Wild Sex With Office Colleague In Bangalore

Hey Girls / Guys, are you horny already? Or you want to get wetter? Let me help you with that with my sensual and wild sex story. So, my name is Rahul, and I am from Bangalore.

This is a story about how my office beauty receptionist sucked me and enjoyed her first sex. Every day, when I go to the office first face. I see there is a beautiful girl named Ayesha. She looks so innocent and lovely. She is a gorgeous lady – every guy who enters the office look at her and then gets in.

After a few months of her joining, she asked me about other openings inside the organization. As I am in HR, she asked me. That’s how I connected with her and started chatting in WhatsApp for the next few months. I was also afraid to make a move as she is also from the same organization.

However, day by day, our talks moved to a different level. Let me describe to you a bit about her. She looks so beautiful Muslim girl. She has a nice body shape. We can’t call as slim or chubby. So she has the right amount of flesh everywhere. Her sizes were 34 D, 30, 36.

One day I was very late to leave the office, and she was still there at the office. Then I asked her why she didn’t leave yet. She said she had much work. I know she has to go very far from office to home. So I asked how she goes home. Then she replied by bus. I said, “I can drop you if you want.”

First, she was hesitant, and then she agreed. I was so excited to get on my bike. We started, and half the way, it was very cold. You may know how Bangalore is. So I asked her to come close to me. She hugged me from behind and kept her hands on thighs. I was super excited by her move.

Of course, my dick started getting erect – the cold breeze and the nice beautiful girl behind me and her hands close to my dick. Of course, it will get erect. So I started to drive with one hand for a few minutes. I kept my hand over her and moved it even close to my dick to make her sense that I was erect.

Since it is a long 1-hour journey. And no one at that time on the main road, and vehicles were going fast. I had an excellent chance to play. We were bitching about our managers and work and so many gossips. Suddenly she pressed my dick over my pant, and it was already erect.

She got moody and started to press. So I was driving in one hand and used the other hand to feel her boobs. I pressed it over the t-shirt. This happened the whole way. I enjoyed every bit of it. She was wearing light pants. I tried putting my hand to touch her pussy, but it was deep inside.

After dropping her, I came back home and called her over the phone, and we both masturbated while talking. After that, I have often dropped her home, and we did all these naughty things for that 1-hour journey. Luckily, we had planned the same way, but it was raining heavily.

We waited for more time at the office, but there were no signs for the rain to get over. I told her she may stay with me and drop her next day as it Saturday. She denied saying her mother won’t allow. But the rain was not stopping too. Then we tried booking a cab, but no cabs were available.

I tried booking a cab for my location, and luckily I got one. So I told her to come to my place. So it was around 10 PM. She agreed and called her parents and said that it is raining heavily. So she will stay in her friend’s room and come the next day.

I was on cloud nine. As soon as we reached my house. I locked my door and hugged and lifted her up. She said, “This why I denied, don’t do this. I didn’t come here for this.” I said, “Calm down, no issue. Let us have something to eat and drink.”

I found a few things in the kitchen to eat and took vodka as well. We were relaxing, having dinner with vodka with the rains outside. She said she wanted to change the dress. I offered her my t-shirt and shorts. She agreed, and she went inside the bedroom.

Though she had drunk, she was clear and changed the dress and came to dining again. So we were in shorts and tees. She had removed her bra, so your sexy boobs were tight. I could see her nipples over that white t-shirt. I said by touching her nipples, This is tempting my little boy.”

She said, “Where is your temptation?” and looked down on my shorts where she could see a huge bulge. She was exclaimed and rubbed her hand over my shorts and started pressing. I was standing behind her and started to press her boobs from bottom to top.

I couldn’t hold the whole boobs. It was big and stiff, which was like a nice round ball. She was playing with my growing dick. I started to lick her ears and neck while pressing her boobs. Slowly I moved her tees up, and she helped by raising her hand. Wow, what a sight of those huge boobs!

I started sucking like a baby. I sucked her nipples around and blew air on the wet nipples. She moaned a bit for my air on her wet nipples. I placed my hands on her pussy and pulled her shorts down. Luckily it was shaved pussy, and I passed my fingers.

She lifted her one leg and kept on the chair so that I have enough space between her legs. I started rubbing her clit slowly. We were kissing each other passionately, and she was already wet. I started rubbing her clit. I lifted her and placed her pussy on the edge of my table.

I started to lick her thighs and slowly moved towards her pussy and licked her clit with my mouth with vodka. And I grabbed an ice cube from the table and started running it on her thighs while I was sucking her clit. I closed her clit with lips and started teasing with my tongue.

She started moaning. Omg, I lifted her up on my shoulders without taking my mouth from her pussy and took her to bed. I jumped on her, and we were in 69 position in no time. I started sucking her pussy deep with my tongue going inside her pussy and licking on top of her clit.

I inserted my finger inside her pussy while sucking her clit. I was getting a nice blowjob from her virgin mouth, and she said it huge to suck. I pushed my 8.5-inch dick deep inside. It is a very thick dick, and long too. It makes it tough for her to suck it.

I never stopped digging her pussy with my finger, and my tongue was all over her clit. She was moaning very loud. She had my dick in her mouth, and me sucking her pussy and fingering deep. I turned around, lifted her up.

She was like in a different world as she cummed by my sucking itself, which I drank fully. I made her stand in doggy and started rubbing my dick on her pussy walls. She was like, “Stop teasing me, fuck me very hard.”

Without any instruction, I pushed my dick suddenly inside. She left a loud moan as she didn’t expect me to insert it fully. While she moaned, I slammed her ass hard and pulled her hips back, and fucked her very hard again. I pulled her hands behind and kept on her ass. My dick went inside her pussy and came out.

My balls were touching her pussy walls. She was screaming loud, which everyone who was passing could hear. Then I was standing on my knees, lifted her on my hips, and started fucking while kissing her very deeply. Then we moved to a spooning position.

I was holding her boobs and fucking from behind. I asked her, “Do you want my baby?” She said, “Cum inside me. I just finished my menstruation.” She was damn tired. I kissed her all over again and sucked her boobs and pressed her boobs and nipples very hard.

My dick was very hard and standing very erect. It can even drill a wall now. She came down and started licking my balls. I pushed my dick between her boobs while I was holding her boobs by pinching her nipples. My dick went and touched her lips every time and came back.

I pulled her down and started fucking her on missionary again. This time I was at a very high speed. My dick was so hard. I didn’t listen to her, just fucked her pussy very tight. She screamed and cried and finally cummed loads of sperm into her pussy.

I was exhausted and fall on her and kissed her ears and licked it. We slept like that all night. In the morning, woke up, and we did another fuck. Then we ordered lunch and ate. I dropped her home. On the way, she thanked me, saying, “You showed me heaven. I loved it.”

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