Steamy Sex With Virgin HR Girl In Bangalore

Let me introduce myself and my HR first. I am Rishab from Bangalore, a tall handsome honest guy who just started his career last year. I can’t brag about my tool size as it is just 5.5-inch but lasts long.

Our HR Neha is a flat lady with a cute face and round ass with just over 4 years of experience in our company.

We both used to work in the same office for 4 months. I was not a flirt so I only used to talk to her regarding some finance stuff and nothing much out of the box.

One day, I had a deadline to meet and even she had some extra work as it was the last day of the month. She finished her work at around 6:45 in the evening and came to me.

Neha: Done with your work?
Me: No, I might need some more time.

Neha: How long?
Me: 15-20 minutes, just waiting for a call from the senior in Delhi.

Neha: Hmm.
Me: You leave, I will lock and leave the office.

Neha: You have just joined and I can’t give you the keys.
Me: Oh my god. What can I do with the keys?

Neha: I am not supposed to do that, Rishab.
Me: Can you wait for 15 minutes? I’ll be done by then.
Neha: Ok, no problem.

The HR girl pulled a chair and sat next to me.

I was a little shy kind of a person and was waiting for her to start the conversation. I was re-looking at the papers over and over again. And then she broke the silence.

Neha: Where did you work before?
Me: **************

Neha: Why did you leave?

Me: The work was pretty hectic.

Neha: Ohh..
Me: What about you?

Neha: I started my career here.
Me: Oh nice.

It went on for 20 minutes and I finally got a call saying, “You can leave, the project has come out well, happy weekend”. We locked the office and went to the cafeteria and had a 15-minutes conversation over a coffee and a burger.

Then we went to the parking lot and it started raining heavily. Obviously, I couldn’t wear my raincoat and leave her all alone there.

Neha: Ohh shit!
Me: You don’t have a raincoat?

Neha: Forgot it at home.
Me: Here, have mine.

Neha: Is that an extra one?
Me: Why will I have an extra raincoat?

Neha: For your gf maybe?!
Me: Wth!! I don’t have one.

Neha: It’s ok, my house is right here. You leave, I’ll manage.
Me: How far is it?

Neha: A 30-minute ride.
Me: Wait for me. I’ll be back soon.

I went to my home which was 15 minutes away and got my car and called her in.

Neha: I am troubling you a lot, I guess.
Me: No problem.

I started playing ‘Bekhayali’ from Kabir Singh because I love that song even though I don’t understand the lyrics.

We reached her place which was a few blocks away from my place.

Me: You live here?
Neha: Yup. Why?

Me: It takes 30 minutes from the office?
Neha: Yup.

Me: *facepalm*

Neha: Why?
Me: I live a few blocks away and it takes only 15 minutes.

Neha: Haha, not everyone is lucky to find a place close to the office like you. Come, I will cook something for you. I cook egg bhurji really well.

I tried denying for a while but had to finally agreed to go to her house.

We went to her place. The HR girl’s clothes were a little wet. She went in and changed her dress and came out. We had a cup of tea and she told me that her parents were out of town and would return on Wednesday.

She started to cook and we had dinner at 8 pm. After a while, I felt something weird.

After the dinner, she started making naughty talks and my dick started standing for no reason even though I was not that aroused.

Neha saw the tent in my pants and she was not taking her eyes off my dick. Then she asked, “What is happening, Rishab? Are you horny?!”

Me: No, I am leaving.
Neha: In this condition?!

Me: Not feeling comfortable, see you.
Neha: :/

Me: Are you not feeling anything?
Neha: Nope.

Me: See you.
Neha: I will open the door.

To my surprise, Neha just came in front of me and started stripping! My erect dick was even more hard and started oozing precum inside my undies! I realized how horny this HR girl is and lost my control at that point.

The next moment, I picked her up and went towards her bedroom keeping eye contact with her. I dropped her on the bed and pounced on her. Neha quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and started smooching me while her hands were fondling my hair.

This went on for a few minutes. I started licking and sniffing her boobs and tummy, inch by inch over her dress now. Then I tore apart Neha’s t-shirt and track pants. She was in her pink bra and blue panties. Neha looked flat and had below average boobs but who cares! I pressed the horny HR chick’s boobs and she let out a soft moan.

I started licking and sucking her boobs softly and she was getting out of control after each passing second. Her panty had a dark wet patch and looking at it, I turned into a beast. I pulled out her panty to see a hairy pussy. I immediately started licking the HR girl’s hairy vagina like a mad dog.

I then widened her pussy lips and realized that her pussy had the hymen still intact.

Me: Are you a virgin??
Neha: I was searching for a true man to take it away from me.

I kissed her on the forehead and continued licking her hairy juicy pussy. Some hairs stuck onto my tongue as well during the oral. In the meantime, my dick was rock hard and was ready to devour the wet pussy of my virgin HR girl.

I started teasing Neha’s pussy which made her shiver and jerk quite a few times. Slowly, I started inserting my penis inch by inch into her tight virgin pussy.

Then I pushed it with some force for the hymen to break. Neha was screaming and was in tears. I french kissed her to calm her down and said to her, “Good news, neither of us are virgins anymore”.

I also made sure she did not see the blood from her vagina and started the movement slowly while she was still in pain. Her pussy was still tight and it was making me cum.

I told her to sit on top of me and ride and she did it at a low pace. Once she reached orgasm, she fell on me.

I made her sleep on the bed and released my load in the bathroom. Then I called my parents and told them I would not be coming home that night.

I slept in the hall and in the morning, I saw a blanket on me. I got up and saw Neha. She was on the table naked. She said, “Breakfast is ready, sorry for yesterday”.

We continued from where we left off. I made her sleep with her ass facing me while I humped her like a bull from behind. I picked her up on to my shoulders and licked her cunt and sucked her juice.

I made her kneel down, held her hairs and mouthfucked her brutally. I then released a huge load in her throat and she had no option other than to swallow it.

We tried some crazy positions which we found on the internet. We tried all of them and she was satisfied. Finally, I released my cum on her boobs. I sucked it from her boobs and transferred it to her mouth.

Then I wore my clothes and left.

The next day was Sunday. I called her for a long drive and went to some deserted place. We fucked in the car on top of the car, on the bonnet and on the dikki.

We have had sex regularly and we were more like friends with benefits. Once we had sex in the office as well in the disabled washroom and it was an amazing experience.

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Now Neha has moved to Delhi for some work and I am horny. Any girls or women from Bangalore interested in having fun discreetly do dm me on hangouts or who are interested in online fun are also welcome.

People who want her pics or number please stay away from me. I am a genuine person and a gentleman and keep my promises.

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