An Erotic Trip From Chennai To Hyderabad

Hello everyone. This was a real incident that happened about 2 years ago. I am Avir of age 22, from Tamil Nadu. This story is about my sexual encounter with Archana, my dream lady, who I met on a journey from Chennai to Hyderabad.

Her name is Archana / Archu (real name). A perfect south Indian milf. Her sizes are 34-30-36.” Her age is 36 now. She’s one of the most beautiful milf I have ever come across. Her skin was shining like honey.

It’s Chennai railway station. I was waiting to board a weekly express. My place of destination was Hyderabad. I was going in search of a GRE coaching center. I boarded the train and waiting for the departure. Then I went on a walk to find a good looking girl/women in my compartment.

The coach was barely filled – maybe around 20-30 people. As it is a weekly express, most of them don’t take it. I came back to my seat and made my things settle. Shuffle mode was on in my phone. It’s AC 2-tier compartment. So there is plenty of room in a so-called cabin.

The train left, and everyone started to sleep. After 40 minutes of departure, a miracle happened. Finally, my wish came true. I saw someone coming through the screen of my cabin. It was love at first sight. Archana was there with a small backpack and handbag.

Wearing a flower designed salwar kameez. She was wearing a heel, which made her look like a 5. 8” foot woman. Her ears were red, covered partially by silky hairs. With her slow sweet voice, she asked whether the seat opposite to me is occupied.

It took few seconds for me to reply. I said, “No, mam, if you want you can take it.” She made herself comfortable with a warm smile. The screen was closed as per her wish.

Within few minutes, we both introduced ourselves. She owns a retail shop (apparels, I guess) in Tambaram with his husband. They were married for 11 years and have a son of age 7. She was also heading towards Hyderabad.

She was on a business trip. Later I came to know that either she or her husband visits Hyderabad regularly. I said, “I am new to Hyderabad, and I even don’t know the language.”  She said, “Don’t worry, I will help you. You can call me at any time.”

Finally, she gave me a ring on my phone. As soon as possible, I saved her number.  We had a lengthy conversation about my family and hers.  She asked about my girlfriends, and I enquired about her ex-boyfriends. It’s a nice time together.

I came to know that she is an open-minded person. So finally, I was waiting for a situation to move on.

Archu: So you had 3 relationships so far.

Avir: Yes, but to be precise, I have been in 2 proper relationships and an affair.

Her eyes were wide open, and she was staring at me for 2 minutes.

Archu: Affair? Really!

Avir: Yes, I think I should’ve hidden it. I’m sorry.

Archu: Come on, we are friends, don’t be sorry. But I can’t believe it.

Avir: How could I prove?

The topic was diverted, but I noticed a notorious smile from her.

We were about to reach within 2 hours. I asked her to sleep, but she refused and continued. Her parents separated from his boyfriend and forced her to marry a rich guy (her husband).

She was not happy about her new life. I came to know that her husband is an alcoholic and money minded. She takes care of their family business after her father-in-law’s death.

I just pampered her hand by holding them. We were about to get down in Nampally station. She just had some touch-up and asked me, “Where are you going to stay?”

Avir: In a nearby hotel.

Archu: If you haven’t made any booking, then you can join me. I have a booking in Radisson Blu, and it’s a huge room for one person.

Avir: I haven’t made any booking. But it won’t be nice to accompany you.

I have made a booking in a lodge in Ameerpet, but I hid it from her.

Archu: Come on, Mr. Avir. Don’t act like Mr. Perfect.

She compelled me to join her, and I couldn’t refuse the offer from the angel herself. While traveling, she caught me staring at her cleavage but haven’t reacted. We took a taxi from the railway station. It’s just a 20 minutes ride, I guess.

After some procedures, we made it into our room. There were a king-size bed and a couch. A big room indeed. I went for bathing, then Archu. We had breakfast and headed for our work.

In the evening, I was on my way to the hotel. I received a call from Archu. She asked me to come to the hotel for dinner. She will be there around 7 pm. I went to the hotel room and bathed and got into my night pant and a t-shirt. Usually, at night time I don’t wear underwear.

She came exhausted. She went for a bath and came out in a sleeveless top and legging. I was shocked to see her in a sleeveless. She was so hot. I like to sneak peek into her armpit. Wow, it was clean-shaved and smooth. We went on a walk to the garden.

It was so hot outside, and she was sweating like anything. My heartbeat was rising, too, as I was not wearing a boxer. Her sweat made her armpit wet, and her sleeve was wet too. It was like a half-moon over her blue top.

We came back to the room, and the food we ordered came in. We eat as we both were hungry.

Archu: Shall we have a glass of whiskey. Oh, sorry, do you drink?

Avir: Why not?

She opened the minibar and pulled out a JD, and two glasses were placed. It was around 9 pm, I guess. We both were in our 3rd round. Soon she was sad, and I felt something bad. I sat near her and put my hands around her shoulder, and made her comfortable.

She gradually lowered her head on my chest. She said about the torture she had gone through after her marriage. She was even forced by her husband during her periods. I felt bad about myself as I have masturbated, imagining her 3 times.

Archu: I like you, I like you. You are sweet.

Avir: Feel free, Archu.

Her fingers just went on my chest. She was so high. I was aroused, she noticed my boner. It was high like a hill. She rubbed her mouth on my neck. Her soft petal was caressing me. I was on cloud nine. Her right hand around me and her left hand started to descend and finally reached down.

She gave some soft touch to my toy. Made some rounds around the tip over my pants. Meanwhile, I just grabbed her head and gently caressed her neckline and her back. Our eyes were met, lips were touched, a deep kiss came in. I found love and delight in her eyes.

Our tongues crossed the borders. Felt the taste of destiny. The world seems to be colorful. I pushed her down on the bed. She fell down with a smile. She bounced back towards me like a ball. We just exchanged a kiss again. I was so horny. I pulled her pant down with force.

She laughed. A designer white panty appeared. It was wet. I just kissed her pussy over her panty, started to lick her thighs, caressed it gently, smelled it. I felt a pleasant aroma filled in the room. It made me go crazy. I made her panty wetter with my saliva. I pulled it down and threw it away.

I gave it the first lick. It tasted amazing. I made her moan. The sound should have reached the next floor. She pushed my head inside her. Dumped my face into her clean shaved pussy. My nose was struggling to breathe. Her clitoris was tickled. I licked it vigorously.

Meanwhile, my hands were busy with her thighs. Within a few minutes, her juices filled my mouth. The taste took me to heaven. I drank every possible drop. I felt like I had won a serious game. My hesitation was killed. I gathered courage and reached her asshole.

It was a little smelly, but she enjoyed it a lot. I just couldn’t get my tongue inside it. She shook her body a lot. I just came up to her waist. Her navel needed attention. I decided to lick it up completely. Her entire belly was kissed and licked up. I removed her top, followed by her white bra.

There were two beautifully built boobs, asking me to dive on them. I didn’t waste a microsecond. I licked her tits, bit her nipples. It was brown in color over those white sponge balls. She moaned. She was busy with my hair. I gently kissed her neckline, her armpits, back, shoulders, hairs, back, ass cheeks.

When I came to her thighs, she started to shout, “You cheeky dumb ass, insert it, man. Don’t make me beg.” I just laughed and gave a kiss over her lips. I teased her by rubbing my penis on her thigh.

She screamed my name and said, “You going to insert or should I throw you outside my room?” I gently made a push. It was so smooth, thanks to her juices. I gave 2-4 strokes. Half of my tool vanished inside her half-moon (pussy). I pushed harder and faster. It finally made its way.

She screamed. I increased the speed. The friction made me moan. I just came in, but still, I continued slowly till her orgasm. She came within 3-4 minutes. I just pulled it out and rested for few seconds. She just twisted me down and started to clean my dick. It was at its entry size.

She just cleaned it and gave me a blowjob. I just asked her to be slow, as it’s already hurting. We then had more than 4 sessions on the same night. It was indeed a night to remember.

Thanks, guys, for your valuable time. Your comments are most welcomed. I need help. I am sexually hyperactive. My maximum masturbation rate per day is 15. Suggest me some tips to control myself. It’s going to make me weak, and I don’t want that.

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