My Hot Indian Boss Banged After Office Party – Part 1

Hi guys, this is the story that I promised to you guys about my office affair with my boss. First of all thanks for your valuable feedback on the last story.

Many of you wanted me to elaborate on the story further rather than jump directly to the sensual aspects. Therefore, I will be elaborating my stories further from now onwards. However, the stories may be broken down into several parts.

Also, I find a lot of the ladies sending me interesting anecdotes and giving me interesting experiences. Also, I’d really like to give a shout out to Ms. A for connecting with me and that confident blowjob is something I am going to remember for a long time to come. J

So, getting to the story, I am a mechanical engineer by profession and was posted in a scientific research organization straight out of college. Organizations like these do not generally have a training program as such and they generally ask you to perform right from day one.

It so happened that right on day one I was inducted into the organization, we had an Annual General meeting of our firm. That was when I saw her, she was absolutely beautiful; the absolute epitome of beauty.

I was posted in Bangalore that time and she was the definition of the typical Kannadiga beauty – beautiful eyes brown hazelnut in color and high cheekbones, around 5 feet 5 inches in height and figure to die for, oh my goddess! She had the ass of a Latina and smaller boobs the size of apples.

I still remember her shining face and that white chudidar that accentuated her curves. She was the friendliest of the people.

We were on the same project. She was my boss and I had to report to her daily on the progress of the project. Even though she was quite friendly, she was quite strict as well.

Eventually, I and my lady boss started getting more familiar and more friendly with each other. We used to work late at night. My working hours went up to 16 hours a day sometimes. And as I was living far, she accommodated me in her quarters and I started sleeping in her living room.

One day while performing research, I was unable to get the material that we were supposed to be looking for while conducting the research.

I informed her that and she just shouted at me. I was upset but luckily, I was able to get that important documentation that was needed for the completion of the project. So the project was completed on time. It was something which would be very helpful in getting her promoted.

I noticed my boss was feeling bad for the way she treated me earlier.

All of you should bear in mind is that until then I never had any ill feelings of lust towards my lady boss. But one fine day I found her in a very dejected mood while having breakfast and I prod her for a good 10 minutes to tell me what was wrong with her.

She opened her mouth and blurted out, “I want to be with you but I cannot tell my parents about you”. This took me completely aback! I mean, my boss was telling me that she has this huge attraction towards me! This caught me completely off guard.

However, I tried to keep things as professional as I could. I knew that things would get naughty between us very soon because on any particular project if you are working 16 hours a day on the project with your hot boss and she offers to let you sleep on in her living room, that’s when you know for sure that she is going to get banged by you!

Now, it so happened that I got a competing offer from a different firm and I took up that offer as it was offering me a very good pay package. So after about a year of working with this scientific research organization, I put in my papers and resigned from there.

I could see the disappointment in my boss’s face. She did not take it well. However, the office decided to throw me a farewell party.

On the day of the party, my hot lady boss was looking absolutely ravishing in a green netted saree. I teased her about her revealing midriff because she was from a very conservative family.

I placed my hand around her waist and felt the bare skin of her belly button. She blushed and avoided eye contact. But we were soon pulled apart because I had to attend to my other colleagues at the party.

I ended up staying back at her place that night. We both were in her bedroom with me caressing her hair as she laid her head on my lap. She knew that I have had a few relationships before and was always curious about sex.

I was usually very accommodative of her queries. But that day I just told her boldly, “Why don’t I make you experience this first, babe?: and bent down to kiss her. She held out her end and reprimanded me with a firm, “No”.

I was taken aback and tried to remove myself from the place. She just said, “Mmmm”. “Don’t move, just let me sleep on your lap”.

As you could imagine, I was completely frustrated by these mixed signals.

I just decided to DOMINATE this duplicitous behavior of my hot Indian boss. I just unzipped my pants and took my dick out. As she was sleeping on my lap, it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FACE!

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YO.. ARGHH ARGHHH ARGHHH MMMM MMMM MMM MMM”. That was all she could say as I thrust my thick dick into her mouth and fucked her face to my heart’s content. I started deep-throating my boss wildly.


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