Getting Lucky With Hot Bangalore Girl During College Admission

Hey guys, I am 20 and studying in an engineering college right now in Bangalore. I am athletic, smart and handsome enough to seduce anyone and having a nice 6″ tool.

I respect other’s privacy and maintain secrecy while being in relationships. I think everyone has a right to enjoy and spice up their mundane life and be sexually content.

Now, let’s get to the story.

I have always been a bright student and got into a reputed institute through my merit. During my 12th, I had given my cell number to various colleges for their admission tests. I used to usually ignore these calls due to their poor communication skills and disinterest.

One day, I received a call by mistake while I was playing a game and heard a sweet voice from the other side. I held on to it for a few minutes and she informed that I had to meet her for further process in Bangalore. I was just dwelling into her sweet voice and started imagining all sorts of scenes in my head (If you know what I mean!).

I searched her number in true caller and got to know her name and searched it on Facebook, (stalking skills, you see XD) and man, what a girl she was. Beautiful eyes, a little short but plump at perfect places and I was drooling over her pic and wanked three times that day.

On the following day, she called again for the affirmation. I arrived at the place and went to the lobby where the session was going on. To my amazement, there were just two folks for the interview. So I turned out and called where was she, to which she said that she was in a gathering and guided me to proceed to take the meeting.

I trusted her and took the meeting and asked them when will the result come. They said they would confirm my seat in the college through an email.

Then I began calling he and shockingly, she wasn’t picking up my call. After that, I inquired the individual who talked with me about the young lady. He said he had no idea, that was when I became furious. After that incident, I called her many times but she kept ignoring.

After calling her repeatedly, she picked up my call and informed me that she was on the way just to meet me so that I don’t feel abandoned by her promise.

So, when she got back, she apologized, to which I said that I came there just to meet her. She was taken aback as usually no one responds to her calls also and here, I have come just to see her.

After this incident, we used to talk daily till night and almost started sharing everything with each other.

Later it started becoming a little hot and we used to exchange nudes in no time. She wanted to meet me asap and I too was very excited.

We began doing sex chat daily and every day, she used to get warmed up amid the discussion and she said she wanted me to come to Bangalore. I asked one of my friends to arrange his place for me for a night, made arrangements for the outing and booked a motel. I started from my place and reached there around 10 am.

I called her and told her that I will be picking her up from Mantri mall metro station. She waved at me. She was wearing a tight black low-neck tee and was exposing off her curves and was looking sexy. I kept stealing glances at her and she didn’t mind.

She started to tease me in the metro. She dropped her mobile and she bent to take it, showing off her curvy thick ass. Many people were ogling at her due to her stunning curves. This gave me a hard-on.

I took the keys and we went into my friend’s apartment, locked the room and I asked her to make herself comfortable and held her hands. She was a little hesitant but I took a chance and started breathing on her neck, which kinda aroused her.

I slowly held her waist and bought her closer and started kissing her lips. She too was turned on and reciprocated even better. I was getting a hard-on already which she noticed and giggled. Our tongues were playing with each other and then I began stroking her left boob and right boob one after the other.

Her melons were so huge that I wasn’t able to get hold of them with one hand. When I began squeezing her boobs over her tee, she began to moan softly.

I removed her tee in a jiffy and she was in her hot bra. Then I took off her bra, she was topless.

I started licking those two boobs with my tongue. I pinched her huge nipples and kissed her lips simultaneously.

She was wet by now. She looked at my tool and freed it from my boxers. She began to shag me, I was in heaven. Her touch was making my dick very hard and I started to bite her nipples. She knew no bounds and started enjoying it.

Somewhat this proceeded and afterward, I began licking her navel and simultaneously pressing her boobs. I later started teasing her by licking her inner thighs. Her pussy had no hair, it was perfectly shaved.

Her pussy was dripping and I started fingering in and out. It began with a single finger, she was asking for more, but I kept teasing her. Then I inserted my tongue deep in her pussy and its aroma made me crazy. Soon, she cummed all over my face and the juices were so tasty.

Now, it was her turn.

I will continue this in the next part.

All girls/ladies hope you liked it and enjoyed your time. Please let me know how was my story at [email protected] Your feedback will help me write more erotic stories.

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