Married Professor And Student Forbidden Sex

Hello fellow readers, my name is Lucky (name changed) and this is a series of real incidents which took place during my postgrad before the lockdown.

I work in an MNC and currently in my native town due to WFH. You can describe me as an average male with above average body type and 5.11 height and dusky skin and athletic body with 6-inch dick, which stays hard most of the time.

Now, let’s come to the story. This incident is from my Masters college. It was my first day and all the students were getting to know each other, day passed and came the last lecture for which entered the queen of my story, Ms. Nigam.

She was an assistant professor in our department and she was the ideal description for an Indian sex goddess. She was busty but slim and curvy, tall yet on the perfect height with dark black hair and large round eyes.

Her saree was showing her waist which was fitting perfectly with her curves and her blouse was tight enough to make the perfect cups give their perfect shape. She was wearing dark red lipstick with a bindi and nail paint with mehndi which was fresh.

Now, coming to the story. We came to know that she was recently married and her husband was a very successful business owner and usually stayed abroad. I was one of the best students and a pretty confident one. So I used to crack jokes at my curvy, married professor during the lecture which made us comfortable with each other.

A month passed but I was having no bad intentions until a day when I went to my hot married professor’s cabin to submit my file.

I knocked on the door and there was no response. But the door was open, I heard a slight noise of sobbing and pushed to see what was going on. To my surprise, my sexy professor Ms. Nigam was in her washroom and was crying, lying on the floor.

I went to her and asked what was wrong. She was shocked to see me. She recollected her senses, wiped her tears, and came out after washing her face. I again asked her but she ignored my question.

Ms. Nigam: Why are you here?

Me: I had to submit this file which you asked me to do by end of the day.

Ms. Nigam: Ok, leave it here and go. (in an angry voice.)

Me: What happened to you? Why were you crying?

Ms. Nigam: It is none of your business. Now, leave.

She was angry with me and on insisting, she scolded me. I left her cabin and went home and did not take it seriously.

At night, I got a message from my professor. I was shocked at first but then I asked her.

Me: Is it something urgent because it is late?

Her: Listen, I just want to say sorry for what happened today and you don’t have to share it with anyone else in the college.

Me: That’s your personal life and I have nothing to do with it. I just asked you out of concern but I will take care of it next time.

Her: Hmm.

My married professor did not reply for a few minutes so I thought the conversation was over but then I got another message.

Her: I am sorry for how I behaved. I did not mean to be rude.

Me: It’s ok, I understand, maybe you are having a hard time.

Her: Life is hard and people are mean.

Me: If you want to share something, then you can share it. I will help you if I can.

Her: It’s just that my marriage is not working good and I am all alone in this city.

She told me that her husband stayed abroad and due to visa issues, she had not been able to move abroad and it will take a lot of time. In this situation, her husband was not supporting her.

We became good friends and I started to meet her after this as she did not have any friends and was new in this city. We started sharing lunch and getting close.

Soon, days turned into months, and then came the best night of my life – Christmas eve. We organized a party and invited all college friends over to a villa. I thought to invite my sexy lonely professor Ms. Nigam as well as she had nowhere else to go and celebrate.

It was a wonderful evening and after hours of fun and game, we were all tired. I had my separate room booked so I went there and since Ms. Nigam’s place was far, she also stayed with me.

We went in and settled and lied down on the bed as both of us were tired. My professor was almost a bottle down. We had only one bed and she lied down, removing her heels and jacket. She was wearing a tight black dress which was making me horny. She was in her mid-30s.

We lied down and tried to sleep but slowly our bodies started touching. We were sharing the same blanket so we got close and slowly hugged each other. I gave a kiss on my curvy, married professor’s forehead. Slowly, her breathing increased and her hug was getting tighter.

She lifted her face and I gave a kiss on her cheeks. Her eyes were like stars in that dim light and we slowly started kissing. Her lip balm was of pineapple flavor and I was enjoying the soft touch of her lips and tongue.

My hands were running around her thighs and found a way inside her legs to her ass cheeks. My married professor’s moans of “Aahhhhhh” and slow breaths were making me crazy.

She got up and removed her dress. I removed my jeans and now she was in her lingerie. I was tasting each part of her body from shoulder to neck, from neck to boobs, and from boobs to hips. My curvy, tall professor’s boobs were just of the perfect size and softness. I held the right one out and licked it slowly. She let out a loud moan, “Aaahhhhh.”

Then I grabbed her ass, out blanket was full of heat and we were just getting started. We were enjoying every touch and her nipples were like cherries on the top.

I slowly pulled down the black panty. She was clean shaved and already wet with dripping juices. I gave a slight kiss on the lips of my married professor’s pussy to which she grabbed my hair tightly. I held her thighs and started to eat that juicy fruit with my tongue and grab her ass with both my hands.

Her moans were very loud and she was going mad. Her juices were spreading slowly and my saliva was all over her pussy.

After about 10 minutes, she grabbed my hair tight and gripped her thigh around my face with my tongue inside her pussy and..

Continued in Part 2.

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