Sex Adventures In Maldives – Part 3

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Hello Friends, I am Nish and I am back with the next part of the story.

The next day we had to move to our water villa and we were very excited. So we did not do anything erotic in the morning saved our energy for the water villa. We took bath changed and came out for breakfast. R wore a sporty kind of top but was sexy.  Her top ended just below her boobs and was figure-hugging.

It had a good broad transparent line in between the boobs which started from her neck and ended where the top ends. So her inner boobs were completely visible and of course, it did not need to wear a bra inside.  And she wore blue denim shorts below showing ample belly.

A wore a loose cotton one piece that was backless and red and white. She wore a red bralette inside whose string was seen at the back. Since the frock was real loose it was also visible from her cleavage. It ended well above her knees. We came back after breakfast and then our luggage was shifted to the water villa.

It was an awesome villa built on top of the water and had complete glasses on the sides of the sea. It also had a sea deck with beach beds exclusively for us. Our villas were side by side and we can view each other’s sea deck. Sea deck had stairs in the sea and so we planned to go for a snorkel from our villas.

Since gals don’t get a chance to wear bikinis in India they had planned to wear it here. And the time was now. While we were changing she told me to go ahead and move to the sea and she will come. So I went ahead and from the other villa, my friend K also came to the sea.

Both the girls were coming late. We suspected, but thought to enjoy and swim around. In some time we saw both of them coming out of my villa. And Man, what a view that was. I almost cummed seeing both the sexy gals in the sexiest dress ever.

R was wearing a floral bikini, with a bralette kind of top and a matching skimpy bottom. She took a white shrug over it and she was looking gorgeous. A wore a red and white colored bikini with a string knotted at back and the neck. It was a similar bottom with very little cloth of bikini. She also wore a red long shrug.

We both guys were just gawking at them. It was like a sexy movie being played in front of us. They came out stood a little and took some pictures. As they stepped on the stairs to move down they removed their shrugs and came in the water.

Man, what a view that was. It may have lasted for like 5 minutes but it felt like it was paused. My dick was damn hard. Anyway they came inside swam for some time. I touched my wife many times on her boobs, pussy, thighs everywhere because damn I was turned on.

After about an hour we moved out of the water. We guys asked the gals to move out first so that we again get to watch them in their sexy bikinis. They moved out, stood on the sea decks dripping, and wiping themselves with a towel. I suppose they were also enjoying giving the view.

They did not wrap the towel and was just wiping themselves standing there. We were again hard. Then I told my friend that if you guys want you can go ahead and have lunch. We are not hungry much. He understood my point and jokingly said, “I don’t think I would also need lunch today.” We laughed and came out.

I think it was some seconds and I came in. Together we went in the shower kissed, sucked, and licked each other, came out. As soon as we wiped ourselves, we again jumped on each other kissing vigorously. I was kissing her lips, boobs, shoulders, belly button one by one hungrily. She was reciprocating.

I pushed her on the bed, spread her legs, and at once inserted my dick inside her wet pussy. It was wet, warm, and sensuous as both of us were turned on. In 10 minutes of fucking her there, I asked to try a new position and she was ready. There was a table there whose height was exactly till my dick.

I made her sit there. While kissing her boobs I inserted my dick standing and it went very smoothly. I thrust in and out at a slow pace for some time. She was enjoying it very much and in 5 minutes she came. It was very slippery and the feeling of my dick going in and out smoothly making her feel in heaven.

We continued fucking. I was not going harder. I was maintaining the rhythm and going with the flow sensuously and at a slow pace. I did not want to cum now. I was enjoying this moment so much, we both were having extreme pleasure. I did not increase the pace and kept on pushing slowly and steadily.

She was enjoying it, “Oh God, that is so good, baby. Just like that, baby, go on, don’t stop. It’s heaven.” This was making me mad. I think we went for around half an hour. I stopped as I felt I was on the verge of cum. So I wore a condom and again slowly regained the same pace.

We were enjoying it slowly. I asked to change the position. I asked her to sit on the sofa with hips on its handle and her pussy towards me. I inserted my dick again and laid on her with the support of both my hands. It was a little uncomfortable position.

But we were enjoying it because again the dick was going smoothly inside and coming out from her pussy. I continued my slow thrusts for half an hour more at least. I think during the entire fucking, she came at least three to four times. And now I could not hold it anymore.

I asked her where to come. Since she was enjoying so much she asked me to come on her boobs. So I increased my pace and pulled out and came on her boobs. We both were in heaven. We came back to our senses and saw the time. It was already four and we did not even know we were fucking for three hours.

But it was awesome. We spoke to our friends on phone hoping they had also completed their session. And we decided to come out. We met on the sea villas bridge and looked at each other smiled and blushed. We knew what went inside the villas for both of us.

R was wearing a black frock which was again backless just a knot at the back. And was till her mid-thighs. A, on the other hand, had grown a little bold after the bikini move. Well, she was wearing a satin jumpsuit. And her complete side waist, her belly, her side shoulders, sideboobs were all visible.

Man, she was bold and looking sexy. I cannot count now how many times she had made my dick grow hard. Anyway, we moved around the resort a little and had some drinks. And then we had dinner as we were all hungry. Sex does not fill the stomach.

Then we all came to a new bar again. Today there was a DJ who was playing Bollywood songs too. We were excited and drank a few shots and moved to dance. After we were tired we thought of going to villas. But K suggested, “Let’s have some drinks at our villa together at the sea deck.”

So we agreed, we decided to change in nightclothes and come back. I don’t know when these gals decide what dress to wear. I saw R wearing a sexy satin gown pink in color till her mid-thighs and just two strings on the shoulder without bra and showing ample cleavage.

And when we reached their villa even A was wearing a sexy brown satin gown till her thighs and showing good cleavage. I assume both of them also did not wear a bra. I don’t even know if they had decided this or just themselves coordinated by luck.

We sat on the beach bed on the sea deck and started drinking wine and chatting. Both the gals were sitting with their spouses but were giving a nice show to each other’s spouses. Both were folding their legs and sitting and kept on changing positions frequently.

I can see A’s thighs. She was showing it properly without looking at me. She made sure it looked like she is not aware of that. And I am sure R was also doing the same and changing positions and showing off good skin to K. A was bending down to pick something and showing me good cleavage and boobs.

I think they were this bold because first, they were high already, and secondly, it was dark. Very little light was just coming from inside the villas. So they knew it would just be teasing and nothing actually would be visible. Both of us guys were having a good show.

I can see K’s dick growing and mine was as well. We were already high on four pegs and some shots back from the party. No one was much in the sense. A did a very bold thing. She irritatingly pushed her gown up to her waist. She said, “I am getting irritated to sit crossing my legs due to this gown.”

And she kept a pillow on her legs. But by the time she took the pillow, I saw her brown panty. Meanwhile, R also sat cross-legged and did not even bother to keep her hands on her legs. Her skirt was till her thighs and was giving a peek of her panties to K. It was damn hot and no one was in the full sense.

No-one stopped anyone from doing anything. K was constantly looking at R’s top. It was already pulled too down as it was very loose and her boobs were almost visible till just her nipples. She was not wearing her bra and so her erect nipples were also visible.

It was a little dark environment with very little light. Me ogling at A who was sitting half-naked from below. And K was ogling R my wife who was sitting half-naked from the top. What a hot atmosphere it was. No one was speaking much just talking very less and only drinking.

A dropped the pillow to the floor and did not even bother to pick it up. She kept on drinking and now I can see her panties. And damn it was brown panty covering her main part till her inner thighs. I wonder what would be there at her ass but could not see that as she was sitting.

R also bent forward to pick something up from the floor. I am sure she would have shown her nipples to K as it was only a brink left to show. I saw K’s dick growing to the hardest. And mine was already grown. Gals were seeing our dicks and we were seeing shows-off gals.

K stood up and asked A to dance as we could hear the music playing a bit far But A said she is not in the mood. So R said she would love to dance. So K and my wife R started dancing romantically and close. They were standing very close to each other their body touching each other and slowly swaying to the music.

Only their heads were a little apart. Since K is a little tall I am sure he would be having a good look at R’s boobs. And they were just dancing slowly. K had his back towards me and R was almost hidden behind him. I saw K moving his head a little down for some time slowly and then moved back.

I was taken aback as I suspected they kissed. But I was not sure as R was not visible. But how can R be so bold to kiss my friend in front of me? Can she do that? Maybe she is high. No, maybe he was just kissing her head, or did they kiss?

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