Sex With My Colleague

Hi, readers, this is my first story. My name is Vinod and I am married. I am staying in Pune. I am 32 years old my colleague is Rachana age 28 and married. I am working as a manager in a company. She was a new entry in our office working as a quality inspector.

She is very fair and the most attractive about her are her rosy lips. Her size is 32-28-34. We became very close friends within a few months and we exchanged our mobile number within a few days. We started chatting in WhatsApp and it was causal chats.

One day she asked me, “After work are you free for some time?” I said, “I am free. What’s the matter?” She asked, “Can you join me for shopping today evening?” I said, “Sure I will come with you. We can go in my car.”

After we came out of the office, we straightway went shopping. Until that time there were no bad thoughts. We were making some jokes and something. When we entered the market there was a lot of crowds. We started walking. Rachana was going front and I was behind.

Someone pushed me and I touched her waist by mistake. Something current has been passed to me and my 6.5-inch dick became hard. First, she made an angry face to me. Later she gave a smile and this smile was something special to me. I started thinking about why she is smiling at me.

Later I got some hint that maybe she had liked me touching her waist. I made some daring moves. This time I started touching her ass where my 6.5-inch dick has been hardened already. She was responding to me well. Again I had taken my right hand and put it on her waist.

I am feeling very erotic it was so soft to touch. Later we finished our shopping. We came to our parking place and we started to go back to our home. While we were going home there was silence for some time. Later she broke the silence and started the conversation.

Rachana: Vinod, what were you doing in the market place?
Me: (I know what she wants to ask) Nothing.
Rachana: Why you were touching my body?

Me: Where I have touched you? (I want to hear from her mouth where I have touched)
Rachana: Don’t talk like a small kid. You know what I am talking about and where you have touched me.

Me: Yes I have touched your waist.
Rachana: Why, Vinod? You know it is not good in a public place. Also, we both are married.

After listening to her words I was confused and somewhere she was liking my touches. I told her, “So what, Rachana? If you have not liked my touching you may tell me at that time. Now, why you are arguing with me?”

Rachana: Vinod where I have told you that I have not liked your touches? I just told you that in public places it is not good. (with a smiley face)

I got shocked for a few minutes after listening to her words. She meant that she is interested in me. I got a green signal for going to the next step.

Me: Rachana, seriously you like it?
Rachana: Yes, Vinod, I like it.

Without wasting time straightway I kept my hand on her waist and started pressing it was so soft and she was making noise.

“Vinod, not now please stop it.”

But I am not able to listen to her words. I parked the car on the roadside. I saw on the road and people were very less. We both looked into each other’s eyes and I began kissing her lips. She was making some sexy noise and in my life. It was the most wonderful kiss and we are kissing for some time.

Then I hugged her tightly and her small boobs crushed to my chest. My hands were all over her back feeling her body and she was getting hot. Soon, my hands were completely inside her top and moved upwards while kissing her neck and ears.

Rachana said, “Vinod, stop it someone will see us.” But I am not listening to her. My hands were running on her boobs which were of not so big size but it was so soft to touch. The next moment I was sucking her left boob and pinching her nipple and this made her sexier.

Her hands were on my back and she was touching my body inside the t-shirt. She was kissing my cheeks and lips. And my 6.5-inch long dick had become harden over my pant. And it was trying to come out from my inner. Suddenly she removed her hand from my back and kept it on my dick.

She was trying to remove it out from my pants. I helped her by relaxing my pants and opened the pant zip. She put her hand inside and touched my dick and I felt some current in my body. I was kissing her navel and she was making some sexy noises.

After some time we looked at each other. She was smiling and I was smiling back. Still, she was holding my dick in her hand and told me, “Vinod, it is huge. And it is bigger than my husband’s. I want to feel it very badly.”

At that time her phone was getting ringing. It was a call from her husband asking where was she and what time she was coming. To my surprise, she kept her call on speaker mode to answer his questions.

Vilas: (her hubby name) Hello where are you?
Rachana: I am still in the office today. I am having a lot of work. (with a naughty smiling face) So I will be late.

Vilas: OK come as soon as possible.
Rachana: OK I will complete my work which is in my hand (double meaning word as she was holding my dick in her hand) and will come back soon. OK bye!
Vilas: OK. Bye.

“Vinod, we don’t have more time. I want to feel your dick very badly.”

I asked her can we go to our home and she said to take the car somewhere and let us finish it in the car. Straightway I took my car to the New Mumbai road and parked the car below the tree. There were fewer vehicles on the road at night.

And while I was driving she was taking my dick in her mouth and giving me a blowjob. It was the most amazing feeling because even my wife never gives me a blowjob. After parking the vehicle I open her top and started to suck her boobs.

I inserted my finger inside her leggings. It was already wet and freely one finger went inside her wet pussy. Quickly I was over her kissing her lips stomach. I was fingering her wet cunts and she was making a loud noise. I slid down her leggings and inner and put my mouth close to her wet pussy and started sucking it.

It was very tasty and I have drunk a few juices and kept sucking it more and more. She was pressing my head towards her cunt and saying Vinod eat my pussy very hard love it, baby. And I sucked her for 15 minutes. She was saying, “Vinod, I am cumming and drink my juice, baby.”

After a minute she started to give me blowjob again. She wants to drink my cum and after 20 minutes she discharged my spunk inside her mouth. She drank it and she took my dick out from her mouth. I could see my semen spilling from her mouth.

Later we saw the time. It was already too late and we came back to our place. I dropped her home. Before going to her home we kissed for 15 minutes. And later we had very romantic sex in her house and hotel. I will tell you in the next part.

This story is real and there is no imagination and still, we are having our secret relationship. You can share your feedback at [email protected]. Any aunts ladies are interested in a secret relationship you may mail to me.

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