Fantasy Turns Into Reality

I know the pandemic is getting worse. There’s always hope that good things will happen and all will be back to normal.

Her name is Andrea. I’m not sure how many have seen her other side. She’s the sweetest lovely girl I ever met.

I happened to see her at Dmart in January 2021. She was so beautiful that day. She was wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans. I followed her for 20 minutes inside Dmart. She was talking to her mom and busy with her phone.

She never noticed me. After billing, she just disappeared. I was regretting a lot. After that, a couple of weeks, I went to Dmart, hoping that I could see her. My bad luck, I couldn’t find her.

It was in mid-February. One day, I finished my work, and I went to my balcony for some fresh air and looked at the street. I usually don’t stand on the balcony. Suddenly a white scooty stopped. She took her helmet off and attended a call. Within a minute, she turned her vehicle and returned home.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was the same girl I saw in Dmart. There is a big society layout of 400 flats next to my apartment. She should be from that one. I know it’s hard to find, but I was so happy that I could see her again.

About Andrea, she’s an Anglo Indian, 25-year-old hot chick. She is 5.5ft 57kgs. She loves traveling. She loves romantic movies. She looks too traditional in a saree while she’s damn hot when she wears western attire.

A friend of mine later asked me for help. “Macha, please collect the delivery and also deliver the other pack in this layout to Mr. Sam.” It was near my home, so I agreed.

I was wearing boxers. I changed my dress, took a shower, wore a mask. Sam was staying on the 6th floor. I rang the doorbell there was no response after 5 minutes someone opened the door. I was shocked to see Andrea in the house.

She was looking dull and tired

Me: I’m here to deliver a parcel to Mr. Sam.

She: Sam is my elder brother. He is out of town

Me: Can I get some water? I came through the stairs.

She: Please, come in. Be seated. I will be back in a minute.

She was wearing a nightgown. She went into the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a noise of utensils being dropped. I ran into the kitchen, saw her puking. I was holding her head and helped her to sit. I asked if there’s hot water.

She: No

Meanwhile, I made some hot water and gave it to her. She drank a little and said thanks. I asked about her parents and brother. She said they all went to native, over a month, she stays alone.

Me: You are sick. Did you eat something?

She: I need to prepare. Ordering isn’t safe. I don’t want to take the risk.

I realized she’s very polite and soft. She has to be handled well. I told her to take a rest. I’ll leave now. I gave her my number and said if there’s anything important, to call me.

She texted me an hour later and asked for eggs. I asked mom to prepare lunch. I took lunch and bought 12 eggs, and reached her home. She saw me with lunch and said it’s unnecessary. I insisted she just eats it today.

Me: Sorry, I know we just met. Getting your lunch is too much.

She: It’s fine. It shows how caring you are. I don’t know about you yet.

We introduced each other. We found we have similar tastes. I made few jokes. She was laughing but with difficulty as she was unwell.

Me: Can I use the washroom?

She: Sure, please use the one in my room. There’s a problem with the flush in the common bathroom. My room isn’t that good so adjust a little. (laughed little)

Me: It’s completely fine.

I went inside her room. There was an ashtray, and all clothes were over the room. There was a novel half-read. I saw the panty and bra in the washroom. Suddenly I touched that panty and bra. I sniffed her panty. I was rock hard. Goodness, my boner was covered in my inner and jean pant.

Andrea was 25, introvert jovial person. I asked about the ashtray. She smiled sheepishly and said it belongs to her dad. Now she uses it.

Me: If you want to take a rest, I will leave.

She: I was completely bored, we could chat for some time. Are you free?

Me: Sure, ok, say from when you started to smoke. Who taught you?

She: My ex taught me during my final year of college. I quit smoking once I finished college. I was alone and too bored at home. I started smoking again and got caught by you, lol. How about you?

Me: I don’t smoke or drink.

She: Are you serious?

Me: Yes, I am. What do you prefer, novels or movies?

She: Both, but novels have the upper hand.

We kept talking for a long, discussed a lot. It was time for me to leave. I was about to hug her while saying bye, but I felt she might be offended. So I lowered my hand and shook hands.

She smiled. I was embarrassed. I told her to take a tablet and take a rest. Later she hugged me and said bye. It was a small hug.

This continued for the next 3 days. We got closer to each other, even spoke about our ex, politics, sports, pets, traveling. On the fourth day, I applied for leave at work. I just wanted to spend my time with Andrea.

I reached her flat, she has invited me in and gave me a cup of coffee. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and shorts.

Me: Why do girls love pink so much?

She: What’s the problem with guys? They always complain about pink. It’s bright and beautiful color

Me: Shall we play chess or ludo or carrom.

She: I suck at carrom, let’s play chess.

Me: Do you just suck carrot? Oops, my bad. I was about to ask, “Do you just suck at carrom?”

She: Control yourself, don’t worry. I don’t use carrots.

Me: Lol, ok, what if I win?

She: You say!

Me: I need a tight hug for 10 minutes.

She: Are you crazy? Hug for 10 minutes? That is too tight, it seems. What if I win?

Me: I’ll hug you for 20 minutes.

She: Ok, fair enough.

She processed what I said. Suddenly she hit my head playfully.

She: Cheater Cock, you trickster, either way, its benefit for you. If I win, we will have coffee at night at 11 on the terrace. You should prepare coffee for me.

Me: Sounds good, but I could sense you are good at playing chess. Let’s play.

We continued playing chess for an hour. It was not an easy game. She was so good at it. Finally, I won the game.

(Lol, I wish to say I won the game, but I lost the game Andrea won. She was really good)

She started dancing after the win. I was a little upset. Not because I lost the match, but I missed the hug. She came to me and hugged me tightly. Her boobs were touching my chest, and we both could feel the heat.

We both were staring at each other. I kissed her cheeks. She kissed my cheeks. We both didn’t talk about anything. We were just hugging. At one point, she pushed me to the wall, kissed my lip.

It was a fraction of a second suddenly she broke the hug and went inside another room and said

She: I guess it’s enough for today. Will see you tomorrow.

I said bye and thanks for the pleasant surprise.

Me: If I knew losing the game was so much fun, I’ll lose all games and win you.

On the 5th day, it was a casual meet. She prepared lunch for me. It was yummy. We played ludo for some time, saw the first two episodes of a series. In the evening I left for my home.

During the 5th-day night mobile chat

She: How many girls have fallen for you?

Me: I would say some 86, mostly in dreams, lol.

She: In real?

Me: A few proposed, I didn’t agree. You know about my ex, no flings as of now. So totally 5 girls.

She: 5 girls? Did you sleep with 5?

Me: How about you? I slept with 3.

She: Two, but I’m a virgin. I just had kisses and a little foreplay.

Me: Haha, really? Hard to believe, but those two are such unlucky creatures. They missed tasting the…

She: They actually tasted (laughing with the tongue out smiley)

Me: Crazy you are. I mean, they didn’t taste you fully else you wouldn’t be a virgin still.

She: I didn’t let them do it.

Me: So mean, you got pleasure and not them. Did you give a blowjob?

She: Nope, I haven’t sucked dick yet. They don’t deserve it, as if those two didn’t have pleasure in licking. You are making me talk naughty, which I never was, but this feeling is also good.

She: Have you ever been with a guy or been in an inappropriate relationship?

Me: No to both, but I tried my best to sleep with my lecturer. I missed the opportunity. How about you?

She: I just kissed my cousin. I couldn’t proceed any further. Also, it’s before 6 years now we both don’t have that idea also. I have never been with girls. How often do you masturbate?

Me: During the past year, it’s increased due to lockdown. How about you? What’s your favorite method of doing?

She: Same here. Lockdown has made me mad. Clit simulation recently, I started enjoying fingering. Sometimes 2 fingers.

Me: Good improvement. I don’t think it’s enough because dick width is more.

She: Shut up, don’t make me run away. Let’s be more romantic and promise me you won’t be too harsh on me.

Me: In that case, I need a blowjob. Don’t worry. My dick is the sweetest candy you ever tasted.

She: I’m not sure about a blowjob. I wanted to try but was very hesitant. Don’t worry. I have a surprise for you?

Me: Your idea about a threesome? Whom do you prefer? The third one, do you wish it to be a boy or a girl?

She: I haven’t thought so far. I just wanted to enjoy my time with the guy. Later I will see. I feel it’s not mandatory to try everything in sex. Few are awkward.

Me: Are you dominant or submissive? You are submissive, right, but all failed to notice it. Not all are as good as me.

She: How did you know in submissive? Is it just a wild guess, or are you dominant and want me to be submissive? I’m a switch but more of the sub when it comes to bed, in real life dominant. By seeing me in real life, they thought I’m dominant in the bed as well.

She: It’s been my long desire to be a submissive doll. But I don’t like it too harshly way. Yes, abusing me is fine. Humiliation, to an extent, is fine. He should know where to start and where to end. I have a deep dark fantasy. I’m not sure even you can find it.

Me: There is a misconception. A master and slave relationship is not about being hard. It’s different. It’ll be too preachy. So if I say that correctly. Will you surrender to me?

She: Don’t be so confident. I don’t want you to lose. We can take it slow.

Me: I’m never a loser. Give me one chance. I will prove I’m your Master. If I lose, I agree to anything you say, but if you get it right. You were going to surrender to me right the next second.

She: I’m sure this is going to end badly. You are too dominant, and I love it, but somewhere I feel overconfidence is bad.

Me: Do video call right away.

She called me. I just smiled. She again said, “Please don’t be too confident.” I asked, “Would you be ashamed if anyone knows about this fantasy?”

She: Obviously, I will be.

Me: Exactly when did you develop this fantasy?

She: i=In my early teens.

Me: Btw what’s your fav inner brand?

She: CK and jockey.

Me: When was the last time you masturbated?

She: Are we just diverting from the topic?

Me: Nope, just answer.

She: Ok. It’s before 5days, the day before you met me. That night I was so horny after that I feel sick, and you know the rest.

Me: Place the phone somewhere where I can see you fully.

She had JBL earbuds to listen to me properly. She went and sat on the bed.

Me: Actually, the first day when I went inside the washroom, I saw your panty and bra. I knew you have masturbated.

She : (made an angry face, it was fake angry) I never knew you are a pervert. I thought you are a decent fellow.

Me: Hold on, I actually saw you with your mom in Dmart in January. You were using your phone continuously and shopping too. I was trying to find you again, went to Dmart a few times but I could never see you.

She: Yes, that was the last time I went to Dmart. My friend was talking with me about her breakup. So I was texting her. Seriously, I could not believe this. It was somewhere destined for us to meet.

Me: Fine, you called daddy a pervert. I should teach you manners. Get ready to get a spanking.

She closed her mouth with her hands. She was in utter shock. She went pale didn’t know what to react also.

Me: So I won.

She: Master, if you permit, can I ask how you know so much about me? My best friend or my ex don’t know it.

Me: Because I’m your Master, and daddy knows everything about my little girl. Tomorrow I will tell you all. Today you are going to sleep just in bra and panty. Tomorrow morning we will meet, come on undress now.

She: Master, usually I don’t wear a bra at night times. I was about to remove that.

Me: I have no issues. You can just sleep with panty. (with an evil smile)

She: It will be cold. I will wear a bra master.

Slowly she started to undress. I was so hard. She’s the hottest girl I ever saw. She just jumped twice. I could see her boobs jiggling. She’s really a slut within, I wanted to shag, but I saved it for tomorrow. We said bye and disconnected the call.

In the morning, when I woke around 7, there was a video and a message. It read, “Master, I hope this video makes your day bright. I wish I were there to suck your hard dick.”

I played the video. She took a bath early morning with half-wet hair, was wearing a black dotted t-shirt and sky blue skirt. She was damn hot. She was kneeling on the bed, twisted her skirt, and pulled her zip down, wearing white panty.

She came into focus. With dark lipstick, she was like a horny slut. She sat down and removed her skirt. Those sexy legs are damn hot. She spread her legs while rubbing her legs. She said, “You like my legs, daddy? Are my thighs soft, daddy?”

She pulled her t-shirt a little up so I could see her navel. She was pressing her boobs with the most erotic looks and moaning during the entire video, making me go crazy.

Andrea: Do you love my boobs? I want you to hold my boobs tight and squeeze them, daddy.

While doing so, she removed her t-shirt. She was wearing a black bra and just in her white panty. She was one sexy goddess to me. She was in a kneeling position and said, “What happened, daddy? Am I sexy? Say it, daddy?” while saying, so she adjusted her panty.

I thought she’s going to remove panty as well. Such a teasing bitch she was. She came on four legs and walking towards the camera. She asked, “Do you like what you see, daddy?  All of this is yours, daddy.”

She was on her fours and making horny moves in the doggy style and said, “Why don’t you come here, daddy? I want you now. Mom is away. Come to me, Daddy.”

She came a bit closer, lowered, and kissed me.

Andrea: Did you see this? (pointing at her cleavage) What is this, daddy? What have you done? (pointing at both sides of boobs)

She had the most erotic smile on her face while doing so. I was so tempted by seeing this. She just licked her boobs and moaned, sucking boobs. “Daddy, lick my boobs please, I want you to lick my boobs. Naughty dad, what are you looking at? Do you know how wet my pussy is?”

Saying, so she was rubbing her pussy over her white panty. She rubbed a few times, moved it to the side, inserted her finger in her pussy, took it out, and licked her finger. She said, “I want you now, daddy, come and lick my juices.”

The video ended, and it was so erotic. I masturbated because of the hottest video and morning wood.

People can email me. I will take it slow, and we can explore ourselves. The remaining will be continued in the final chapter of d story. You guys and girls can masturbate. We can discuss this further at [email protected] You can read my other story here as well.

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