Pervert Office Manager Tastes My Pussy To Give Promotion

Hi, I am Nisha, 30 years old and married. I want to share a story with you all of how I had sex with my manager. He was a wealthy, rich pervert.

The incident got initiated in an absurd way but I enjoyed it. This story happened when I was 24 years old and before my marriage.

I was working in a company. That year, I was expecting a promotion. We got a new manager 9 months ago. From day one, I knew that my manager had an eye on me.

Initially, for 2 quarter periods, he gave me an average rating for my work performance. I was really worried about this as it would affect my promotion.

One day, from one of my friends, I got to know that he was doing it intentionally as he had an eye on me. After hearing this, I scheduled a one-on-one meeting with him. I went to his cabin.

Me: Good morning, James.

James: Good morning Nisha, come in.

Me: James, I wanted to talk to you about my performance ratings.

James: What about it?.

Me: I was expecting a promotion last quarter and it is very important to get an above expectation rating.

James: I know. But I can’t give everyone that.

Me: Let me ask you, what is that I have to do to get that rating?

James: Can we talk about this after office hours?

Me: Okay.

After office, we both went to a coffee shop. He started the conversation.

James: See Nisha, you are a bombshell. You have a perfect figure and I envy you.

Me: So, what is it that you want from me?

James: I need a little bit of closeness from you.

Me: You want to fuck me?

James: Yes, if given the chance.

Me: Okay, when can we do that?

James: Oh, that’s nice, this weekend is fine.

Me: Where?

James: Don’t worry, dear. I will take you to the resort away from the city.

Me: Nice, I am impressed. Will this ensure my good rating?

James: Don’t worry. If you give me what I want, you will get more than what you want.

One thing I realized was that my manager had some influence and it was not wise to go against him. It would be just casual sex I will have with him. Let me take it as another adventure in my sex life.

After convincing myself, I thought that I will do my best. By the time I finished the coffee, I started flirting with my office manager. I told him, “I am hungry. Let’s go for dinner.”

He called up his home and said that he will be late as he had some clients and will have his dinner at the office. Then he took me to a nice five-star restaurant. He treated me very well.

After our dinner, he tipped the waiter with a 500 note. I was shocked. I got to know later that he was filthy rich.

A dirty thought ran through my mind. Why don’t I take advantage of it? After dinner, my office manager dropped me at my PG.

The next 2 days went normally.

On Friday, he texted me saying that in case I want to leave early, I can go, and also there was no need to take leave. I took advantage of this and left early.

My manager was supposed to come on Saturday morning and pick me up. Then we would return on Sunday. I told all this to my roommate Ritu. She said, “You lucky bitch, go and enjoy.”

On Saturday, I got up early. I shaved my pussy and wore a G-string panty and a lacy strapless bra. I wore a white transparent t-shirt with most of my boobs visible. I wore a leather jacket on top. I wore black shorts.

I packed 2 more pairs of lingerie and a nightdress. He came sharp at 8:30 am. The resort was a 1.5-hour drive from my place. I went out to meet him.

James: You are looking like a bombshell.

Me: I need that promotion, boss.

James: You will get more than that.

Me: Huh,,haan. Then you too will also get more than what you see.

I had already started flirting with my office manager. On the way to the resort, he put his hands on my thighs. After leaving the city, I also got bold and put my hand on his dick and started feeling it. It was slowly getting hard.

After some time, I slowly opened his zip and pulled out his dick. Then I started sucking it while he was driving. I just gave him a glimpse of my skills.

After 15 minutes, we reached the resort. He took two rooms with an attached door. I checked in one and he did in the other. Soon after we entered the room, he opened the attached door and jumped on me.

The horny manager started kissing me and pulled me towards him. I could feel his hard dick. Within a minute, he removed my t-shirt. I just had my strapless bra and black shorts on.

The manager then turned me and pushed me to the wall and started kissing my back, and started spanking my ass. I felt really good. It had been a long time since I had such intense sex.

He started biting my ears gently and kissing my neck. Also, he took my boobs in both his arms and started pressing them. I gave a little moan.

Then I said, “Oh James, it’s been a long time since I had such intense sex. Give it to me hard, baby. Fuck me to the core. Treat me like your whore.”

Hearing that, I intensified my kissing. He turned me towards him and started to smooch. I could feel his tongue all over my mouth. I was sucking his tongue too.

Then he lifted me and took me to the bed. He threw me on the bed. He started removing my shorts. As soon as he saw my red G-string panty, he got aroused and jumped on me. He started rubbing his cock. I pushed my office manager to the bed and I went on him.

I slowly started going down. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I kissed his dick. I gently bit it.

Then I took out his underwear. His 9 inches cock was already hard, and he came clean-shaved.

I took his cock in my mouth and started playing with its tip with my tongue. I sucked it and took it deeper.

James: Oh Nisha. Suck it fast. No one has given me such wonderful blowjob.

He pushed my head so that his cock went deeper in my mouth. He was moaning and saying, “Suck it, bitch.”

In some time, the office manager just splashed all of his come in my mouth. I ran to the bathroom and cleaned myself.

After that, we dressed up and went downstairs for breakfast. I was wearing a transparent white t-shirt. All men who were in the breakfast area were staring at me and my boobs. I noticed that and felt good. I also felt like flirting a bit as no one knew me here.

I purposely started bending and giving glimpses of my boobs. I pulled my top a bit down to show my cleavage.

James said, “You are such a bitch.”

After breakfast, we went for a short drive to the waterfalls nearby. During that drive, I was acting slutty. I was trying to seduce manager James. I took off my shorts in the car, and James immediately had his hand inside my panties. He was fingering my pussy. I gave a low moan.

We reached the waterfalls. There were a few people there. We went into the waters and we got drenched. As my top was transparent after getting wet, my bra was clearly visible.

After some time, my nipples had grown hard and evident. James tried to touch it. He kissed me a few times. After that, we felt we can have one more session. We drove back to the resort.

As soon as we entered the room, my office manager removed his clothes and jumped on me. I was still removing my top, he tore that and started kissing my boobs. He unhooked my bra and took one boob in his mouth. He then pushed me to the bed then jumped on me and started pressing my boobs hard and pinched my nipple.

I pulled him and started kissing him on the lips. It was a passionate kiss. I was feeling his hard dick. He then slowly removed my shorts and put his hands inside my panties.

I started rubbing my pussy. Since I was wet and horny, I also felt his hands inside my pussy. I started fingering my pussy and inserted it deep in my vagina.

He then took out a condom from his purse and put it on. He positioned me for doggy style. He pulled my hair and inserted his dick inside me and then started stroking.

I felt his dick deep inside me. His dig was huge and big. I started moaning and calling him loudly,

Me: James, you mother-fucker, I was waiting for such a big dick. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard.

James: You slut, I will fuck you hard.

After saying that, he increased the speed of his strokes. I was calling him loudly. I am sure it was audible outside our room. I didn’t mind as I came to enjoy it.

In some time, he came again and gently rolled over me. He took off his condom. I cleaned his dick with a tissue. We were lying naked in bed. I hugged him and kissed him gently.

I was meanwhile playing with his dick. Within a few minutes, we slept off. After that, we got up in the evening and went for dinner.

I was wearing a revealing nightdress. I just wore hip-hugger shorts and a strapped top with a deep cleavage. I purposely didn’t wear my bra.

My nipples made an impression on my top. The waiters were staring at my boobs. James was also staring at them. We finished our dinner quickly.

We went to the lift. James started kissing me in the lift itself and our room was just 2rooms away from the lift. He lifted me and hugged me and took me from the lift to our room kissing me.

As soon as we went to our room, I just made him sit on the sofa. I started giving him a nice sexy lap dance. I removed my top which was barely covering my nipples.

I pushed my boobs to his face and made him suck them. I sat on his lap and started rubbing his hard dick with my pussy. I slowly bent over showing my ass and removed my shorts and my panties.

My office manager started spanking me and then he suddenly started eating my ass and kissing me. I felt good. I froze in that position to get more of it. He then slowly moved down and started eating my pussy.

I turned back and sat on him. We had sex on the couch itself. I was jumping on him after inserting his dick inside me. While stroking he was eating my boobs too.

That was really a nice position to try. I came early and still continued. After some time, James also came.

Then I went and slept on the bed. He went to the patio to call his wife.

After some time, he came back and slept next to me. We cuddled each other. When we woke up in the morning, I felt the morning erection of James’s dick. We had a quickie and then went for a bath.

We left the resort at around 11. It was a nice sex session after some time for me. I was behaving slutty and enjoyed my slutty nature.

After reaching the PG, Ritu asked me what happened. I told her everything. She expressed she also wants to join in the next time.

I plan to go together and we did that too. James was so happy. I will tell that story in the next episode. After that, I not only got the promotion I also got a double increment. I was happy.

James and I continued this for while. After a year, he moved to Australia. I still get aroused when I remember this story.

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