My Mom’s Friend Took My Virginity

Hi, friends my name is Sheela (name changed). Today, I am going to share my accidental experience with an uncle which changed my life. He was my mom’s friend.

I was aged 19 then, blooming into a youthful beauty. With my hereditary beauty accompanied by my 34-27-36 figure, I was everyone’s heartthrob in my school. Boys were dying to have a chat with me.

This happened all of a sudden, one day after I returned home from school. That day when I returned from school, in the falling afternoon, I found a tall fair stranger with my mom. He must be aged around 40. He was not a stranger to be more precise.

I saw him in our house before that day but I actually did not know who that person was. I just saw his comings and goings and never felt the need to ask mom who that person was.

But that day, unlike other days, that person, while chatting with my mom, took a special note of me and asked me in which class I was studying in and such trivial things. He talked to me in a very pleasant way.

Later that day, I asked mom who the person was. Mom answered that he was a distant uncle and that day he came to our house in order to invite us to attend a ceremony he was organizing at his residence which was a few miles away from our home.

My mom’s reply was satisfactory for a less inquisitive girl like me and I did not ask anything further. I had many things to concentrate upon such as my school, studies, attractions that my blooming youth was drawing from the boys in the school and so on.

As promised on that expected day, that uncle sent us his car to pick us up from home. Uncle had a really generous heart I observed; in order to fetch such a distant relative like us, he bothered to send his own car!

This gesture of warm hospitality meant a lot in those days when seeing our financially crumbled family all of our near and dear blood relations turned their faces away.

I felt very restless and my heart began thumping heavily as the car approached, as it had been a very long time since I attended such a gorgeous party.

As I was tiring my brains out as to what to wear for that special occasion, mom told me that my uncle had gifted me a dress for that special occasion. My heart was filled with joy to hear from mom about the gift from my uncle. It was really a blessing to have such an uncle.

Mom told me that as the car had arrived and we might be getting late if I start to wear the dress at home itself. She advised me to wear the dress when we reach uncle’s house.

We reached uncle’s house. It was like a palace. People were working everywhere. But there was any sign of a grand celebration.

The sheer enormity of the house and the number of people working there lead us to think that some celebration was going to be held very soon. But all of them seemed to be working their daily chores; there was not a single trace of festive excitement in their appearances.

Uncle came and led us to a room where we rested ourselves. The sun was also going to rest in the west. We chatted for a while. And when mom blurted out to him about my dress for the event, he readily asked mom to lead me to a room where I could change my dress.

We entered the room. I bolted the door from behind and started to unpack the dress to see what type it was. Meanwhile, mom told me she would just be back from the attached toilet of the room.

I was very curious about the dress firstly because it was a gift from an uncle whom I knew so little. From my point of view, he could be a stranger. Secondly, for a curious reason which I don’t know, mom had asked me not to wear any inners.

As I unpacked the dress, to my amazement I found that the dress was a sleeveless semi-transparent kurta. I could not make any head or tails of it.

I never wore such a dress even when I went to sleep at night. And now, how could I wear that when I am at someone’s home? Such thoughts were running through my mind when I found my mom reappear from the toilet.

I took a deep breath and told mom that there was something wrong that I have been gifted such a semi-nude dress which will reveal my curvaceous body more perfectly than even when I am naked! Mom also seemed in deep trouble.

But finally, she said, “See Sheela, these are big people. They have invited us to their home which is a great pleasure in itself. Uncle has also gifted you this dress and we have told him about this and now if you can’t wear this, it may be an act of insult to him. We never know the moods of such rich people – this time happy and the next moment making a face like a dog’s behind. Please, sweetheart, do wear the dress and save me.”

I removed my clothes and started to wear the new one. After I wore the dress, I looked at me in the mirror. OMG! It was so revealing! I myself felt ashamed to look at me in the mirror.

The dress was sleeveless and there were very thin straps on the shoulders. There was a deep front cut that made the deep canyon between my swelling boobs clearly visible. The nipples of my round bulbous boobs could be easily seen through.

The dress molded over my boobs and abdomen tightly that the gentle uphill journey from my abdominal plain to the tall ridges of the nipply mountains would be the first thing that people would look at.

And on the backside, it was so deep that the cut almost reached the abdominal position from behind; thus the very thin strap on the shoulders and the deep cut made it very difficult for me to hold the dress on my shoulder in position with confidence.

I was always afraid the dress may slip from my shoulder. As I was looking downwards towards my hip, my mom told me that she will be back in a while. I was casting a fearful glance towards the nether part of the dress to know whether any other artistic dread was awaiting me there.

As expected, the height of the dress was significantly short. The embroidered fringes of the dress were barely carelessly hanging around the mid-section of my thigh. But what could I do? Uncle gifted it and mom asked me to wear it. And I had to be obedient.

After wearing that dreadful dress, I was waiting for my mom to return. I waited for a long time but she was not coming. Then after a long time, I saw uncle entering the room. I felt so awkward that I covered my boobs with my hands as if I were naked. But uncle was quite normal, maybe in his culture, this sort of dresses was very common.

He said to me, “Your mom is a little busy downstairs. Maybe she will be late. Could we talk for a while she is occupied?” I replied, “Yes”.

Then he asked me to sit on the sofa. I was a bit hesitant to sit as uncle himself was standing. Sensing my discomfort, uncle too advanced to sit. Thus we both sat on the sofa.

Uncle was sitting on my left. It was a two-seater. When we sat, naturally uncle’s body touched mine as it was a two-seater. I felt an electric current passed through my body. Wearing a semi-transparent dress and confined within a room with a stranger contributed to all this electrifying experience!

However, we sat in that position – my shoulder freely rubbing with uncle’s arm. I started chatting about what I like and what I don’t like etc.

In the meantime, a servant entered the room with some drinks and placed the drinks on the tea table in front of the sofa. Uncle offered me the drinks. But I politely declined as I was taught to decline food offers from strangers.

But uncle insisted and I also found that the drink served seemed very familiar – my mom sometimes drank that type of drink. So, finding a hint of similarity, I took the glass and started to sip.

Uncle also took another glass. But the taste of the drink seemed so strange – a little tough but there was a tinge of sweetness. I drank it all and the servant asked whether I needed more. I nodded and drank another glass. Meanwhile, uncle drank three glasses. But still, there was no sign of mom.

Maybe because of the drink, I started sweating. The flimsy dress was getting moist with my sweat and seemed to be glued to my body as if water was poured on it. Sensing this calamity, I asked uncle if the AC could be switched on. He said, “Of course, but in that case, the door should be shut properly”. I said, “It’s okay”.

Then he jammed the door from within and switched on the AC. Meanwhile, my dress got further drenched in sweat and my nipples could clearly be seen. I pondered, what a terrible situation I was in – my dress glued to my body with each and every hidden and open curves exposed to public view while I was locked in a room with a stranger uncle.

Uncle sat beside me and switched on the TV. A romantic scene was being shown on TV.

I found my brain getting a little hazy and my body seemed weightless and flying with the wind. This time when uncle’s body touched mine, the touch was not so electrifying but it gave some sort of strange pleasure. And from my heart, I wished uncle to touch me and shake me vehemently.

Slowly, as the TV was playing an unending romantic scene, my hazy head was lurching in drowsiness. Uncle placed his right hand on my shoulder. He slowly rubbed my shoulder with his careful hands and we were still chatting – God knows what!

Slowly, the strap on my shoulder fell down exposing my bare fleshy arm. He pressed my arm with such a force that it felt like his hands would crush my arm. He then carefully passed the strap down and down from the elbow to my wrist. And finally, with a little effort, the dress slid down my fingers.

My right hand was free from clothing now and my right boob was peeping from the gentle covering of the semi-transparent smooth cloth. Uncle then gently moved his right hand inwards towards my right boob and started peeling off the gentle covering of cloth and began gently caressing it.

Then I came back to senses. With all my strength, I placed my left hand on my exposed right boob and applied my right hand on uncle’s right hand and started distancing it from my peeping right boob.

Uncle also sensed my reluctance and put to action his idle left hand. He placed his left hand on my left hand and started a similar distancing attempt from my right boob. On the other hand, his right hand aggressively came on my right boob to reclaim its earlier position and started repressing it. All my energy seemed faded.

Instantly, he moved to further action. His left hand released my left hand. I thought he gave in. But to my surprise, I found that further calamity awaited me down there between my legs which was not covered with panty.

Uncle with his left hand started to feel the area between my legs. Both my hands rushed to his left hand to dissuade it from any further action. When my hands reached there, I found his left hand had left the area between my legs and was now pressing my left boob through the semi-transparent cloth.

I found both my boobs occupied and pressed very hard. With his tight grip on my boobs, uncle tightly held me from behind and lifted me by my boobs and seated me between his legs.

Then he gripped me from behind by placing both his legs around my waist and his left hand removing the strap from my left shoulder.

My left hand hopelessly clang on my left boob in order to protect it from any further pressing; little realizing the fact that arrangements for harder pressing was being made with the removal of straps from my left shoulder.

The strap from the left shoulder was removed. He gave the strap a violent tug from beneath. I felt the flimsy cover over my left boob gone at once and the boob started dangling.

I saw his left hand holding half torn pieces of the cloth while his right hand holding another shred. And I discovered myself sitting naked in a strange uncle’s lap while gust of cold wind from AC sent a shiver throughout my naked body.

When I was thinking about this bizarre situation, I felt uncle’s left hand between my legs again. He thumped between my legs, slowly caressing there. And then, all of a sudden, he placed his finger on my pussy entrance. I waggled ferociously due to the sensation.

Uncle slowly entered me. “Ahhhhhh” “Ahhhh”. Sensing that I was enjoying,he inserted deeper and started finger fucking me. I was overwhelmed with the maiden sensation of a foreign finger moving in and out of my vagina. His tightening grip over me also loosened.

He then reactivated his right hand in pressing my right boob and drew his face close to my left boob and started sucking it. It was the first time a man was touching me in that manner and I was moaning heavily, “Ahhhhhhhh… Ahhhhh… Ahhhh”.

He continued in that position for more than ten minutes – clasping me between his legs and his left-hand finger fucking me and my right boob pressed and the left sucked. I was moaning with that ecstatic heavenly pleasure, “Ahhhhhhhh” “Ohhhhooo” “Ahhhh”. But still, there was no sign of mom.

Fortunately, the room had an AC system or otherwise, my ecstatic shriek could have pierced anyone’s ear who was within the building premise.

Uncle continued for more than ten minutes and then rose and lifted me from the ground and laid me on the bed. He then got undressed. He took off his shirt and then his pants too. Similar to me, he too was not wearing any underwear.

Now things seemed to be unfolding – mom’s unexplained and prolonged absence, no accidental knock on the door and finally, our mutual consent to forego underwears. But OMG! Such a huge tool uncle had – approximately 8-inches long!

He was stroking his manhood with his left hand and it seemed to get longer and longer. I had never seen any man naked in my life so his proud display of manhood, that too, 8 inches long, made me very nervous. I felt my whole body was heating like anything and I was sweating copiously even in 25 degrees AC temperature.

Slowly, uncle came over me and kissed me on my lips. I also started to respond after a few seconds.

He then brought his tool before my mouth asking me to take that in. I felt like nauseating seeing the pissing apparatus placed on my mouth! “No, please”, I said. But he seemed to be in no mood to listen.

I opened my mouth and he slid his dick in my mouth till my throat which seemed to choke me. Instantly, the disgusting smell of piss and dirt filled my mouth. He stroked for 10 minutes more and then withdrew.

Then he threw his full body on mine and started to press my boobs very hard with his chest. I was moaning, “Ahhhh” “Ahhhhhhh” “Ahhhhhh”. Then he knelt and bending a little, he came on my boobs. His both hands started kneading my boobs harder and harder as if he was squeezing out every drop of liquid in my boobs if there was any.

Then he placed his mouth on my right boob and sucked it, pressed the nipple between his upper and lower teeth. I shouted, “Ahhhhhhhhh”. It pained like hell.

He closed his upper and lower jaw on my nipple and started plucking at it as if he was tearing away my protruding nipple. “Ohhhhh.. nooooooo”, I shouted and thrust my right hand in order to free my tender nipple from that beastly smite.

But uncle hung on making me wriggle with pain. However, after a minute, he let my right boob go and all of a sudden, he pressed his mouth on my left boob like a calf exchanging the dried up nipple for a succulent one. He started chewing my left nipple.

“Ahhhhhh” “Ahhhhhh” “Ahhhhh”, I was moaning in terrible excitement.

After a while and when he got tired of chewing my nipples, he positioned himself between my legs. I pleaded, “Uncle, slowly please..This is my first time.” He nodded.

He gently rubbed his penis on my vaginal entrance. Then he pushed it in and out. It felt like tearing its way into me. After several short strokes, uncle suddenly gave a mighty thrust and he was completely in.

“Ohhhhh…nooooo… please, uncle, let me goooo” I was shouting in pain. He then assured me that he was completely in. Then he slowly pushed it in and out, in and out, and in and out. rhythmically. After that, I also started enjoying it and was moaning, “Aahhhhhhh” “Ahhhhhhh” “Ahhhhhhhhhh” “Ahhhhhhhhhh”.

He was fucking me gently while his mouth was firmly pressed against my breasts, sucking, chewing and plucking them. The room filled was with the sound of his groin thumping against mine, “thap, thap, thap”

Uncle was such a great fucker – he was fucking my pussy like a machine in a beautiful rhythm and I was moaning non-stop. It was like heaven.

I cummed several times but he kept fucking me. After thirty minutes or so, he suddenly straightened his dick and began jerking heavily and moaning, “Ahhhhhhhhh” Ahhhhhhhh” and came inside me.

Uncle was now lying prostrate on me for several minutes and then his penis slowly came out of me like stool from anus. We then hugged and kissed each other.

It seemed heaven had descended upon us. We were tranquil like a devastated forest after a heavy storm.

Then we took a bath and had dinner. And after dinner, there was another bout of storm.

I stayed with uncle for seven days. But still, there was no sight of mom. But this time, I was quite happy. I didn’t have the heart to go but as uncle was going out of station for some business purpose, I had to leave uncle and return home.

After that tumultuous week, we had many other adventures in beaches – sex in waist-length seawater, marine fucking; but they’re for another part.

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