Exchange Student – Part 2

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Hi, this is Mohan Reddy, once again continuing a story for an exchange student who enjoyed reading my stories. She was from the northern hemisphere towards the east of India. She is 4 ft 7 in tall and has a good healthy body. She made it out with her professor and friend. I am continuing the earlier episode.

Mona then went to her room and, at night, slept nude. She had one hand between her clean shaved pussy and one hand on her 38D tits playing with them. She massaged the nipples and pinched them, making them hard. Her left hand was between her legs, massaging the pussy lips.

The pussy was getting aroused and wet. Mona tried inserting her finger, but the pussy was tight as no one had ever entered it before. She could feel a bit of the clit, and it was giving a tingling feeling. She did not know about the clit at that time.

Mona then imagined the dick of Rajesh. She had her mouth drooling thinking how it would be to have him in her mouth? What would the taste be like? After playing for an hour, she experienced her first orgasm and enjoyed it.

Now she decided that she must have a taste of dick in her horizontal and vertical lips. She also tried imagining what it would feel like to have a tongue on her pussy and in it, too. But it was way beyond imagining it, so she wanted to have it soon.

A week went by, and she daily started masturbating at home and having an orgasm. The next weekend Rashmi said that her sister’s kids had holidays. So she and her son were also joining them for 10 days. But due to exams going on, Rajesh could not join.

Rajesh was also helping Mona cope with her studies daily. Due to the exams, she needed help. Rashmi asked Mona to help in cooking the dinner for Rajesh while she was not there. Mona’s joy knew no end as she was now waiting for an opportunity.

Two days later, Rajesh went at 7 pm to leave Rashmi to the station and came back at 9. Mona had by then freshened up and made the dinner. Mona had worn a tight-fitting tank top and a mini skirt without inners. Her nipples were poking out. And the impression could be seen.

As soon as Rajesh came home, Mona jumped into his arms. Rajesh gave her a shout. But Mona said she was not doing it in front of Rashmi and again jumped in his arms. She put her hand around his neck, and Rajesh held her below her bottom.

Mona started kissing Rajesh, but this time, it was an erotic lip lock. Rajesh now felt Mona’s bare bum as she had not worn any panties. He was surprised. His fingers, by that time, had touched her bare pussy lips, which was wet.

Rajesh: Mona, what is all this? Why this change in you?

Mona: The last time I slept here, I saw you go to the kitchen to get water with a hardon. Then I watched you and Rashmi have oral sex and also you fucking her. Then you spilled in her mouth and both then slept naked together.

Rajesh: But that was a mistake.

Mona: I am a virgin and have never before seen a penis from so close a distance. Today I want you to show it to me from closer. Please.

Rajesh: On one condition, you do not tell Rashmi, and you sleep here every night while I am alone.

Mona jumped with joy and gave him another deep-mouth kiss. She started exploring his mouth with her tongue. Rajesh was still carrying her, and now his fingers were teasing her pussy lips, tickling them. They stood at the door for 15 minutes, smooching.

Mona then got down and unzipped his dick. She started observing it while moving the palm of her hand all along the shaft, which had started growing. She then put her tongue to the tip and tasted the precum. It tasted salty, but she liked the taste. Now she enveloped his dick in her mouth and moved it in and out.

Mona liked it now in the full mast. She then told him to go freshen up and have dinner. Rajesh had his bath and came out to dress up. As usual, he came out to his bedroom nude as his clothes were on the bed. But to his surprise, Mona was sitting on the bed waiting for him. She kept staring at his body.

Rajesh: What are you staring at?

Mona: This is just the 2nd time I have seen a man nude, and that too it was you only. But now I am getting a full view at a closer look.

She came up to him and examined his penis for a while. She was feeling the limp dick that started growing in her hands. On and off, she kept on kissing the head and licking off the precum. She was enjoying it playing with the dick and balls. At times she licked and sucked the full balls in her mouth.

Rajesh was hot now. He lifted Mona onto his shoulders upside down with her legs on his shoulders and her pussy near his mouth. As it is, she had not worn a panty, so it came into full view of his face and accessible to his tongue.

Seeing that her pussy was clean-shaven, he liked it. He said he would ask Rashmi also to keep it that way.

Rajesh now played with the pussy lips sucking them hard. He was running his tongue over the lips from the tip right till her bum hole. It was open to his view. Every time she tried to put his tongue in his nose would tickle her bum home sending her to ecstatic waves.

Mona, since she was in reverse hanging down, started playing with his dick and balls. But due to her height, all she got was her tongue to reach the tip of his hard-standing dick. She now held on to his bum, tight caressing the cheeks.

Rajesh’s tongue did wonders to her pussy. He was making her cum a couple of times, spraying his face, which trickled down and now spread along his chest and her stomach.

Rajesh then put her on the dining table, took his dick. He tried to insert it in her pussy, but it was hurting as she was small built. It was her first time, and he had a 7 inch dick.

So she asked him to let it be for this time. But she went down on him and gave him a blowjob till he spilled in her mouth. She tried and drank it all. They then had dinner and went to sleep nude, holding each other.

I will continue the third episode after I get a response. If you liked my story, message me at [email protected]

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