Archana – Sexy Mallu Aunty In Hotel Room

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Hi Readers, this is my second real story about Archana, a sexy Mallu aunty. She is 37, has 2 kids. Her husband is working outside the country and comes home once a year. She is brown in color, above-average structure, and a good example of mallu Aunty.

After our incident in the office, we planned to go to the city and enjoy ourselves. We planned it on Saturday so that Sunday is a holiday and we can rest. She told her family that she will be staying with her parents, which she usually does once in a month.

I have already arranged a room in an Oyo hotel where the manager is one of my friends. After closing our lab on Saturday at 5:00 PM, we went home. By 6, I took my car and was waiting near her house. I gave her a missed call, and after 5 minutes she came out of her house and walked towards my car.

She was wearing a blue color churidar with a pink border and pink legging. She was carrying a bag since I insisted she brings a saree as I love women in saree. She got inside my car, and she asked me about the room. I could feel her tension. I told her everything is ok, and no one will find out.

It’s a 1-hour journey to the town. We reached our hotel by 7:10 PM. My friend had already arranged a room, but he left after shift. So I went to the reception, and the lady at the reception gave me the key. We entered the room, and it was a premium room.

Archana was very impressed by the room. We had a small chat. I kissed her on the lips and placed my hand on her boobs over her churidar. I started to press her boobs hard one by one. We continued to kiss. Then I started to press her ass over leggings. It was very soft.

My dick was rock hard, and she started to press it over my pants. We continued for 5 minutes. I removed my shirt and jeans, and now I am only in my brief. I helped to remove her churidar top. Now she is standing in front of me in her black bra and pink legging.

I told her that it’s my first time with a woman. Since she had the experience she should tell me if I did anything wrong. She laughed and told me to lay on the bed. I laid down on the bed, and she came over me in her bra and legging, pulled down my brief.

My 6-inch dick came out and was hard. I had shaved yesterday to impress her. She took my dick in her mouth. I was surprised as I didn’t expect her to take it without any hesitation. She started to suck, move my dick up and down in her mouth. I felt like I was in heaven.

I extended my hand and started to press her boobs over her bra. I tried to control, but after some time, I cum in her mouth. She went to the washroom and spit the cum. She came back and lay next to me. She said that it’s good to cum before sex since it will increase time and pleasure.

I removed my brief completely and jumped on top of her. I lifted her bra, and the huge boobs came out of it. I kissed her again, and our tongues were touching each other. I was crushing both her boobs with my hand. I placed my 2 fingers over her nipple and squeezed hard.

She started to make a weird noise. I took them one by one and sucked. I pulled down her legging little and saw her navel. It was huge and round in shape. I started to play around her navel with my tongue, and she was enjoying it. I pulled down the rest of her legging.

She was wearing pink color panties. It was perfectly fitted for her. It was slightly wet near her pussy. I rubbed my hand over her pussy, and she continued to make a sound. I pulled down her panties and removed them completely. Her pussy was clean shaved.

I asked her if I could lick it. She told me to do anything I want. I put my tongue over her pussy and started to lick. After some time, her sound changed and started to brush my hair hardly. I know it was time. I laid back, and she came on top of me. I told her to take a condom from my jeans pocket.

She took out a Durex skin condom and opened it. Slowly she inserted it over my dick. I told her, let’s do it. She laid back and opened her legs. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. First, it was slightly tight, I pulled a little back and pressed it hard. She screamed, “Aahha… Slowly.”

I started to move my dick in and out slowly, and it was smooth. I leaned forward and started to press her boobs and nipple. She was moaning. After some time, I increased my speed. Then I took my dick out and lay on the bed and asked her to come on top of me.

She jumped over and sat on my dick. She started to move up and down. Her boobs were bouncing. I squeezed them hard. Since I cum earlier, I had good control. After some time, she lay back on the bed. I stood up and inserted it again. This time I increased the speed.

Her scream sound started to increase, and I was about to come. I increased speed and finally cum. She also reached her climax. I pulled out my dick and went to the washroom, removed the condom, and cleaned.

I came back and lay beside her. We were very tired. It was 10 PM, and we ordered room service. We took a bath together. I wore a towel around my waist, and she took a new panty and bra from her bag and wore it. She wrapped herself in a bathrobe.

I told her that after food, we can have one more round in the saree and she agreed. She told me she was never satisfied after her marriage until today. I was also happy since it was my first, and I was able to satisfy her.

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