An Office Love Story

Hi ISS readers, this is my first time that I am submitting a story here. Kindly ignore my mistakes and your feedbacks are welcome.

Let me brief you about myself. My name is Kaushik (name changed), age 25, a medium-sized guy with 6 inches tool from Bengaluru, Karnataka. I will be narrating a story which happened a year ago with my office colleague.

I work in a top MNC company in Bengaluru. It had been more than a year since I was working in the company. There was a situation where more team members were needed for our team, and hence the hiring process was started.

Then came the heroine of this story. Out of the 6 new members, there was this one girl, named Amrita (name changed). She was of the same age as me and I was made her mentor.

A little about my new office colleague – she was from Patna. She had all the curvy assets and had a perfect lip structure that anyone would love to taste it. Her skin was as white as milk.

A month passed by. We used to just have a normal chat at the office and I used to give her all the knowledge and stuff required for the job. Then there was a day when my curvy office colleague had to give a reverse knowledge transfer to our higher-level team members. In that session, she was stuck while making her presentation.

One of my seniors was yelling at her. I found this bad and I pinged her on her mobile saying, “Hi Amrita, do not worry, don’t mind XXX’s (senior’s) words. It’s fine, you being a newbie did a good job.”

After a few minutes, I got a reply from her saying, “Hi mentor, yeah, thank you for your support. I didn’t mind that much even though I was a bit scared, I have my mentor to support me, right?”

From that day, we started chatting over the mobile. I used to reply to her Whatsapp status and even she used to do the same.

One day she had put a status of some TikTok video in which she had dubsmashed some video. (‘Dubsmash’ is an app that lets you create videos of yourself that are dubbed over with audio from songs, movies, TV shows, and internet trends. – Editor).

She was giving a warning to her guy not to cheat on her and that was when I got to know my colleague was in a relationship. And one more thing, even I was in a relationship for 6 months, so we both were actually committed to our partners.

I replied to her status asking, “Is everything all right? What’s wrong?”

She replied after an hour or so saying, “This is what usually guys do right, cheating on their girls and stuff.”

I was actually taken back as I was not that kind of guy, and we had a big talk over that topic. Later we said to each other, “Good night,” and went to sleep.

She used to work out of a different location in Bengaluru. It was only during her initial days that we had met. So it was just texting over the phone and some phone calls till we met the next time.

As we got a little closer, we started to discuss our personal lives as well. She asked me if this was my first relationship? I said, “Yes,” and I asked about hers. She said it was her second, among the serious ones, and she had many flings during her college days. Now, I was interested to know more.

My tool reacted too, by standing up straight and making me uncomfortable in my shorts. I replied to her saying, “Now, this seems interesting.”

I asked her if I can know more about her college days and those flings. She took it very casually and started explaining about her past flings.

Oh god, I was totally lost. I didn’t keep track of time, and it was 1 am, and we were still chatting on the phone. After listening to her one-night stands, flings, etc, I just couldn’t hold on. My imagination started to make me look at her in a lustful way. We even exchanged our Instagram IDs and followed each other on Instagram.

Then came the day when it all changed things between us. Three months had passed by since we got to know each other. She was going to be on leave as she was traveling to her native place. My colleague texted me saying,

“Hi mentor, I’ll be on leave for the next one week as I am going to my native place.” She even mentioned, “Don’t miss me too much, I will be back to eat your head soon.”

I replied wishing her a safe journey, and even told her, “Of course, I will miss you, but we can be in touch over the phone.”

Then that day till she boarded her flight she was continuously chatting with me. We were talking about a horror movie which was released recently.

Here’s our conversation that went like this,

Amrita: I am scared to watch these horror movies. I don’t watch much because I don’t let other people who are beside me watch the movie. I scratch them or cry loudly in the theatre. Other people think that I am a kiddo, and the person who has accompanied me would get to hear bad things from the crowd, and they’ll be embarrassed to the core.

Me: I won’t mind all that embarrassment if I was that person beside you. I would love to get all the attention from you that day.

Amrita: Oh yeah right, now you would say this, but if you come with me, you’ll definitely leave me alone in the theatre and run away.

Me: No way, how can anyone ignore a sweet person like you. I will definitely not do that.

Amrita: Awww, so sweet. Do you want to take me to a movie? What else you want to do with me?

I wished I could say, “I want to have you and every piece of your body,” but I was dumbstruck for a few minutes. I regained my consciousness and then replied.

Me: I wish we could go on a long drive, or a short vacation just you and me. I would love to hear all your non-stop talk. If you want, we can even watch a horror movie on that night (haha).

Amrita: You and your horror movie (showing me a facepalm) but that long drive and short vacation seem interesting, will you take me? What all can we do over vacation?

Me: If you are ready, we can actually go on one, but you have your guy to whom you have to report to. So, let’s see. And about things, we can play some games. I will cook for you, and you can taste the food, and you can teach me some stuff as well.

Amrita: What could I teach you? You are my mentor, you should teach me. I will just be a good mentee and I will listen to my mentor.

Me: So, which games do you know to play?

Amrita: I don’t know about games, but I can make people sleep by running my hands over them within minutes.

Me: Wow, we are going for a vacation to sleep, that’s so great (meh).

Amrita: Haha, but I can really do that you know, people will fall asleep within minutes.

I didn’t get the context there. I was so confused and asked her to be serious.

Amrita: Okay fine, I can teach you pillow fighting, I’m very good at it, and it is indeed a good game.

Me: That’s so nice. What’s so special about your pillow fight game? Do we have any interesting stuff?

(Guys, here when she said pillows, she was referring to her boobs).

Amrita: You have to say, if it is interesting or not, once I teach it to you.

Me: Okay, let me be a judge of that once you teach me. And what would you like to have for dinner, as I’ll be cooking for you?

Amrita: Anything would do for me. I would even fill my stomach with raw veggies.

I was surprised by that answer and asked her,

Me: Oh wow, raw veggies, which vegetable do you like the most?

Amrita: You know, a “Raw Carrot.” I love carrots, I love the juice which comes out of them when I have a nibble on it. (Again, hereby carrot, she means “dick”).

I was getting very much aroused, and I was all uncomfortable as my carrot was very hard and growing.

Me: Oh, is it? I can actually do wonders with a carrot you know. I can make you relish those carrots even more.

Amrita: What wonders would you do with carrots? Tell meeee..

Me: I can make you taste that raw carrot on your lips. I will insert it all the way inside your lips so that you feel each and every drop of the juice when you have to bite it with your lips.

Amrita: I am very much excited to taste that carrot stick of yours. Before I taste that carrot I want you to learn the pillow fight.

Me: Sure thing, I will learn pillow fight, and you take that carrot.

We both expressed our views and got ourselves cleared about what we were getting into as we both were committed to our partners. We actually felt the same way for each other.

We told each other that this is not cheating, this is, us exploring our wildness. Then she boarded her flight, and we stopped texting.


In the next part, I will let you know how our madness led to some dirty sex chats involving sharing nudes and videos. And after this, how we ended up together in bed.

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