Salsa – The Beginning

This story is my first on XIS. I still don’t know why I decided to share this. Maybe, I have nothing much to do today. The story is the memory of my first romantic cum sexual experience. Here it is.

I first met her 6 years back. After campus placement to a reputed company in Pune, I was on top of the world. 30k salary per month (in 20) to start a career gave a feeling of owning Merc at the time. I didn’t know what to do with that money. Anyway, after training for 2 months, I had been allocated to a project.

It was my first week there. I got a corner cubicle. After spending a couple of days, getting acquainted, I looked over to my adjacent cubicle. I saw a girl, in a semi-transparent yellow sari, with silver bordering. She was around 5’4”, not zero figure but slim.

The best thing about her (at that moment and even after everything happened) were her eyes. Brown shade, moist and ever talking. She was busy planning for cubicle decoration which was to happen in that week itself. I couldn’t take my eyes off her navel even after trying my best.

Her navel area was constantly trying to grab my attention. In a few months, we became good friends. We were a group of 6 friends 3 boys and 3 girls. We used to hang out with the group initially. Then we started to go out to Lavasa, Sinhagad, even for an evening walk on our own.

One day, we got an email from the office announcing Salsa classes. Out of 6, 4 from our group were interested. I wanted to go with her (the other girl was like a sister to me). For this girl, both I and my friend were equal but somehow she chose me. That’s when everything changed.

Till that moment, I just treated her as a friend. As we began practicing my Salsa, I was going close to her, was getting attracted very much. The best time initially was when I got hold of her hips and we were moving in sync. That eye contact we had.

She might have sensed something was changing just by looking the way I was seeing her. Whenever I used to come close to her neck, I used to blow out warm air. I deliberately went to slow mode. I sensed her breathing change. My hands then started roaming a bit freely around her body. (without going towards her intimate parts)

After 3 weeks, we had a salsa performance at the office. For the same, she asked me to come to her flat to practice. Her roommates had gone to their native place. I went dressed in a plain black shirt and sky blue light wash types of denim. I also wore Jacques Bogart Silver Scent which is my favorite perfume.

I went to her flat, rang the bell. A clicked sound, the door opened. I entered but no one was there near the door. I closed the door and started walking towards the kitchen. There she was, facing away from me, doing some chores. She had worn a dark blue tank top which was showing ample curves from the back.

The interesting part about that tank top was that the strips on shoulders were tied. If I untie the knot from both shoulders, the lace would just come down making the dress strapless. So, we came to the living room. It was almost 9.30 p.m. and we started practicing.

I continued the same way, blow air slowly, when I was close to her neck. I sensed her breathe change. While she was taking around holding my finger at top, I hugged her from behind. There was utter silence, even when the song continued to play in the background. We were oblivious to it.

I slowly started leaning over her. As I had hugged from behind, my hand was over her stomach. I slowly started roaming my hands, over her stomach. Just heavy breathing from her side (and goosebumps over her body). I slowly took both of us near the light switch.

Holding her in the same position, I  turned off the light(and also lowered Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie). My face slowly came near her shoulder and neck area. I gave a small peck near the knot of her tank top. Goosebumps again! A current ran through my body, same was happening to her.

My lips started their trek from her shoulder towards her ear. An upward climb, the most exciting. I just love a girl’s neck. Through that journey, I was constantly giving small kisses. She was shivering. We were still not speaking anything. Lips were doing all the talking without a voice.

I moved and locked her against the wall, the same position. Wall! She was facing the wall! I kissing just below her ears from behind, covering all the areas with small kisses. I then kissed near her earring. While doing that, my breathe accidentally went on her ears and wow.

She jumped out of my grip and faced me. Me being 6 feet and her being 5’4”, we had this little height problem. And then she did something very endearing. She put her feet on mine and raised herself. Cute attempt she did to solve this problem.

Now, I kissed her neck again, this time from the front side, near the throat. Then I came up till her lips through her chin and stopped. I didn’t want to go fast and easy if it was her first time. (It was the first time for me too, but I had read a lot) So, I first kissed her forehead.

She held my hand to her hand, finger to finger. I locked her hand against the wall (the evergreen Indian way). I kissed her eyes, then her cheeks, then her nose. I then moved over her lips to her chin, kissed and then again towards her lips and gave a small peck on her lips. Waiting for her signal!

I still thought I need her permission. And yes, the first treasure opened. I went towards her upper lips and wrapped it with my lips. Suck soft for a couple of seconds, retreated and again on her lower lips. I still didn’t use the tongue. You know, going slowly!

I had all the time in the world. I wanted that every memory of this time to be remembered by my brain until my last breathe in this world. I let go of her hands and untied the knot of her top. The lace just fell off easily. Now it was a stripless shoulderless sleeveless tank top.

After a minute of kissing which felt like ages, my lips started the downward journey from the chin. Slowly moving down kissing her throat area. Then kissing her collarbone(which I find very sexy), then kissing her bare shoulders. Then again moving down.

An advantage of height is, you can see a girl’s cleavage very easily when you stand close to a girl. And this beauty had a pendant and thin necklace ending just in between her cleavage. Giving just numerical information about a girl is like judging her in a very shallow way.

Attitude, shyness, and eyes cant be explained in numbers. Having said that, she was slim yet curvy making an hourglass look (literally). I don’t know if girls understand how boys feel when they see cleavage, and that close! It’s a tremendous feeling.

By the way, she had not worn anything inside her top. (I was surprised). I stopped my kissing over her cleavage. The next thing I did was, moved my hands over her boobs. Her top was still between her bare boob skin and my hands. I gave pressed them lightly.

She was biting her lips and was sweating. My fingers slowly went near the 2 poking points in that area and started encircling there. Then I ran my nails very softly over both the nipples and she was clean bold. I repeated doing the same.

Circling her areola and oddly moving my nails over her nipples and pressing her boobs. This repetition was magic for her. Guys reading this should try this on their girls next time. Girls, please let me know, if it works for everyone, or was it just her. Remember I haven’t even removed the top till now.

Well, it is Saturday today, my mom is calling me and I need to stop writing now. I’ll continue with my story. My further writing would depend on your response. If this was pathetic, better I stop writing here itself.

I will keep it to you to guess whether this is a real story or not.

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