Sex With A Stranger During Lockdown

Hey folks, TheWeirdWriter here. You may want to know this is my first story on this platform. Ever since I have read my first story on ISS, I have always wanted to contribute something to this site. So here is my unexpected lockdown experience in Delhi.

Let me throw some light on myself. I am 23, 5 ft 6 inches in height, not well-built, but a slim, attractive guy. I am not going into deeper info about me, but still, if you are interested, you can contact me on my email: [email protected]

Before I start my story, let me tell you my story has more details than others. I won’t tell you the sex part right away. I have read many stories on this platform. I have noticed that a very long story takes away the interest and a short story isn’t exciting. So just have the patience to read all through.

Date: 22 March 2020
Place: Delhi

It was during the night of 22 March. There was a countrywide lockdown imposed by the PM amid the Coronavirus outbreak. I had to immediately leave for my hometown by air. It was getting difficult to find a cab for myself. I must have tried clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button for almost an hour.

Finally, a driver was assigned to me. The driver was almost 10 minutes far from me as it was showing me in the app. As I looked at my phone tracking my booked cab’s movement, a car pulled over by my side. The car stopped, the driver inside the cab pulled down the window and asked, “Sir, Ola?”

The driver was a girl probably in her 30s. She was wearing a salwaar kameez and had a soft musk scent on her. I answered, “Yes,” and went to the back of the car and signaled her to open the boot. She went down to open the latch which was beside her steering wheel.

After I had kept my bag, I sat in the backseat of the car and said, “OTP is ****. Please drive fast.” As we drove further, she told me if I wanted to listen to some music, I could connect to her car’s Bluetooth system.

I conveyed to her that I am low on power and insisted on switching on the radio.  She then pressed some buttons and turned a knob, and switched to some radio station.

“You just heard Malang. Next up is Haan Main Galat. This is your RJ Sameer, and you are listening to radio Love Dil Se.”

I asked her why she is driving late and also during the outbreak. She said the CM just announced a state-wide lockdown till May 30th. “I am here driving so that I could have some cash on me.” Also, the car didn’t belong to her. So she is collecting more money to pay the rent of the car to its owner.

She didn’t have AC in her car, or it was broken. She had opened all the windows except mine. As we were driving through the highway, it was getting windier, and because of that, her dupatta kept moving away from her. She used to adjust her dupatta whenever the wind blew it.

Getting irritated with that, she pulled out her dupatta off her neck and kept it on the seat beside her. She was wearing a deep neck salwar kameez. I could clearly see her cleavage, which was glistening from the orange light on the highway.

Whenever the car drove on any speed breaker, her boobs would jump in the same rhythm. She might have caught me through the rear-view mirror staring blank at her boobs. After a while, I asked her to stop the car.

She: What happened?

Me: I need to pee.

She: What? Here?

Me: I am getting uncomfortable. Please do as I say.

She then pulled the car on the side of the highway. I came out of the car. I could not see many cars on the road, just a few trucks, and lorries. I stood beside a tree, pulled down the jeans, and took out my cock. It made a tent back there, making me uncomfortable as it was not in the right position in my pant.

I peed a little, shook my cock again so that I could drip off the remaining pee. I put my cock back in my pants and deliberately didn’t pull up the zip so she could notice it.

“Coming up next is Billionera – Radio Edit only on radio Love Dil Se.”

Instead of sitting in the back seat, I opened the front door and sat beside her. I picked up her dupatta and then sat on the seat. It was still hard, but to hide that, I put her dupatta on my lap and spread it a little. My cock was trying to come out through the zip and touching the dupatta.

I could smell her sweat on her dupatta, and that was turning me on. I kept talking to her about her profession. I realized that she is actually a divorcee without any kids and that she lives with her parents and not with her in-laws.

I could notice her looking at my crotch from time to time. Whenever I would catch her looking at me like that, she would just smirk and focus back on the road. From this side, I enjoyed the view of her cleavage being lit up due to street lights.

Some time had passed, and I wasn’t insisting she drive fast. I now wanted to spend more time with her. At one time, as I was looking away outside the window, she lifted her hand from the gear to take her dupatta. But accidentally touched my cock and retracted her hand swiftly.

After she just picked it up a little, she noticed my bulge but acted like nothing happened. After some time, she asked me to zip up my pants. But I acted as if I didn’t hear her and kept staring at her body.

She: What are you staring at?

Me: Your boobs, and if you don’t mind, may I ask how big are those?

She was silent after that and didn’t reply. She didn’t even react anything to that question. There was a pin drop silence after that in the car except for the wind’s sound, the engine, and the song from the radio. I didn’t ask her anything. I decided to shut up and closed my eyes.

The car pulled up, and I woke up to see the departure gates at the airport. I picked my phone to see the time, and that’s when she turned towards me and said, “34C.”

I was slowly regaining consciousness and asked her,

Me: Excuse me?

She: They are 34C. Do you like them?

I was awestruck by that question and unable to react anything to that because that was so sudden. She asked again, “Tell me, do you like them?” I fumbled for words as I said, “Yes.” She asked me to close the door without asking any questions, and she drove me to the parking at the airport.

She drove the car level after level in the parking building, searching for an empty space. And when she stopped the car, she gave me an evil smile. We were at the highest level of that building, and no cars were parked there. It was completely dark and silent.

Her: I have been noticing you ever since you were staring at my cleavage this whole time. What do you want?

Me: I just want to see them!

Her: Just see them?

Hearing that, my mouth fell to the ground. She pulled up her kameez only to expose her boobs to me. They were really big and were struggling to get out of her bra. I couldn’t control myself on seeing that and just grabbed them both with my palms, and they weren’t enough to hold it whole.

I started to massage her boobs over her bra like I would massage a stress ball. I was sitting in my seat, and the car was small too. So it was difficult to hug her and open her bra straps from behind. Instead, I pulled down both of her straps so that I could move her bra down and get the full view of her boobs.

You won’t believe it, but the lights at the landing strip were making her face glow more. There was no one to disturb us at this hour, and my flight had been rescheduled by then. It was kind of ‘sone pe suhaaga’ moment. She signaled me to come to the backseat.

I was so excited that I didn’t take the time to open the door but instead jumped at the back seat from my seat. She was laughing at my goofiness. She, too, came towards me in the same manner. I move aside to accommodate her. She was wearing her pajamas and her bra to her stomach.

She quickly grabbed the straps from behind, unhooked them, and kept it on the front seat. Lights from an adjacent building were enough to lit up the insides of her car. She came close, and I held her by her hair and kissed on her lips passionately.

I kept her lower lip in my mouth and kept on sucking them. While I was kissing her, she held my hand and put them on one of her boobs. While we were busy kissing each other, I was massaging her both boobs one at a time. After few minutes of kissing passionately, we parted to breathe.

We both were looking at each other shamelessly. She rested herself on the door with her legs parted, and her boobs were hanging down and moved up whenever she gasped for air. Her nipples got erect and pointed towards me and as if they are telling me to just suck them.

I quickly got up, kneeling a bit on the seat, opened my jeans, and pulled them away. By that time, she got up and made the two front seats recline forward to get more space. Then she pulled down her pajamas too. We both were sitting on the back seat with just our underwear on.

My cock was pointing inside my undies and signaled her about that and made my eyebrows move towards them. She smirked and lay on the seat on her breasts. She put her hands inside my undies and started to stroke my cock. She was giving all her attention to my cock by stroking it up and down.

She then spat on the head and spread her saliva on my cock more evenly with her thumb without saying a word. Sometimes, she would poke her thumb on my pee hole while rubbing, and that felt really good. My cock was growing thicker and throbbing in her palm.

She looked up, smiled again, looked down, opened her mouth, and put my cock in her. Suddenly I felt blood rushing through my veins, and that made me hornier. With one hand, I was holding the handlebar above the window and, with the other, pushing her head more onto my cock.

She was blowing me good and fast. We adjusted a little bit to spread my legs more. She then lay on me and continued to suck my cock. She used her tongue on my head so good that I was nearing climax. She would then keep her tongue on my pee hole than would push it more into it.

That was making me crazier. She would move her tongue all over my cock and sometimes lick the bottom and come up to the head slowly and seductively. I heard a huge plane taking off, and that made a huge sound. I told her that I was about to cum. She got up and started to stroke it much faster.

A little more, and I came on her hands. As soon as I came, she stopped while my cum oozed out on her hand. After the last drip, she rubbed and stretched it harder to squeeze out the last drop. She got up, took her dupatta from the front seat, and wiped her hands on that.

My cock started to loosen up. That’s when she got up and wrapped her hands around my cock, spit some more saliva, and started to stroke it again. I got so horny that I started to get hard again. I removed my undies completely and made her lay on the seat.

I parted both her legs and came in between them. I couldn’t position my cock on her hole, so she took command once again. She held my cock and guided it towards her hole. The head got inside a little inside, and as I pushed it more into her, she gasped for air.

Her pussy was tight. I thought she hadn’t fucked anyone since her husband left her. The car moved too in the same rhythm as I fucked her gently in that position. It was not too bright and not too dim. I couldn’t see her face clearly, but I knew where her lips were.

“Coming up next is Baarishein only on radio Love Dil Se.”

The song on the radio made us make love more passionately. Sometimes I bit her lips, and that made her moan more. There was no one except just us and making love passionately like the world would end tomorrow. My pushes were getting stronger and harder as I fucked her pussy.

During all that, I kissed her lips, sucked her ear lobes, licked her throat, ran my tongue over her cleavage. I did everything to make her enjoy the sexual act. I held her shoulders as I pushed harder onto her pussy. Her boobs swayed gently. I held one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on them like a baby.

It was dark, but I am sure I may have made red marks on her boobs. I switched nipples from time to time but weren’t getting enough of those. Suddenly she stopped moving and screamed the loudest moan I ever heard. Her faux leather seats got wet and greasy as her pussy leaked her love juice.

Without losing the golden opportunity, I grabbed her legs, put my head in between her thighs, and licked her wet pussy hole clean. I dug deep into her pussy hole with my long tongue. (If you don’t know, I can touch my chin and my nose with my tongue so you can guess how long it is.)

Her juices were thick and a lot of it. The taste was a little salty, but I loved how her pussy smelled. I couldn’t stop licking her pussy. As I continued to lick every drop of her cum, her juices kept flowing in my mouth. I didn’t wish to spit it out. So I gulped all of it.

Some of it was stuck on my face, so I cleaned my face with my fingers and licked the very same finger. Her seats got dirty, and her pussy hole was shining due to her wetness. We both just lay down there. I picked my phone from the front seat to check the time.

There were 13 missed calls from some unknown number. I called that number, and the man on the other side started shouting.

Man: Sir, we tried reaching you, but you weren’t available. The flight has been late for 5 minutes.

Me: Sorry, sir, I couldn’t get a cab on time. I’ll be reaching in 5 minutes.

Man: Sir, please hurry up. We are about to leave. And one more thing, do you have any bags that need to be checked in.

Me: No, I am just carrying a bag with me, and I already have my boarding pass.

Man: Alright, sir. Then you won’t have to go through the security gates. Officials at the entrance will escort you to where the plane is parked. Your bags will be checked there.

She asked me what happened. I asked her to hurry up as the last plane from Delhi was going to take-off soon. We wore our clothes on, and she drove me back to the departure gates. A man in a suit was holding a placard with my name on it.

I was in so much hurry that I couldn’t even bid her properly. I walked past the security at the entrance and didn’t even look back.

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