Kriti Sandwiched Between Two Guys

Hi guys, my name is Kriti Brooklyn Kavya. For those of you, who are wondering what this means, allow me to explain. My name is Kriti. Brooklyn, sandwiched as my middle name, is  given to me by one of my grandmothers (yes, I have more than 1 grandmother). It is also my nick-name, and Kavya is my last name.

In my community, we adopt our mother’s first name as our last name. Since my mother’s name is Kavya, my complete name is Kriti Brooklyn Kavya. Now, for your second question as to what is my community? Well, it is called Sambhogvyanam. I won’t go into the details to explain my community.

So, not to drag the story too much, I’ll stick to my incident about being sandwiched between 2 guys. It was my mistake but a pleasure for them.

It was 8 in the morning, and I had just got out of my Maths tuition class. The yellow sun felt good on my face on the cool bright March morning. My exams were around the corner. I was walking down the road with my recent learning doing rounds in my head.

A bike honked from behind, and as a reflex, I stepped aside. When the bike didn’t stop honking, I turned on my heels in anger to find Kunal and Ashish honking at me. They were my classmates in coaching. Since I knew them, my anger vanished, and I was normal again.

“Hey, Kriti,” Ashish said modestly.

“Hi, guys,” I replied, smiling.

“Where are you going?” Ashish asked.

“Um… home,” I pointed up the road.

“How is your exam preparation going?” he asked.

“What’s the point of asking her. She is the topper of the class. She would be all set by now,” Kunal said immediately.

“It’s not like that, guys. I do get stressed out, too,” I replied, chuckling. “How is yours going?”

“Not good,” Ashish answered ruefully, shaking his head.

“Why? What’s the roadblock?” I asked sympathetically.

“It’s that damn Biology. We can’t understand it,” Kunal said, saddened. His face sunk low with disappointment. “We are surely going to fail in that.”

“Don’t say like that, guys. I am sure you will pass in that.”

“Easy for you to say. You are the topper of the class,” Kunal taunted and became sad again.

“Yes,” Ashish said ruefully. “We can’t understand what ma’am teaches us in class. It really feels boring in there, and she also rushes chapters.”

“Oh guys, I feel so bad,” I walked over to them. “You know what, I can give it a try,” I said cheerfully.

“You would?” they said in unison, and their eyes sparkled in hope.

“Yes, I can help you with Biology. Teach you all the things that you are struggling with,” I offered curtly.

“Really!” they exclaimed in joy. “That would be amazing, Kriti.”

“So, it’s settled then. I’ll teach you Biology for the next twenty days. We can start from today if you guys want it?” I suggested.

“That’s good… where can we go to sit and study?” Ashish wondered.

“We can go to my house,” Kunal replied hesitantly, “if Kriti is fine with it.”

“I am good with it,” I replied, smiling.

“Good, hop on then,” Kunal said, and he shifted back a little, opening some space between him and Ashish. I got on to their bike, sandwiched between my two male classmates.

From that day onwards, my role as their teacher began. Every day, after our Maths classes, I would ride with the boys to Kunal’s house. I would teach them Biology for two and a half hours. After that, Ashish would drop me home.

So this is it, folks… story over… LOL, just kidding.

A week into our arrangement, Kunal’s parents and his older sister had to go to his Uncle’s house. Kunal’s cousin was getting married right on the eve of the exam. With his preparation lacking, he refused to go, and his parents didn’t force him to come along either.

Like a teacher, I taught them a chapter each day and would ask the question. And on that day, it was the turn of the chapter on reproduction. For some reason, Indian teachers always tend to skip over that chapter while students always wanted to learn it.

I had many teachers in the house who taught me that chapter with practicals as well. The boys were excited for me to cover this topic and were eager to get home as quickly as possible.

When we got to Kunal’s home, we went straight to his room on the first floor and sat at his study table. We followed the usual arrangement of me sitting in the center and the boys on either side.

“Kriti, what’s that?” Kunal inquired, pointing at the diagram of a breast.

“That’s called a breast,” I answered. “They are the organs that store milk.”

“So, all females have it?” asked Ashish innocently.

“Yes, all,” I replied.

“Even you have it?” Kunal said hesitantly.

“Yes, Kunal. Even I have them,” I replied, smiling. “See, they are right here,” I pointed towards my boobs.

“Can I touch those and try to understand them better?” Ashish asked timidly.

“Yes. Like this,” I took their hands and placed them on my breasts. For me, having those boys squeezing my boobs was no big deal. In my community, we are encouraged to have sex as much as we can and with anyone. So, getting my boobs grabbed by guys was normal for me.

“They sure feel different,” said Ashish.

“Yes, they are soft,” Kunal added.

“Umm… Kriti. Can we see them?” Ashish said with great effort.

“Yes. Why not?” I replied casually and took off my shirt and bra.

I now sat topless in between my two guy friends. My big boobs hung freely before their very eyes to feast upon. The stunned expression on their faces told me that it was the first time they had seen naked boobs in real. I had made it a habit with them to help them learn with practical knowledge.

Every day, I went to the house with the relevant object in my possession to help them learn better. On that day, that desired object was my body.

“Kriti, what’s that?” Kunal asked, gulping a huge lump and pointing at the diagram of a vagina.

“That’s called a vagina,” I answered innocently.

“Can you show us that too?” Ashish asked bravely.

“Yeah, sure, guys,” I replied and took off my shorts and panty.

I now sat naked in front of those guys, who had their eyes glued to my seamless body. I had taken the bed to help them see my cunt. I laid flat on my back and spread my legs. Both the boys got to their knees and admired my opening. They touched it with their sweaty fingers, caressed it, flicked my pussy lips.

I sat up, took my place back at the table, and resumed my lessons. When we reached the men’s body, they didn’t waste time stripping naked and standing before me with their hard dicks hanging out.

“So, these are called testicles,” I grabbed their hard and heavy balls. “This is where semen is produced,” I moved my finger up their sack and onto their dick, “And this is from where it comes out,” I pointed at the tip. “It’s white in color and stick and warm.”

“White, sticky, and warm,” said Kunal, perplexed. “This is where my pee comes out, and it’s neither white and nor sticky. But it is warm, though.”

“It happens through a different mechanism, silly,” I replied, laughing. “When your penis moves back and forth during sexual intercourse, your urinary pipe gets closed off. Your testicular pipe opens up, ready to carry your semen from your testicles into your penis.”

“Back and forth, like this,” Ashish humped thin air.

It felt hilarious to see him do that. I burst into laughter, “Something like this, but your penis needs friction to get into the sexual scenario,” I said.

“Can you show us, Kriti?” Kunal requested.

I nodded and held their big dicks in my hand. I had barely jerked them for 2 minutes when their cocks exploded. My face was covered in their hot cum. It was loads and had covered my entire face.

“This is called semen,” I whipped a drop off my face and held it before them.

“What does it do, Kriti?” Ashish asked.

“Well, if it is shot inside a woman’s vagina, it will make a baby,” I answered.

“So, if we put it inside your vagina, you will get pregnant with our baby?” Kunal followed up.

“In theory, yes. But a lot many other factors are involved in that. There are just 3-5 days window each month in which, if you drop your semen inside a woman, you can make her pregnant. After that, you can’t,” I answered and stood up. “Now, I need to clean my face,” I said and went into the bathroom to clean up.

When I came back, I saw the boys lying on the bed, with their dicks in their hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We are practicing what you did to us,” they answered together.

“Do it later guys, we still have lessons left for the day,” I said and waved them to return to the seats.

“Kriti,” said Kunal. “Can you teach us what sexual intercourse is?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, “Do you have a computer?”

Kunal whipped his laptop out of the cupboard. I opened a website and pulled my mom’s old porn videos.

“Kriti, that lady looks familiar,” Ashish said, pointing at my mom, who was in her youth back when the video was shot.

“Yes, that’s my mom. She was a porn actress,” I answered proudly.

My family always took pride in the fact that mom worked in porn. I was always too happy for the work she had done. When my friends recognized her on-screen, I felt proud and happy. It was a great moment for me to acknowledge that I am the proud daughter of Kavya, the pornstar.

“Your mom had sexual intercourse on camera,” Ashish exclaimed, shocked.

“Yes… Isn’t that great,” I replied excitedly.

“Wow, she got guts,” Kunal said. “Hey, can we practice sexual intercourse on you?” he asked sharply.

“Yes, you can, guys,” I replied cheerfully.

I laid flat on my back, on the bed, and pulled my legs up. Kunal was the first one to come over to me. He pushed his throbbing dick up my wet pussy with ease. Ashish stood near my face as Kunal grabbed my boobs and humped me nice and hard.

“Ahh… ahh… ahh… that feels so good,” I moaned. “Do you like it, Kunal?”

“Oh, Kriti, this feels amazing,” he threw his head back and thumped me harder. I took Ashish’s dick and slid it into my mouth. My moans escaped as Ashish moved his cock in and out of my mouth.

Kunal did the same to my cunt. “Oh, Kriti, I feel something,” Kunal made a scrawny face.

His eyes were shut tight, and his face squeezed. I felt his dick tightening inside me. I crossed my legs around his back and pulled him closer. His body trembled as I felt his load getting shot up up my cunt. Like a chopped timber, he fell to the bed.

I rolled down the bed, held is lump dick in my hand, and stuck it in my mouth. Just as I did so, Ashish came behind me and pushed his cock deep in.

“Ooh,” I moaned.

“Am I doing it right, Kriti,” said Ashish, ramming my pussy hard.

“Yes, Ashish… yes… yes… that’s right… that’s the right way,” I screamed, my boobs swung back and forth in the air.

“Kriti, you are the best,” Ashish muttered.

“Oh Ashish… tha-thanks,” I said, in between moans and licking Kunal’s dick.

Ashish grabbed my ass tight as he neared his climax. His thumping got hard but slow. With five strong pushes, he exploded inside me. He fell onto me, and I, in turn, fell over Kunal. Sandwiched between the two tired boys, I laid completely naked, with Ashish’s dick still inside me.

Kunal took my face and begun kissing me all over while Ashish kissed my back and neck.

“If we knew you were this good in teaching biology, we would have asked you for help long ago,” Kunal joked.

“We still got ten more chapters to learn,” I replied, smiling.

“We will learn them with dedication, only if you let us to the practical for reproduction every day,” Ashish suggested.

“Sure. It’s a deal,” I replied.

From that moment onwards, I taught them Biology for two and a half hours regularly. After that, I let them fuck me for one hour.

Well, that’s my tale about being sandwiched between two guys. I hope you liked it. My email id is [email protected]

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