My Student’s Mom : The Ecstacy

Hi, guys. How you have been? Happy Diwali I hope you guys enjoyed your holidays. This story happened about a month ago. Last month, during one of our residential area functions, Neelima and her husband Ram had asked whether I could tutor their child Dhruv.

Dhruv had been at ICSE school nearby not for a long time. But he had a decline in his academic progression. I and the couple weren’t so close. But it was just usual ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ situation. I, however, accepted the proposal as they had begged me and offered me some fees.

Although it was not just the fees that caught my attention. It was Neelima. Neelima was a fair woman with a round face and her distinct eyebrows. Her red lips added to her beauty. She had an apt figure which could make a man stare at her. She was well known, she was open, caregiving, kind lady.

I had started tutoring their son. As the days went by, I was getting thank you dinner from their house as a reward. As she noticed my dinner time was mostly spent on her son’s lessons. Our relationship grew further. On Sundays, I used to chat with her after her son’s morning tuition.

Dhruv had got close to me, so had Neelima. I used to compliment her looks and tease her little bit to get that beautiful smile out of her lips. She too used to fool around with me. I think she felt more attached to me that her husband. Her husband was a businessman.

She had a great humor sense. Our days were filled with joy, until one day, when Dhruv came back from school with excellent grades in one of his exams. Neelima was so happy that she hugged me tightly. I, at the moment, was surprised and then hugged her back.

I don’t know why but my dick throbbed as it grew. I knew she had noticed. As we came out of the moment, she gave a naughty smile. Told me that someone is coming out of their shell, as she rubbed on my crotch. I was frozen, didn’t know what to do. She smiled and left.

That was the beginning. She used to wear low cut tops and night dresses whenever she came to my flat to give dinner or pick up her kid. I was picking up the signals but didn’t know if I should move forward. But finally, I had made up my mind to go forward.

One day, as she was leaving after she left food on my table from flat. I caught her in the hallway, she was against the wall. I was there and we both stared eye to eye. We both knew we had circumvented to lust. We both wanted it. She then pushed me back.

She told me if I wanted the reward for getting her son better at studies, I would have to wait. She then gave me a naughty smile and left. Then on one Friday, she called me to her flat. I rang the bell. She opened the door, he was wearing a green sari with a low cut blouse.  The sari was transparent.

It made my heart beat faster. She offered me to sit on the couch. I asked about Dhruv and her husband. She told me they went to their native will be back by Monday. She saw me gulping down on her body. She jokingly asked me whether I need anything to drink as I must getting thirsty from humidity.

I agreed. She went to get a bit of lime juice, which gulped down very fast. As she sat near me, my body temperature rose. I tried to cool it down, it kept rising. She started to rub on my lap with her hands, as she looks to my eyes. I had to control my sight from going to cleavage.

Then I finally kissed her. We kissed passionately for some minutes. I threw off her sari. I ripped out the bouse. I caressed her body. I hugged her towards me tightly, she was loving my feistiness. I started to suck on her neck. I lowered the blouse on both her shoulders. She came to my lap as I sat on the sofa.

I picked up an ice cube from the glass and placed it on her cleavage and started to suck on it. She loved it and was gasping. I removed my shirt as she rubbed her hands with nails on my chest and licked on my chest. My hands moved on to her navel, pressing them. Her skin was soft like wool on my blanket.

I sucked her neck, lowered her blouse even more and more, as cracking each button open. The final button cracked, and her boobs jumped out. They were big with pink areolas. I kissed her, as I took her boobs in my hands and started to fondle them. I kissed their areolas and started to suck on them one by one.

I pressed them and sucked them as she moaned wildly. I then carried her to bed. Made her completely nude. I started to lick her pussy. I raised her legs and placed them on my shoulders and stretched her pussy. I started to lick them the outer parts, moving into her pussy. I put my finger into her pussy.

I felt her moans and her trembles, her pussy was tight. I placed my mouth at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed my tongue down into her pussy and licked her insides. I then slowly pushed tow of my fingers into pussy. I fingered her as I licked her. It didn’t take me a long time to find her g-spot.

I started to rub it vigorously to make her into the wild mood. She cracked my fingers with bedsheets. I could her face deep in that ecstasy mood and her moans were wild. I increased my fingering speed. I started to fondle her boobs. Soon she came on to my face. I raised up and pushed her to bed.

She raised her hand to me, pulled me to her. She then hugged me and gave me a deep kiss. Then she kissed my neck and chest and slowly got on top of me. Then directed my dick into her pussy. As dick entered her tight pussy, she had deep satisfaction on her face. She then with loud moans started to ride me.

It was a beautiful sight to see her boobs flying around. Her cute face filled with lust. I took hold of her boobs started to fondle them as I raised myself to suck on them and their nipples. Her moans continued. We fucked like that for 15 minutes. She came along with me we tightly hugged each other.

The story doesn’t end here. Stay tuned. Any valuable comments drop them at [email protected]. I am Jake. I wish you all a great day.

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