Seduced New Office Batch-mate Aishu

Hi, I am Dinesh, 5’8” in height with an average body (Not too fat and not too thin). I live in Hyderabad. This incident happened a long way back in 2014.

To give you people clarity, I have divided the complete story into 3 parts. The first part goes as follows:

How small incidents made us closer to each other.

Coming to the heroine of the story, her name is Aishwarya. Her stats are 36-26-34. We both were classmates in our B.Tech in Hyderabad. We were good friends.

In the 4th semester, we got placed in an MNC company along with 35 others in our college. But only 3 of us joined the company, myself, Aishu, and another person Sruthi. As our company was in Mangalore, we had to take a train as soon as our final exams were done. All 3 of us reached the station and took a cab.

When we reached, we left for a friend’s place where we had made arrangements to stay. Then we freshened up and left for our new office. We completed all the formalities. Here, we met Divya who was from Kerala.

We were only 4 members to join the new batch. As it was a Thursday, we were told to come from Monday to the office. All 4 of us decided to use this spare time to roam around and see the beaches of Mangalore and explore a few new places, during these 3 days.

Our training started and a few more new people joined us. Now in total, we were a batch of 10 members. Since we 4 became good friends (3 of us knew each other) and the new girl Divya mingled with us, very soon most of the time we were together.

As soon as the training is done, all the others would go home, but we 4 continued to roam on the roads and eat street food till late at night.

I was the only guy in the group, it was my responsibility to drop all of them to their respective PGs (Paying Guest accommodation) and then return home.

Everything was good, and going smoothly to this day. It was our week-off, so we headed to a nearby beach and were playing like small kids in the sand and digging holes, etc. That was when I saw Aishu’s cleavage and was awestruck for a moment! She noticed it too and changed her direction. I came back to my senses but was unable to act normally.

Till that date, I never had any bad intentions towards her.

Divya left as she had to meet a friend. It was me, Aishu, and Sruthi, and we were returning to our PGs in an auto.

We were so tired that Aishu was sleeping on my shoulder and Sruthi was on Aishu’s shoulder. I couldn’t sleep as Aishu’s left boob was pressed against my right elbow, and my little bro was testing the limits of my pants. I had to control myself till we reached the PG.

As we reached, Aishu came back to me and asked, “What were you looking at while we were on the beach?”

I was shocked. She gave me a naughty smile and said, “I had my eyes on you, be aware of it (in a cunning voice).” I didn’t know what to say and said, “Good night,” and left for my room.

The whole night, I was thinking whether it was a green signal or a red signal from Aishu. Should I proceed further or control myself? I was completely confused.

The next day, Aishu was normal towards me, so I haven’t taken her word as a red signal. A few days later, she asked me to go shopping with her. She said that she had to buy some personal items and had to go to a parlor.

I immediately agreed and went along with her. After shopping and visit the parlor, we took a cab back to the PG. At a nearby shop, she bought a shaving blade.

With an innocent voice, I said to her,

Me: Why do you need a shaving blade (bending towards her face). You don’t even have a moustache?

Aishu (with a little blushing, gave a small smile): I can’t get waxed at my ass or around there. I’ll die with pain if I do so.

Me (even more innocently): Oooh! You girls also get hair over there?

Aishu: Don’t act innocent. Or are you innocent?

Me: You should know that you said that you have been watching me for the past 4 years.

Aishu: Yes, I know.

She came near me and gave me a hug and left for her PG. This is where I had begun taking her each and every signal as a GREEN signal and started to flirt with her every day.

A few days later, she asked me for an earphone while I was dropping her at the PG. As her hands were full, she asked me to place it in her jacket pocket. But I chose her jeans back pocket and while leaving the earphones there, I gave a small squeeze on her ass, and then stopped for a moment and took my hands off.

She just gave me a smile and left. After this, we both became even closer, and she started sharing each and every image she captured with her friends or alone in the washroom with me.

Sometimes she even shared her semi-nude pictures. And even each dress that she wore, including her inner-wear.

We managed not to show our secret interest in front of everyone and acted as good, close friends. Even Sruthi and Divya didn’t find out, even though they were with us most of the time. The only time we were not together was during our sleep time.

As months passed, all 4 of us decided to rent a house because we didn’t want to miss each other even at sleep time. Within no time, we found a 2 BHK flat near our office which was within our budget.

3 of the girls stayed in one bedroom and the other bedroom was only for me. As we all were in the same batch, we had the same shift timings till we got separated into different teams.

I and Sruthi were in the same team while Aishu and Divya were in different teams. Since we were in the same room, we had to either cook or eat outside.

I and Aishu, went to a nearby shop to bring groceries. It was the peak of summer. She wore a sweater. I asked her, “Why the hell are you wearing a sweater when it’s so hot outside?”

She replied, “I have just worn an inner petticoat,” and showed me a glance of her cleavage by opening one side of her sweater. I was so happy and wanted to see again so immediately changed my facial expression to a confused state and said, “What’s that black spot over there?”

“Where?” she opened her sweater to have a look. I said, “Thank you, I didn’t see it properly last time that you showed.”

Sorry guys, I don’t want you to get bored anymore by reading all these small incidents. It’s already been too long an intro between both of us. I’ll tell you what happened next in the next part of the story.

Any guesses what happened next? Please share your feedback with me on [email protected]

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