Mallu Boy And Gay Old Man In Park

Hi friends, my name is Rahul. I am basically from Kochi. But this incident happend in Bangalore.

I am 25 years old. I came to Bangalore for an interview. The interview got over at 12 pm. My return bus was at 9 pm. So I decided to spend some time by roaming around the city.

I was getting bored and I find a park in the city. It was not crowded. I roamed inside the park and saw some couples enjoying. They are sitting in the corners, hugging and kissing each other. I put on a cooling glass and enjoyed these scenes without anybody noticing.

But I got tired after some time. I saw one empty bench under a tree. I sat there for taking rest. After some time, one gentleman came there. He sat beside me and smiled. I smiled back. He asked something in the local language which I didn’t understand. Then he started talking in English.

“Hi, I am Sudarshan from Bangalore”.
‘Hi Sudarshan, I am Rahul from Kerala”.

“Why are you here?”
“I came for an interview. My bus is at 9. So I am just wasting my time here”.

“Oh..You don’t have friends here?”

We talked for sometime. It was a relief for me. He was an educated person. He looks like 50 years old. He had a thick moustache and beard.

After sometime, we became like good friends. He sat near me and touched my shoulders and face while talking. I didn’t say anything as it was a usual conversation. But slowly, he put his hand on my thighs and he started pressing my thighs while talking. At that moment, I realized that he was gay and was trying to seduce me.

Even though I am a straight guy, I had a gay sexual experience previously which took place in a bus. But this time also, I didn’t say anything. I had to spend some time there anyway. So, I decided to enjoy his moves.

He slowly moved his hands to my penis over my jeans. He kept on talking. And suddenly, this stranger pressed my penis hard over my pants! I said, “Ufff”..

“What are you doing?”
“I understand that you are enjoying what I am doing. Are you also a gay?”

“No. But I have one such experience before.”
“If you don’t mind, can you enjoy with me?”

I didn’t say anything. He took my hand and started walking. I followed him like a robot.

He saidm “Don’t worry, we are going to a safe place. No one will be there.”

After some time, we reached a forest area. We again walked for some more time and finally, saw one old building. It was almost destroyed. We went inside that building. Now no one can see us from outside.

He then said, “I used to come here with one of my friends. This is our secret place. No one else know about this place”. Then he removed his t-shirt. He had a good body.

He came closer and hugged me. Then he started kissing me vigourously and I started enjoying it. In between, he removed my shirt and started pressing on my chest. He licked my nipples and bit them as well. Then he started licking my upper body and my neck. My penis got hard.

He then went to another room and came back with a small bed. He told me that he kept it for his friend.

He put that bed on the floor and we both sat on that bed. He removed my and his jeans. Now we two were sitting on the bed in our underwear. I saw a huge bulge in his underwear.

He then massaged my penis over my inner. Then he took that outside and slowly caressed my penis and balls. While doing that, he put my hands in his underwear too. I touched his penis, it was a big one. I couldn’t hold that with my hand.

He then removed his underwear and that giant jumped outside! I was surprised to see its size. It was double in size compared to mine.

Unable to hold back, I started masturbating his penis now. I moved his penis up and down for some time. Then he slowly took my penis in his mouth and started sucking it like anything.

I got into full sexual mood now. I pushed his head towards my penis and he kept fucking my penis with his toungue and mouth.

He then asked me to take is penis in my mouth. I told him that I haven’t done it before. But, I loved his huge cock. So, in that horny mood, I obeyed him.

I took his monster in my mouth. It was a nice feeling. He slowly moved his penis. Then we started sucking each other in 69 position. He was licking my ass hole too. But I didn’t do that to him. I told him I won’t do that. He didn’t force me either.

We both didn’t like assfucking. The main thing was it was not safe. So, we again started sucking each other’s cock and soon, we both cummed together. I spat his semen outside but he swallowed my cum. Then I stopped sucking, but he didn’t. He sucked my penis vigorously and drank my full juice. It was paining.

He then asked me to stay there for 10 more minutes. He told me that we won’t be meeting again and hence, he wanted to suck my dick one time time.

Saying that, he started kissing me and I kissed him back. Then he started sucking my penis. It took more time but it gave more pleasure as well. This time, I also enjoyed sucking his big cock. I also sucked his big balls. They were neat and clean. I held his cock strongly while sucking.

After a few minutes, I cummed. He took more time to cum. Meanwhile he had given me an awesome mouthfuck. He licked my asshole again and again. On the other hand, I increased my sucking speed. At last, he cummed on my face. He cummed a lot even on the second time. Then he cleaned my face by licking his owm cum.

After that, we came back to our old place. We didn’t exchange our number. We said good bye and went our separate ways.

It was a memorable Indian gay sex experience for me, guys. That night, I masturbated twice thinking about that incident.

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