My jealous boyfriend made me masturbate and fucked me!

For the new readers, hi, my name is Stella. I am a 28-year-old woman dating a complete hottie. My jealous boyfriend Rohan is tall, athletic, dominating, sexy, and really wild in bed. I am tall, curvy with 36DD boobs. My boyfriend loves to grope it every chance he gets.

I have an ass that is 38 inches. With a waist of 28 inches, yes, my boyfriend loves holding my slim waist and fucking me in my ass along with all other holes. He asked me out a week after seeing me, and we were a couple in no time. He makes me laugh, wet, and orgasm. I adore him.

We were dating for a while, but we still felt our chemistry only getting stronger. We have a ritual. Every time he is gone for more than 2 weeks from the city, we will fuck immediately after he is back, the same day. It could be anywhere, his car, home, hotel room, or any secluded corner. I will get a taste of his cock.

This incident happened a while back when my pissed boyfriend fucked me wildly. His return date from his work trip overlapped with the date of his friend’s wedding. So we decided we would fuck right after we were done attending the function in his car or look for a hotel room close by.

He was returning after a 3-week long work trip, and my cunt was itching to feel him. So he came dressed in a black shirt and black suit that I gifted him a few months back. I have dressed in a black semi-transparent saree with a strappy blouse with a deep back.

While the neck of the blouse wasn’t deep, my 36DDs automatically find a way to create a bit of cleavage no matter whatever I wear. My hair back then was long enough for me to part it sideways so that the back of the blouse was not covered.

On most days I look my best in Western clothes. But my agenda that night was to arouse my boyfriend. Anyways, we met at the wedding directly. His friends were already there. Some of his friends were married, while some of them were dating.

The groom’s sister asked Rohan to help her out with a couple of wedding chores. So he excused himself. In a few minutes, he came back with a sly grin on his cute face. “I have been asked to decorate the groom’s bed for the first night.” His eyes had a hint of humor and oodles of naughtiness.

“I know what’s going on in your head. The idea is awesome for us, but not so awesome for your friend. Come on. It’s his first night after the wedding. Let’s not do this to him. Even if he does not know, you will know. Let’s not taint it, baby.”

He did a fake little pout, “Ok! Whatever you say. But you better be ready to compensate well tonight.” I tried hard not to blush that moment. “Ok, I am at your service.” I gave a small peck on his lips to avoid too many people stare at us.

He smiled, fully aware of my awkwardness with PDA in public. He hugged me hard, holding me tight for longer. “Why are you so shy? Aren’t you my girlfriend?” This time I failed miserably to hide my face turning pink. With fake anger, I said, “Shut up, don’t get too smart.”

Giggling, we went over to the wedding buffet to get some starters and some mocktails. We went over to one corner next to an open banquet Hall tree to chat when we heard some men talking. We stopped our conversation when we thought we heard our names.

We moved a bit to see who it was and saw it was Rohan’s buddies. I could feel some tension rising from my spine. I instinctively tried to pull Rohan out of the spot away from this guy chat. He held my hand and forced me to stay hearing every bit of their conversation.

So from whatever little I recollect, the chat went like this

“Rohan is one lucky bastard, always gets the juicy chick. In college, too, he dated only hotties. Have you seen Stella? I wasn’t surprised he was doing her the first time I saw her. Hahaha.”

“The first thing I saw was her bust. Then I started to think how many men would have had a chance to squeeze those ripe boobs. I swear, if my wife had an ass like hers, I would never take my dick out. Don’t say, man, every time I am horny, and if my girlfriend is not around to have sex.”

“I visit Stella’s account and watch her pictures and shag. I have lost count of how many times her pictures alone have pleasured me. Do you think she must be as horny as Rohan? Of course, bro. Do you think Rohan would have stayed around with her for so long if she wasn’t?”

“Yeah, but Rohan goes on his work trips for weeks. How do you think she must manage? If she has a hard time, my hard cock is always available. Especially today. Fuck, her body is so distracting.”

“I called my wife Stella a couple of times by mistake, now she is angry with me. I will have to screw my wife tonight, but I will be thinking of Stella’s swollen boobs while I am ramming my dick in my wife.”

By now, my forehead was sweaty, and my hands were clammy. I knew how his friends were but had no idea how they talked about us. Rohan’s phone started to vibrate. It was the groom’s sister calling asking if Rohan could help decorate the wedding bed?

Controlling his temper, he grabbed my hand and took me away. We started walking towards the room where the decorations were to be done. We started to decorate the room in silence. The tension in the room kept going up. I didn’t know how will he react thinking what his friends think of me.

At that moment, I just wanted some assurance that everything between us was fine. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to compose myself. I saw Rohan removed his formal jacket and folded his sleeves to his forearms as I stepped out.

He had unbuttoned his 3 top buttons, giving me a view of his sexy chest. I swallowed hard, fully knowing what was going on in his mind. I loved what I saw but felt wrong to have sex in someone else’s bed. At the same time, I was horny as hell.

The anticipation of how will he respond to everything we just heard scared me a lot. But I also wanted to know everything was normal between us. He came over to me and kissed me hard. This was not his regular smooch while lovemaking. This was something intense.

Not breaking the kiss, his tongue entered my mouth, exploring it and his hands started to feel me up. I was too weak to resist and didn’t stop him. I pulled him closer, my hands in his hair, kissing him deeper. He held me by my waist and lifted me in his arms took me in front of the mirror.

I was now standing facing the mirror. He was standing right behind me. “How do you manage yourself sexually when I am traveling?” he asked.

“I touch myself,” I responded

“How? Show me,” he asked

Still facing the mirror, I pulled my pallu down, opened my blouse. I was now in a black bra, my fair midriff was bare, and my saree was still tucked in. I started to squeeze my boobs, pinch my nipples over my bra, moaning slow. My eyes were shut as I was feeling myself up

“Who do you think of when you touch yourself?” he asked.

Almost instinctively, I kept taking his name “Rohan” in my moaning voice. He started removing my saree from my petticoat. I was now in my black petticoat and bra.

“Show me how you take things further,” he asked, guiding me to the bed. I lifted my petticoat and placed a pillow between my thighs close enough to rub my naked pussy. As I was anticipating a sexy night with Rohan I didn’t bother wearing my panties. I opened my bra.

I could feel his eyes watching my nakedness. This was creepily erotic. I started to rub the pillow against my cunt. He came over and sat next to me. I kept looking longingly into his eyes. I caught his middle finger and took it to my mouth to suck it. My hands teased him around his crotch area but not his dick.

“Stop!” he said angrily

In a matter of 10 seconds, I saw him getting naked and jumping in bed with me. He threw the pillow off the bed and quickly replaced it with his hands. My thighs were so tightly wrapped around his hands. I thought I would break them. Meanwhile, his face was latched on my nipples.

If his face was on my left breast biting my nipple, his other hand was pinching my right nipple. He got up on his knees and forced my legs open. His tongue felt sharp on my cunt that day. As he continued to suck my pink cunt, he used his fingers to finger fuck my chut.

My moans got louder into borderline screams. His fingers were getting deeper and faster than usual. I could no longer hold myself back, and I had my first body-shattering orgasm for the day. But he was not done.

Without giving me any more time to recover, he placed my legs on his shoulders he started to ram his cock into my cunt.

“I am sure you have not taken that many lunds yet in that juicy chut yet. It is so fucking tight. Fuck I thought you were a virgin when I started to fuck you. Your body is so fucking full. It seems like a body of a well-fucked randi.” He said while fucking me.

Every thrust was hard and deep. He kept going so fast that I thought he was doing it intentionally to prove a point. I was very close to my 2nd orgasm that he pulled his dick out and rolled me over to my stomach. My bare ass was on the fuck platter. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and started to lick my asshole.

This was the first time he was licking my ass. I could feel his warm mouth, and this wet tongue entered deep. I was moaning like a pornstar screaming at him to “Fuck my ass.”

He smiled and said, “Now that’s my hungry randi who has not tasted cum for 3 weeks.” He pulled me up, held me by my waist, and rammed his cock in my ass. His hands held my body tight to his while he kept moving his dick inside me by just moving his ass. His fingers were playing with my cunt.

“Tell me, who you were thinking while touching yourself?” he asked, his speed increasing

“Aahh… Rohan,” I could barely whisper.

“Who are you? ” he asked.

“Aahhh,  Rohan’s Randi,” I said while moaning, feeling his fingers on my juicy dripping wet pussy

“Say it again! “ He ordered

“Aahh,  Rohan’s Randi, Rohan’s Randi, Rohan’s Randi,” I cried hard while hit my next orgasm

Placing my ass glued to his, he thrust go so fucking deep. I could feel his semen inside. We collapsed on the bed in exhaustion and sweat. His body over mine

“Don’t forget, they may want to screw you. But I want you to orgasm many times over,” he said, gloating.

I got what I needed the most then, his assurance that things between us won’t change. I help his hand over my left breast to let him feel my heart beating faster.

“Hmm, placing my hands on your boobs, you want one more round?” he said laughingly

“Shut up, silly,” I said, giggling, “No one can make my heart beat faster than you do.”

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