‘Extra’ Cusomer Care Service

Hello everyone, I am back again with an experience of customer care service by a hotel receptionist.

You can read my other experiences by clicking here and have a good time. Thank you for your overwhelming responses to the previous experiences posted.

A bit of an introduction about me: I am a good-looking 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

Coming to the experience: It was the winter of November. I had been assigned to visit one of our clients in Aurangabad for a week-long review of their evaluation. I travel a lot for work-related purposes and am always ready to experience the local taste.

I reached the hotel early on Monday morning and was stationed at the hotel for the rest of the week. I was greeted at the reception by a short girl, nicely dressed in her official attire of shirt, trousers, and a waistcoat. She welcomed me with the customary broad smile and was assigned to complete all my formalities.

That is when she introduced herself as Sara, and she is the heroine of the story.

I just completed the formalities quickly. I went off to the room in a hurry as I had to run for a scheduled meeting. The first 2 days of stay were hectic. I would see Sara while handing over the keys and greeting her at that time. On Tuesday evening, I finished work before time and landed at the hotel at around 5 p.m.

I had some spare time at hand and wanted to explore the local areas. I took over the room keys from Sara and enquired with her.

Me: Hey Sara, what would be a nice local place to visit for dinner?

Sara: Don’t you like our food?

Me: Oh no. Nothing like that. Just that wanna explore the local restos since I have time on hand.

Sara: Hold on.
Sara handed out a piece of paper with some 3-4 local places’ names.

Me: Thanks for the information.

I left the hotel at around 7 and returned back at around 11.30. Sara was nowhere to be seen at both times. I went straight to the room and freshened up, and was about to hit the bed. After 10 minutes of hitting the bed, I had a buzz on WhatApp from an unknown number.

Msg: Hey, still exploring, or have you returned to your room?

I was a bit baffled at the message with the details in it. I opened it but could not understand who it was.

Me: May I know who’s this?

Msg: Don’t you like some anonymous attention from a girl?

Me: I like it. But knowing the person messaging would be better.

In a second, I received a photo from the messenger. I opened it, and it was of Sara standing in front of the Hotel Board in her official attire.

Me: Oh, it’s the cutie!

Sara: Yes. It’s me. Hope I didn’t disturb you.

Just then, I clicked a selfie of myself, showing my face and the bed around a bit, and sent it to her.

Sara: Ohhh. You are back to the room early.

Me: Yea. It was boring to roam around all alone.

Sara: I didn’t think you would be alone for a long time for the night.

Me: What do you mean?

Sara: With your charming smile, you would have wooed any single girl.

Me: I wasn’t able to find anyone as charming as you to woo her.

Sara: Oh really? (Blush emojis)

Me: Yea. That’s the truth. Why be single for the night.

Sara: Of course. Should have some company for the night. It’s alright. I would be your company for the night.

Me: That’s my pleasure to have such cute company for the night.

Sara just blushed.

Me: Blushy girl. It would have been better to have you as a company at the lounge.

Sara: How would it have made a difference?

Me: That you would have understood if you would have been actually there.

Sara: Assume that I was at the lounge post work. Sitting on the bar table alone, sipping a drink and humming to the dance music at times.

This line from her ignited the roleplaying game with her. It would be crazy playing with this cutie who looks like a horny girl right now.

Building up the background: I would enter the lounge and look across, trying to have a look at some alone girl for the night. And would be amazed to have a look at you. Would walk straight up to you.

Me: Hello, cutie. Did not expect to see you here post work.

Sara: (With a smile) Well, everyone needs a break.

Me: Of course. Everyone does. All alone?

Sara: Nope. Was alone until you entered. Now I have a charming man like you for company.

Me: That’s flattering. Well, that’s good to hear. I, too, have a cute and hot company now.

Sara: Hot. Really you feel so?

Me: Of course. Never thought the cute girl in official attire would look so hot in the single black piece.

Sara sent in a couple of blushy emojis.

Me: Nice to see the girl blushing to the praise. Would you like to dance?

Sara: Thought you would never ask for it.

Move with you to the dance floor and start shaking a leg.

Me: Start to dance and shake a leg to the dancing grooves being played.

Sara: I would move in close to you and show you off my dancing skills.

Me: Just staring at the dance steps being put up by you. Those are some good dance moves.

Sara: Move in closer to you. Place your hands over my hips and grove my hips to the dance numbers.

Me: Move in a step closer. Both of us are dancing close to each other. Move my hand down and grab your booty lightly.

Sara: Ouch. That was unexpected from you.

Me: When a hot booty is dancing so close, why not grab it as well? And let my right hand rest on your left booty, pressing it at times in between.

Sara: That’s a hot move you played. You really know how to play your cards well.

Me: You brought out the best in me.

Sara: The best is yet to come. I would move in closer to you. Pressing my boobs over your chest and giving you a stare in the eyes from below.

Me: Fuck. Those melons rubbing my chest are making me go horny for you, girl. Bend down and give you a soft kiss on those delicious juicy lips of yours and press your booty hard with both hands.

Sara: Aahhh. That would make me moan a little.”

Me: I would look back and stare into your eyes and just wink.

Sara: I would slide my hand around your neck and pull you down to give you a passionate smooch. Would push my tongue into your mouth and let it wrestle with your tongue.

Me: That would make me grab that booty harder and press the soft ass cheeks strong.

Sara: Would let you go off the kiss and wink at you. My place is a walking distance from here. Would you like to join?

Me: Following you at a distance. Keep the door open when you reach.

Sara: I start walking in front of you, swinging my ass from left to right and giving you a nice show.

Me: Having a look at that swaying ass with a nice hard-on that you need to satisfy. As soon as we reach home. I lock the room. Pull you in my arms, lift you up, wrapping your legs against my hip and push you to the wall and kiss you passionately.

Sara: That’s a wild kiss. Would keep kissing you and moaning.

Me: Pushing my tongue deep inside yours and playing with your tongue. Biting your lower lip in between.

Sara: That’s making me crazy with your words.

Sara sent in a photo of her panty with a big round patch on it. Gave me an idea she was wet like hell.

Me: Good to see that you are turned on by the words. It would be fun ahead.

Sara: You are driving me crazy. Wished you were actually here for the night.

Me: Have the entire week ahead. Would definitely have our share of fun.

Just then, she hit me with a selfie of hers. Her naked boobs were covered with her hand covering the nipples but gave an ample view of her soft melons. I reciprocated her with a view of my boner.

Me: Lift you up from the wall and throw you onto the sofa of the hall. Remove my shirt.

Sara: Slowly open the zip of my dress and let it slide on. Showing off my curves in the matching black lingerie to you.

Me: That’s a hot tempting view of yours. Bend down and start kissing you all the way from your lips through your chin, to your neck, side shoulders to your collarbone, and down to your cleavage. Wriggling my tongue into your valley and making it go all wet.

In the meantime, I open the bra hooks and let it fall down onto you and release those lovely soft melons which you just gave a glimpse to me.”

Sara: Aaahhhh. That’s making me go crazy. Fingering my pussy deep inside out here hearing you play your game.

Me: I am stroking my cock out here to its full glory. Start with sucking your left boob. Keep sucking it hard, and in between, slide my fingers down to your panty and push them inside your panty.

Sara: Fuck. I just came out here.

Me: That’s nice to hear. It would be better to see.

Just then, she sent in a photo of her fingers drenched in her juices licking from the sides. What an erotic sight to see.

Me: It looks like the sheet is all wet.

Sara: Of course it is. I push you down onto the sofa. Remove your denim and pull your briefs down to let your cock stand in glory. Start kissing you from your inner thighs with a wet tongue till your balls and up to the tip of your cock and gulp it down in a go inside my mouth.

Me: Fuck, that’s crazy. That was fucking hot as hell, girl.

Sara: Kneel down in front of you on the floor and start staring at you while my hands are playing with your cock and blowing it off. Nice and slow at times and hard at times while I am biting my lower lips.

Me: That’s a crazy move, girl. Fucking erotic and sexy to the core.

Sara: Bend down and gulp your cock down my mouth and deep throat it.

Me: I just held your hair and push you onto the cock to let it slide deep inside you, gagging you all the while.

Sara: Fucking crazy you are.

Me: Fuck. I am cumming, girl. Releasing the load. Fuck jizz.

Sara: Are you satisfied now?

Me: More than satisfied for the time being. Would be more satisfied when I actually meet you tomorrow.

Sara: Naughty boy. Leave in your wet boxer as a gift for me in the locker of the room. Set the passcode to 0000.

Me: Taking a gift to keep you horny all through the day.

Sara: It’s always been a kink to me.

We bid good night to each other after a while of chit-chatting and decided how we would satisfy the lust without being caught at the hotel. All of that will be in the next part.

I hope that you liked the narration about sex on my office tour. I would like to hear your feedback on [email protected] Also, let me know what part of the experience you enjoyed reading the most and made you horny for masturbation. Till then, ciao!

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