Teacher Punishes By Taking My Virginity

I am Nikita from New Delhi and I am a regular reader of ISS since my sister and her boyfriend introduced it to me. My stats are 34-22-35 and I have a tanned complexion. In short, everybody calls me a SEXY GODDESS.

I am a huge fan of forbidden sex and always fantasized about it. And, finally, it happened to me. I was always the most notorious student in my class and was considered a tomboy. Due to this, I was often called to the staff room. Likewise, one Saturday afternoon, I was called into the staff room.

As it was a Saturday, we only had a half working day and all my friends had left for their homes. I was walking towards the staff room with my shirt half-tucked into my skirt.

Once, I reached the door, I knocked. My teacher told me to come in. I went inside. He told me to sit while looking into his laptop. He was wearing glasses and I saw him watching Hentai on his laptop! But I did not react because there was no CCTV in the staff room.

After some time, he closed his laptop and looked at me. He was being sarcastic about my behavior in the class and told me about the complaints from other staff. I was quiet with my head hung down. After complaining even some more, he walked to my side of the table and sat on the table.

The class teacher took his hand and raised my face holding my chin and made me look at him. Then he slowly ran his fingers over my lips. I was shocked and sat still looking into his eyes. While still stroking my lips, the teacher told me not to worry as he would take care of everything as I was his favorite student.

Then, all of a sudden, he told me to spread my legs. I look at him, shocked. He told me that he wanted to keep his legs on the chair and since I was sitting on the chair, he wanted me to spread my legs so he could keep his legs on the chair in between my legs.

I sat there still not knowing how to respond. Then my teacher quickly pulled my chair very close to him, bent down, spread my legs very wide and inserted his legs between them. His foot was fully between my thighs and his toes were touching my pussy on top of my pantie. He moved his toes up and down tickling my pussy.

Teacher (slyly): Wow, it is so hot inside your skirt. I think you don’t spread your legs often.

I stammered and totally blushed because this was the first time somebody was touching my private areas and it gave me goosebumps.

I was getting both excited and nervous at the same time. But, more than nervous, I was excited because I love forbidden sex and I always had a thing for my teacher because he was the hottest teacher I have ever met.

Me (stammers): No… No, sir…

Teacher: It is cold outside so I don’t mind the heat between your thighs. Moreover, I am enjoying it.

He said it while licking his lips.

Me (still stammering): Th…Thank you, sir…

He then came close to my ear and whispered: Can I insert my toes inside your pantie? I am sure it will be even more hot inside there.

Me (quietly): O… Ok…

Teacher: Then raise your skirt and move aside your pantie and allow my toes inside.

I slowly lifted my skirt up and took his toes and rested them inside my pantie.

Teacher (seductively): It is so hot inside there just like you. Your pussy is so clean, do you shave often?
Me: No… No… Sir…

He began to stroke my pussy with his toes while still looking at me. I quickly shut my eyes.

Teacher (slyly): You are getting turned on, aren’t you?
Me: No… Sir…

He came forward and tucked a strand of hair behind the ear and said, “So, you say that you wouldn’t enjoy it if I bite your earlobe and kiss your neck…?”

Saying this, he slowly bit my earlobe and kissed my neck. I craved for his touch even more now! Then he quickly pulled back and said, “Even my hands are very cold, why don’t you warm them up on your boobs?”

I sat there still not uttering a word.

Teacher: quick, take my hands and keep them on your boobs.

I, slowly but with a little bit shivering, took my teacher’s hands and placed them on my breasts on top of my shirt. I was enjoying it but didn’t show it outside. He began to grope my boobs over my shirt. I was about to moan so I quickly lowered my face and bit my lower lip.

After a few minutes, he said, “I am still feeling cold, so I am going to warm my hands inside your shirt”.

Saying this, he tucked out my shirt completely and inserted his both hands inside my shirt from below and caught my boobs and began to squeeze them fiercely.

Teacher (slyly): These are very firm, round and big. How many people have you let to warm their hands here?

Me (blushed and stammered): N… No one, sir…

He smiled wickedly and then he got down from the table removing his legs from between my thighs. He sat on his knees and lowered my bra. He pressed my shirt tightly against my boobs till my nipples were poking through my shirt.

Then he began to lick my nipples on top of my shirt. No one else was there in school at this time and we were performing it with the door open.

I let out a loud moan while my hands were in his hair. He looked at me wickedly and said, “Looks like tomboy of our class is enjoying it.”

I looked at him shyly.

Then he got up and adjusted his dress and told me to leave. I stood there shocked, I was completely turned on and he was asking me to leave1

Teacher: You have been a bad girl lately and you deserve a little punishment. So, I’m going to leave you high and dry.

He winked at me saying this and then he left. I sat there still processing what had happened. Then, after some time, I adjusted my clothes and left for home completely turned on.

When I reached home, I took a long shower to calm down my horniness but it was of no use. For the next few days, my teacher acted normally around me like nothing actually happened.

Then, one evening, I was not able to control myself any longer and wanted my desire to be fulfilled. So, I wore the shortest skirt I had with my most revealing top (without panties and bra) and got into an autorickshaw to go to his house.

On my way out and in the auto, I could see people staring at my ass and my melons. It made me feel like a sexy slut with proud assets. I felt proud about it. Even in the auto, I could see the driver staring continuously at my boobs.

So, to tease him a little, I moved my top up and down pretending it was too hot and gave him a glimpse of my juggling boobs! I could say he was awestruck for a second.

Then, I took my kerchief and began to wipe between my thighs pretending it was sweating. The auto suddenly came to a halt. I asked the driver what had happened. He told me he could not go as there was something wrong with the autorickshaw.

My teacher’s house was nearby from there so I told I would walk and asked him how much money I had to pay.

He came to me and said while staring at my boobs that he didn’t need money but he just wanted one look at my boobs. I thought for a second and looked at the driver who was drooling over my boobs and agreed to him. Since that place was quite deserted, there was no reason to be caught.

So, we got into his auto again. I removed my top completely. He was looking at them and drooling completely. His saliva fell on my nipple. To tease him even more, I took his saliva in my finger and licked it seductively. Seeing this, he couldn’t control himself and begged me to allow him to touch my boobs.

I said I only agreed to show him my boobs instead of the auto fare, so if he wanted to touch them, then he should give me a hundred rupees.

He quickly pulled a five hundred rupees note and gave it to me saying that he was going to squeeze and suck my boobs hard. Saying this, the driver quickly began to suck one of my boobs while mauling the other. I was moaning the entire time.

This happened for fifteen minutes or so. Then I got down the auto flashing my boobs one more time to him and walked to my teacher’s house.

My teacher was a bachelor so I knew he stayed alone. I knocked on his door and after a few seconds, he opened his door. I was completely speechless at the sight. He was just in his shorts. I could see his broad chest, muscular arms and abs clearly which I always used to imagine in the class.

As soon as he saw me, he pulled me inside and shut the door. We french kissed for a long time. Without even giving me a moment to speak, he started to rip apart my clothes! I was completely naked in front of my teacher now.

He again came to kiss me but this time I controlled myself and pushed him away and demanded an explanation for leaving me horny the other day instead of satisfying me. He simply said that he wanted me to beg for him. And saying this, he pounced on me.

I tried to stay mad but my desire for fucking took over me. My teacher started to savor my body from my forehead to lips, then to neck, then slowly moving towards my boobs and finally reaching my pussy. By the time, my teacher reached my pussy, it was already overflowing with juices.

He separated my legs wide and licked every drop of my juice. Then he stood and removed his shorts. My teacher’s meat was 9 inches long and 4 inches wide. I was scared looking at it as it was my first time.

He smiled wickedly at me and positioned his cock at my pussy walls. Holding my thighs tightly, he started to slowly push his cock inside. It pained me insanely and I was about to shout but he quickly leaned over and started to kiss me while his cock was slowly entering into my pussy.

My pussy was tight so he pushed a little harder and finally, his entire cock was inside me. It was painful and my eyes were filled with tears. However, his kiss distracted me. Slowly but steadily, he started to move in and out while kissing me.

Once my pain turned into pleasure, he started to thrust harder and deeper. After 10-15 minutes, we both cummed together. I licked my teacher’s cock clean. I tasted his juices and my juices at that time.

Now, it was my turn to please my teacher. I held his cock and rubbed it on my nipples. Then I took it between my boobs and gave him a boobjob.

After that, I also gave him a handjob while sucking and biting his balls.

He then inserted his cock inside my mouth. I gave him a blowjob but my mouth pained as his cock was huge. He released his entire load inside my mouth. I had a hard time drinking the entire thing but drank every last drop of it.

We stayed there cuddling and fucking each other a few more times before he dropped me at my home.

So, this is how I lost my virginity to my sexy and hot teacher. Message me in my email, [email protected]

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