Fucked My Lonely College Lecturer

Hi ISS readers, my name is Rahul. I am 27, single, to be frank, not well-built or athletic but surely a good-hearted person. I’m basically from Mysore. Now shifted to Mangalore, a beautiful city in Karnataka. I will tell you how my college lecturer and I enjoyed hot sex.

When I was doing my second-year diploma, a new professor was hired. Her name was Jaya. She was married and had a 4-year kid. Her husband was in the North part of India.

Since she was new to the city, she asked for help from our HOD to find a flat for rent. As I was the most popular person in my college and well-known, our HOD called me. He informed me about the help, and I readily accepted it as it was a vacation, and I was free at home.

He asked me to search for a flat and informed me that she would be contacting me in 4 days. She called me after 3 days and asked me if I had found any flats. I informed her that I’d searched 6 to 7 flats, and she can confirm after seeing it.

She was in her hometown and will come here in 2 days. She asked me to book a lodge for a day. I insisted she stay at my home, and I informed my mom about it. The next day morning, she reached and called me. We were meeting for the first time. I had imagined that she might be a plumpy person.

As I was waiting outside the bus stand, I saw a beautiful young lady coming near me. I saw her for a minute and ignored her as I was searching for my mam. She came to me and said, “Hi, Rahul!” I was struck looking at her. She asked what happened.

I said I didn’t recognize who she was and said I was waiting for my mam. She smiled and said she was Jaya, and I was in shock. I smiled foolishly and said I didn’t expect her to be so young. She smiled, and we left for my home.

We had our breakfast and were leaving to see the flats. She took her bag with her. My mom asked her to keep the luggage at home and take it at night while leaving. My mom and mam had become so close just in some time.

The morning when I picked her, she was in a saree so she had sat facing sideways. Now she had changed to churidar, so she sat straddled on my bike, and we left. She asked me why I was staring at her on the bus stand. I said I was expecting an old woman to come but was shocked to see such a young person.

She laughed at me and asked about the city, college, and my studies. We reached the spot and saw the flats. I took her to 5 flats. She liked a flat which was near to college and my home too. We had lunch and went to college as she had some work in college.

She called me after 1 hour, and I was in the college cafeteria. She said her work was done and she will come there. It was 5 in the evening. Her bus was at 9 pm, and she wanted to see the city, so we roamed around and reached home at 7. She had dinner and left. After that, there was no contact between us.

One day before reopening the college, she called me and said she was shifting the next day and asked me to help. I helped her and arranged things, I met her husband and kid that day. As a family, they became close to me.

The college started in 2 days and I was waiting for her in college. She came and I greeted her, she said a normal wish and left. I felt bad as I had told my friends that I was close to her, but she ignored me. In the evening she called me, but I did not receive her call and kept the mobile aside.

My mom picked the third call and spoke to her. Jaya mam had asked to send me home as she needed some help. I was in no mood to go, but my mom insisted me to go. So I went in the evening and knocked on her door. She opened the door and I saw her in shorts for the first time.

She saw me staring and asked me to get in. She was still arranging things and I helped her finish things. She offered me coffee and sat in front of me with her kid. She said she knew I was angry because she ignored me in the morning and explained to me the reason behind it.

I felt that she was right. If she behaved close with me all the staff and students may think in different ways. I asked her sorry and left home. Days passed, and our bonding became strong. I was her best friend and a regular visitor to her home, and just a normal college student.

It was nearly 4 months and her husband had visited them only once. One day she told me about a function in her kids’ school that weekend and parents are invited to that. Her husband was not able to come as he had some work. This made her feel bad.

Later, her husband video called her and even I spoke to him. He asked me to take Jaya to the function if I was free. I looked at her and she just nodded at me and I accepted the offer. I was fat, and she had maintained her body well. So I was looking a bit older than her.

So I jokingly said if she wants she can introduce me as her husband to the people there. She gave a fake smile but I could feel the sadness on her face. I left that day. The morning I went to her house at 10. She was getting ready to leave her kid to school as the kid had dance practice for the function.

I said I’ll drop the kid and come. She asked me to come with her to drop the kid and we left on my bike. While coming back she wanted to buy some dresses and lingerie so she took me to a mall nearby. She purchased in an hour and left for home.

I understood she was a little moody that day. As soon as we reached home I asked her if everything was fine.

Mam: Yes. Why?

Me: You look moody today.

Mam: No, nothing, I’m fine.

Me: No. You are not. I’m a substitute for your husband. You can share it with me.

Mam: You are gonna act like my husband at the function. That doesn’t make you my husband.

Me: Then what makes me your husband?

I asked jokingly, but she felt irritated by my question and went to the kitchen. I went and apologized saying I was just kidding and asked the reason for her mood swing.

Mam: I couldn’t buy a proper dress without my hubby.

Me: What is there in that? I would help to buy a proper one.

Mam: No, you can’t help to buy my inners.

Me: What is so complicated in that?

Mam: I always buy the inner’s of his taste and show him a trail before I use it. This weekend I thought I’ll buy it when he comes. But he did not show up and I purchased it as per my wish and I don’t know if it suits me or not.

Me: Just try it and see.

Mam: Who will comment if it’s proper or not?

Me: If you are ok, your acting hubby will see and comment.

Mam: Acting hubby? What do you mean?

Me: Someone who will be your hubby for a function.

Mam: (smiling) That doesn’t mean you can be my hubby forever.

Me: Not forever, but at least till the function.

We were looking at each other, I went and took the bag from the table and handed it to her asking her to try. Without any reply, she took it from my hand and went in to change. I knew she wanted sex badly, so I did not make any hurry.

After 2 minutes, she called me in and before opening the door, she promised that this will stay between us. I said ok and entered the room. She was wearing a pink color baby doll dress. Her thighs were shining in the darkroom. I could see her nipples and boobs through as it was transparent.

I got a hard-on immediately. I went near her and asked her to turn to check if it is proper on the backside. She obeyed and turned around and I was in heaven seeing her ass cheeks. It was fair as milk. I wanted to just grab it and suck it there, I controlled and said it is proper and fits perfectly.

I asked her to change into a saree so I can comment on that too. She asked me to wait outside. I said, “You can change in front of me. I’ve almost seen you naked now.” She stared and said no she can’t and asked me to wait outside. I pleaded but it was of no use. So I went to the hall, waiting for her to change.

After 5 minutes she came out in a yellow saree in which she was looking so cute and pretty. She was wearing it low hip and I could see her belly button so clearly. I checked her and went near her as I felt it was a now or never kind of situation.

I held her hip and said it’s not tucked in properly and inserted my hand in to tuck it, she left out a moan and pushed my hands. I said sorry and moved away, she sensed that I felt bad. She didn’t tell anything and went inside to change into her next saree.

I was sitting in the hall and she called me and said someone wanted to see me wear a saree. If he is interested he can come in and make me wear my saree. I was in cloud 9 and rushed to the bedroom. She was holding the saree in her hand and was standing in her blouse and petticoat.

I went near and pulled her near me. In shock she said, I just asked you to wear me the saree. I took the saree and started tucking in and was creasing every part of her while wearing it. She was giving seductive moans. I was getting hard and she could feel my hardness.

After wearing it she checked in the mirror. I went behind her and said she was looking so beautiful and said let’s change and started removing the saree. I pulled and she rolled and fell on the bed. I went near the bed, removed her petticoat, and slowly pulled it down, exposing her milky thunder thighs.

I could see wet patches on her panty. I removed her blouse to expose those two fleshy mountains covered in cream color bra. I moved towards her ears and said the new panty will get spoiled if it is too wet and saw her face. She smiled and I proceeded to remove her panty.

On the way down I kissed her stomach and licked her belly button giving her shivers. I bit the hips and pulled the panty by my teeth. She turned her back and I climbed, licking her from leg till bra strap and unpinned it. Her nude back was exposed to me.

I was sitting near her hips creasing my fingers over her puffy ass cheeks and inner thighs. She was too horny by now and turned. I removed her bra and she pulled me over, our lips met for the first time. She was kissing me like there was no tomorrow. We kissed for 10 minutes.

I started licking her neck, armpits meanwhile she inserted her hand in my pants and pulled my cock out to stroke. I now shifted over her boobs and was sucking her nipples like a mad animal. At the same time, my right hand was rubbing her little hairy pussy.

She was getting restless by my multi-pleasure action and was pressing my dick. After 10 minutes, she squirted her juices in my hand. I stood up to remove my dress, she stopped me and took a deep breath. She came and pushed me on the bed and climbed over me.

She stripped me nude and started licking my thighs while holding my dick. She pulled the foreskin of my dick and started licking in a circular motion. It was too hard to control for me. I pushed her head and my whole dick was inside her mouth, she didn’t expect it and she gagged.

She started moving her head slowly and circling her tongue over my dick, that was a sexy blowjob and I cummed in her mouth. It was time to return, I pushed her on the bed and kissed her pussy lips making her shiver. Now I slowly started licking her pussy and meanwhile pinching her nipples.

She was shouting in pleasure and squirted again and fell. Her moaning had made my dick semi-hard so I came over her and started to kiss her. She held my dick and started to stroke while kissing and made it fully hard. I broke the kiss and held my dick near her pussy lips and started rubbing.

She was getting mad and moaning, I suddenly pushed my dick inside. It was a tight door to enter and it gave her some pain making her shout loud. I kissed to calm her and didn’t move for a few seconds. Slowly I started to give strokes and I can feel her pussy contractions.

She held my ass cheeks and scratched with her nails. I fucked her in missionary for some time and she wanted to ride. So she climbed on me and inserted my dick again, and was grinding over me. After a minute or so, she started to jump over my dick so fast, her boobs were jiggling up and down.

She then changed position after some time to reverse cowgirl style. I was banging her hard and giving slaps on her ass cheeks. She rode me for 15 minutes, and I was about to cum and told her the same. Immediately she stopped and jumped making her pussy land on my face.

We were in 69 position now, and she gulped all my cum and made my face wet with her juices. We lay naked for some time and had a bath together.

It was time for the function so we had quick foreplay while bathing and got ready. We dressed up and went to school.  I was holding her hip and was behaving like her hubby there.

After the function, we came home and the kid slept soon. I informed my mom that I’ll come in the morning and stayed back in Jaya mam’s place. After the child slept mam came to my room in a saree.

I held her hip and pulled near me and stripped her naked and fucked her. After that, we had many sessions. Even in college I pinch her hips and press her boobs when no one is around.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to respond, waiting to hear from you all. You can also read my other story here. Contact me at [email protected]

I stay in Mangalore and keep traveling to Bangalore, Mysore, Kannur, Calicut, and Coimbatore. Women from any of these places feel free to contact me. Only trusty and genuine people are expected. Privacy will be maintained.

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