Hot Encounter With My Mallu Colleague Ramya Akka

This is a story that happened between me and one of my office colleague during the initial period of my career. I hope you guys would enjoy.

To start with, let me say about myself. My name is Karthik (name changed) from Chennai, age 21, dark-toned average looking guy with height 5.3, weigh 60 kg and good shape as I use to work out regularly.

Now to say about my office colleague, her name is Ramya, age 25 (yes, she is elder to me), height 5.4 weight around 70 kg. She has a chubby figure and fair-toned skin. As her family is from Kerala, she naturally has a structure that can make any man turn on in a few seconds.

Her body measurements are 34-30-36. Her main attraction is her cute childish face combined with juicy round melons and fleshy round ass.

This happened during a weekend when we came to the office to decorate the office for a function. We both were in the interior decoration team and had to come that Saturday though it was a holiday. There were about 5 people including me.I was the only male there.

Soon, the mallu beauty Ramya came in a red color gown-like dress and blue jeans. Her dress was revealing the exact shape and curves in her body that it was hard for me to take my eyes off her. So, we had come around 5 in the evening and all were doing craftworks and hanging and pasting them all over the office.

During this time, I got a lot many opportunities to have a nice view of my mallu colleague’s boobs and ass. Ramya was so involved in the decoration work. She was hanging things here and there and didn’t seem to bother the fact that her dress revealed the exact shape of her body.

That was my chance, I got a lot of moments where I was with her alone helping her to hang things and at the same time, stare at her juicy assets from a close distance. I wasn’t able to control as I started getting a hard bulge inside my pants.

Time passed and it was 7 pm. Among 5 of us, three girls left as they had some work and it was only me and Ramya there at the office doing the final set of decorations.

Ramya was sitting opposite me and was making paper flowers and I was doing the same. As she was doing that, I was staring at her boobs like I wanted to suck them hard. I almost forgot that I was doing the paper flowers and she was sitting opposite to me.

My tent was slightly visible even above the hard jeans pant. After a few minutes, I came back to my senses and casually looked up.

To my ultimate shock, my Keralite colleague was staring right into my eyes with an expression like she found out the most wanted robber in the city!

Chills ran down my spine but I was fast enough to change my facial expression and continued to make paper flowers pretending as if nothing happened. At that time, she called me and the conversation went like this (she often calls me “thambi” which means “brother” and I call her “Ramya akka” which means sister as she is elder to me).

Ramya: Dei!!!
Me: Yes, akka.

Ramya: Enna da thambi pantu iruka? (What were you doing da?)

Me: Look here akka (showing her the paper flowers) evlo azhaga paniruken nu (look how pretty I made these?)

Ramya: Un gavanam craft la illaye thambi. Seri illaye (your concentration was not on the craft, something fishy).

Me: Enna ka solra, evlo sincere ah senjutu iruken (What are you talking ka? I was doing these sincerely).

I started shivering as I was caught red-handed but I still gathered the courage to stay calm and cool. But her voice made me even hard as she talked in a sarcastic funny tone even after knowing that she was being ogled by a junior for such a long time.

She just smiled looking down and continued her craft-making. I was now looking down, afraid to look up after getting caught.

We finished making those flowers and our last job was to paste them on the pantry (small place where we have snacks and tea at the office) walls.

I followed her with the materials and reached the office pantry. I climbed into a chair and she was standing next to me with all the materials.

Whenever I turned down to get the next piece, I couldn’t help myself from looking at her round chubby boobs. She also noticed that.

At one point, when I was returning the glue bottle to her, my hands slipped and some of the glue fell on her chest area and became a total mess. I immediately got down apologizing.

Me: Akka! Akka! Sorry Akka, I didn’t notice it.

Ramya: Achacho! Enna da ipdi panta, seri antha tissue edu. (See what happened! It’s ok, take those tissues).

I went and got some tissues and handed a few to her. She was wiping her chest above her dress and her bare skin below her neck. Her actions were making her boobs juggle a little.

I asked her whether she needed help and she said, yes. So, with some tissues, I started rubbing on her chest area. I was constantly looking at my mallu colleague’s melons as if this was the only chance to see them this close.

Ramya (in a sarcastic voice): Karthi, clean panni matum vidu da (Karthi, okay you can clean all by yourself).

Me (shivering): Seri Akka (okay, Akka)

Ramya: Why are your hands shivering, da?
Me: No..nothing ka (as I start to breathe heavily)

Ramya: Thambi, tell me what’s happening with you? You don’t seem to be alright. Are you tired?

Saying this, she placed her hands on my forehead to check the body temperature. As she did that, her melons rose up a little and her cleavage line showed up over her left chest part. It was a visual treat for me and my tent got so hard that it was paining inside.

Me: Nothing Akka, it’s just because I am seeing a beautiful woman up so close for the first time that my heart started beating fast.

Ramya (blushes and smiles): Ahaan. So you were sighting your Akka, right?

Me (with an innocent smile): Who can control when a cute and hot girl like you is standing right in the front.

She was shocked to hear me saying that she was hot. I used to be so innocent and she liked me because I was sweet and caring towards her. But things were changing at that moment.

Ramya: But it didn’t seem that you were looking at my face, thambi.

I just looked down.

Ramya: Tell me, be frank with your Akka.

Me: Sorry Akka (innocently). I was staring at you in a bad way, I know it is wrong but I couldn’t control myself. You look so hot today.

(I don’t know how I got the courage to say this)

Ramya (smiling): Seri seri, leave it. I can understand. (holding both my hands)

Me: Sorry Akka, I didn’t mean to be like this, sorry.

Ramya: I know that you were staring and I kind of liked that (saying this, she gave a naughty smile).

Me (laughs): It is so hard to control my feelings when you are around Akka.

Ramya: But this is wrong la. We have to control these feelings (lifting both my hands) and this can be controlled only if the feelings are quenched (placing my hands on her shoulders)

Me: Ak.. Akka. What are you saying?

My hot colleague Akka gave a seductive smile and winked at me. I was totally stunned by that move and stood still for a moment. Then I moved both my hands slowly from shoulders to her waist, rubbing her boobs along the way.

Akka closed her eyes, her breath rate increased when I did that. I pulled her close by her waist and placed my one hand behind her shoulder while the other hand was holding her hip. She felt voluptuous and fit at the same time (imagine actress Nithya Menon, that’s how her figure is). She wrapped her arms around me.

Me: Akka.. I can’t control..

Ramya: Why are you controlling? I know that you wanted this. (smiling)

I slowly moved to her lips with my hand on her cheeks. I slowly rubbed my lips over her and my thumb rubbed her cheeks. She moved a bit closer and I started to kiss her lower lip and sucked it. Leaving soft moans, Akka started to respond well.

We were passionately kissing for the next 10 minutes. We smooched, sucked and tasted each other’s tongue. It was the best kiss and first kiss I ever had.

My hands were rubbing the mallu lady’s shoulders, back, ass cheeks, hips, and side boobs simultaneously. I was exploring her body with my hands. It was so soft that by barely touching it, I started oozing precum.

Then we broke the kiss and I started kissing and licking her neck. She grabbed my head and was caressing as she ran her fingers through my hair guiding me through her neck. I cupped her right boob with my hand and was circling and rubbing it over her top. I could feel her hard erect nipples and teased them with my fingers.

Akka was moaning my name in a soft voice. As the office keys were with us and the pantry was at the dead-end of the office, we were sure that no one would notice us.

I licked her neck and shoulders madly while she pulled my waist close to her. She was making rolling movements with her waist such that it rubbed mine and gave me a hard erection.

Me: Akka I wanna feel you.. Please remove my shirt.

Ramya (smiles): You have become bold enough to ask your Akka to remove your shirt, ah thambi?!

Saying this, she started unbuttoning my shirt. Meanwhile, I was playing with her boobs. She threw my shirt away and rubbed my bare chest with her hands and even pinched my nipples which turned me on more.

Me: Akka, this is not fair. It’s just me without the shirt.

Ramya (understanding what I wanted): Deiii thambiii..

I immediately started to remove her top. As I did that, I got my ultimate shock. She wasn’t wearing any inners!

Ramya immediately covered herself with both hands and smiled shyly. That was the heavenly thing I had ever seen. A voluptuous cute and hot girl like Ramya, being topless and unable to cover her chubby boobs with her bare hands and having a shy look on her face. What else a man wants to see!

I slowly removed her hands to reveal those juicy melons. It was white, soft and juicy. I immediately went and started sucking those awesome mallu boobs one by one. Ramya couldn’t control the pleasure and was moaning my name loudly.

We both were just in our jeans now. After a few minutes, Ramya slowly went down on her knees. She gave me a seductive smile, hinting what was going to happen.

She gave a soft rub on my pants which made my tool grow even further. Slowly, Ramya started to remove my jeans and then she threw it away. She lowered my boxers to reveal my fully erect tool.

It was a great relief to let it out of my pants but I was still under pressure as this was the best hard-on I had ever got. She was looking at it like a baby looking at sweet candy.

Ramya: I don’t know why I am doing this but even I am not able to control myself da thambi.

Me: Akkaa..

She held my tool with both her hands. The touch made me reach cloud nine. Slowly, she started to jerk it as her hands caressed both my tool and balls. My legs start to shiver and precum was oozing out as it was the first time my tool was touched by a hand other than mine.

I was moaning her name like, “Ramya akka” continuously as she made her ultimate move. She licked my precum with her tongue tip and kissed my cock’s head. I felt a shock wave passing through my body.

My colleague then looked up to see me shivering in pleasure. She gave a naughty smile and then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it softly.

I was holding her head. I caressed her hair according to the rhythm of her blowjob. I could feel her tongue and lips running frantically over my hard tool. Ramya even pressed my balls and took it in her mouth, sucking them at times.

Within 5 minutes, I was about to cum. I told her that and she took my dick out of her mouth and rubbed it over her boobs giving me a mallu boobjob.

The warmth of her boobs was feeling so good over my tool. Then she again took it in her mouth. This time, she sucked it like a pro making me feel like jumping between sky and ground. Losing control, I loaded all my cum into my colleague’s mouth. It was a mouthful for her.

She managed to swallow some portion of it. She then went to the washbasin, cleaned her mouth and came back. I was standing with shivering legs and was looking more tired than her.

Seeing this, she laughed like anything.

Ramya: Karthi, you are behaving as if you did the hard work (laughing).

Me: Akka, this was the best thing I ever had.

She came near me and gave me a tight hug. Her boobs rubbed over my bare chest and we both could feel our body heat.

Ramya: Even I had a good time with you da thambi, but this has to be a secret between us.

Me (laughs): Sure Akka. Even I don’t want this to go out and I wanted this to be a sweet secret between us.

Ramya: So did this quenched your urge now?

Me: Yes Akka, but only for now (winking).

Ramya: Ada paavi, fraudu (laughs). Seri, this is enough for now. We have decoration work to complete and it’s already late. So, shall we do what we actually came here for?

Me: Haha, okay Akka. Let’s finish off these things.

We both got dressed up and completed all the decorations and we were ready to leave. While we were getting out, I hugged her from behind and whispered in her ears, “You are the best, Akka” and kissed her in her ears.

She just turned to me holding my head with her hands and kissed my cheeks, “Nee en chella thambi da” (you are my sweet brother da).

I slowly pressed her boobs and started humping from the back.

She laughed and said, “You aren’t still satisfied ah da?” and leaned a little so that her ass was pressing on my tool.

Without removing clothes, I dry-humped that mallu ass in doggy style for a while. To add to my excitement, she started to tease me by making naughty moans and comments. I ejaculated in my boxers itself after 15 minutes of dry-humping. I was totally tired after doing that and sat on a chair.

Looking at my pity condition, she laughed and gave me some water. After a few minutes, I got up. I kissed her lips for one last time and we both left the office like nothing happened.


That’s all guys, hope you liked my story. I would love to receive feedback from you. Write down your comments to [email protected]

Lots of stories are in line, I will meet you soon in another experience of mine.

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