and moved my hips a bit to guide her.

She was struggling to take it all in but was doing an okay job for her first time. She took it out again to catch her breath and used her hands to stroke me. I grabbed and squeezed her nipples and instantly felt her squeezing me harder. She was very sensitive.

I told her that she had succeeded in making me hard. But will have to do much more to get me to cum. As I told this, my hands were down to her hips, and I was leaning in pretty close. I could feel her breath on my neck.

She nodded in agreement and stood up, allowing my hands to wander down her skirt on her thighs and ass. I pulled down her panties and took them off completely. Then she stood above me with her legs splitting wider and wider as I sat on the chair.

As she came down, her skirt was covering my view. But I managed to point the tip of my dick to her entrance. She tried to sit down on it but recoiled because of the pain. She kept doing this a few times before I decided to change positions. I lifted Riya easily and placed her on the table to the side.

It was at the perfect height for fucking. Bless the carpenter who had made it! She lay back and split her legs wide for me, revealing a tiny pussy with bulging outer lips and only a small slit for the opening. There were only a few soft hairs around it. It seemed that she didn’t even need to shave.

For a 26-year-old, she sure had the pussy of someone over a decade younger! I put one finger inside to get a feel. It was very tight. I put in two fingers and parted it. Riya moaned. I realized that my college senior was tighter than Amrita. I was thrilled!

I took off my jeans completely and pulled on a condom that I had with me at the last moment. Before entering her, I rubbed my dick on her clit, making her shiver in excitement. She was indeed very sensitive. Slowly I placed the head of my dick at her entrance and pushed slowly. It barely separated her slit.

I pulled out and tried again to better success. Her moans were of pain than pleasure. She wasn’t wet enough, so I went over and put it in her mouth for a few strokes and tried again. This time the head went in but not as far as her hymen.

Realizing that Riya needed to get wetter, I told her that she will be the one to cum first. She nodded approvingly and lay still as I dived on and started caressing her boobs. I felt her body tighten as I sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit.

I half lay on the table myself as I increased the speed on her clit and moved up her kissed her on the lips. The table was holding both of our weights and didn’t budge. The excitement seemed to have overpowered her drunkenness, and she was responding happily to my strokes.

Her semi-nude body had a light shine from perspiration even though the weather was pretty cool. Riya welcomed me with her tongue, and we lay like that for a few minutes. I could feel her body twitching with pleasure, but she couldn’t push me off her.

I got off and sat got on my knees, and went on to lick her pussy. She kept shaking and twitching even more violently as my tongue got to work. I kept giving out short and occasionally shrill moans.

Then I felt her body tighten as she had a major orgasm. Juices were flowing out of her, and her body relaxed once again. I got up and looked down at her, lying there tired. But she was adamant that she will get me to cum. I pulled up her shirt once again to better expose her small boobs.

I lifted her skirt to get a better view of her pussy. She was definitely hot in her own way. I put my dick in Riya’s mouth for another few strokes before observing that her pussy was overflowing with juices. I went over and rubbed the tip of my dick on it and entered her again, with far more ease this time.

She was moaning with pleasure as I stroked her a couple of times till I hit her hymen. I pulled back and held her hips. Then in one quick stroke, I shattered her virginity and was completely inside as she screamed in pain. Her scream faded into a moan of pleasure, but her insides were still squeezing me tightly.

She arched her back as I increased speed, and I pulled her close to me. Juices were flowing out of her mixed with blood, and it was leaving stains on her skirt. Riya’s insides were incredibly tight but also soft and rubbery at the same time.

She arched over and put her hands around my neck, getting to a half-sitting position at the edge of the table. I moved my hands under her legs and lifted her up while continuing to pound her. She was very light, and now gravity was assisting me in exploring her depths.

She held me tight and kissed me passionately as I kept pumping her insides. I was ready to explode. I slowed down and walked to the bedroom with my cock inside her all the while. I pulled out and placed her on the bed. I undressed completely as she lay too tired to move and joined with her.

I took off her shirt and bra, and she removed her skirt herself. Riya turned over, and I lifted her to all fours to go doggy style on her. She was too tired to hold herself up and could only manage to lift up her ass. The sex and alcohol were taking its toll.

Despite this, she wasn’t giving up until I came and proceeded to guide me to her entrance. I was almost done, too, as I entered her. I rubbed my chest against her back and cupped almost her entire torso from behind. I kept pounding her, and she kept rubbing herself, nearing a climax.

We both came together, a very intense orgasm for both of us. I pulled out and lay beside her. She didn’t turn over but smiled when I showed her the condom full of cum.

As Riya dozed off to sleep, I got up and cleaned myself. Then I got dressed and, after one last look at her, decided not to spend the night. I covered her with a blanket and got to the front door, thinking about what just happened. It was late, so visiting Kavita had to wait until the next day.

I texted Kavita as I walked out of the apartment. Riya was pretty drunk that night and would later admit that things wouldn’t have happened between us if she wasn’t. But she enjoyed it all the same and actually believed that her boobs were getting bigger after it.

I didn’t bother to disagree as that would become a reason for me to fuck her again in the future.

I was waiting for an Uber when Kavita texted me to come over even though it was past dusk. And not thinking much about it, I changed the destination to her place.

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