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I am Jonas, this side from Mumbai.
(M|27|athlete body|MNC|Unmarried)

The instance which I am about to share happened when I was in engineering college. A girl named Priya (name changed) joined us in 1st year. She was good-looking, fair, 5.4/5”, long hair, dimple, north Indian with 30-28-32.

She was a bit shy; I can say or not an extrovert. She had her group and used to do everything around that.

Things got moving when in one practical class, I was a bit late. I just entered and stood next to her while our professor was giving a speech on how we should do and all.

Now let me tell you a bit more about me. I was a very popular guy in class, good in studies and sports. I was not shy in talking with girls, decent look with good humor.

Me: Hey, hi, can you help me with the points that have been discussed before. Somehow I missed it.

She: Sure.

I pulled up my copy and started asking her.
She: Not now. Listen from this point, and I will explain you later when it’s over.

Me: OK, mam!

The class ended. I forgot about the notes and headed towards my friends and started joking about other things and all. Days passed, and then came our semester exam. I was trying to consolidate all notes from everyone as we used to do in engineering college, xeroxing notes.

So I told Priya, “Hey, I forgot that day. Can you please help me with the notes?”

She: Ya sure, but I don’t have it with me.

Me: No problem, you can give it to me in the evening. I will come to your house. Where do you live?

She: I live near Vashi railway station, you can call me when you reach, and then you can xerox it.

Hours later, I was outside of Vashi station, waiting for her. I saw her in a loose shirt and jeans. Her hair was all up in a bun. She looked gorgeous to me. She came, and we then moved to the nearest xerox shop. She gave her notebook for a few pages.

But as I was spending a few minutes with her, she was smiling at me, and something happened. My mind was all over the place. It was the first time that naughty horny thought came to my mind, how lovely she is. How gorgeous she is. Look at her smile. Oh, what a neck. I could lick it all over.

We were chatting about a few things. But my mind was only thinking about her lovely eyes, her lips, and her expressions that I had never focused on before.

I wanted to spend more time with her. So I insisted on getting the complete notebook xeroxed instead of 5-10 intended pages. That xerox guy said it would take 30-45 minutes. I said OK.

I asked her if it would be fine for her to wait for this much or I would get this done and give the notebook tomorrow. She said that it was fine she could wait. Then we moved out of xerox shop. I said, “Do you want to grab something to eat?” She replied no.

But I insisted, and we went to the nearest mall food court and started talking about college and other things. Not sure what happened, but I started telling my side of the story. I mean, my background to which she listened, and it seems to me she was enjoying.

She also started opening up, and we liked each other company. That 1 hour time flew like anything. We got back to the shop and took xerox, and parted our ways by handshake and smile. When we shook our hands, I felt something different and exciting.

Later that night, I WhatsApp her saying, “Thank you. You were so kind and helpful.” To which she replied, no problem, I had a great time. Our message frequencies increased in no time within two weeks. There were rumors that something was going between Priya and me.

The interesting part was that we knew there was nothing as such per se. But we were enjoying that phase. The semester exam was done, we started spending time in the evening. We used to go out in parks talking. Our talks didn’t seem to get over.

Surprisingly one fine evening, as we were walking, I asked if I could take her hand. We walked as a couple now that everyone is already presumed. She said, “I have no problem. You are the popular one,”

She grabbed my hand and squeezed it a little. I could feel my heart rate going up. We walked in the park. In one corner, the street light was somehow not working. So as I passed that part of the park, I stopped and kissed her. That took her by surprise, and she said, “What are you doing?”

I was numb, not sure what took over me. I kissed her, and I was about to lose one friend that I care about. These kinds of things were going around my mind as we started walking. We walked to the gate and said nothing. Then she said bye and I said sorry and bye.

Later that night, I wrote sorry to her, to which she replied, “No problem. Have a good night.” That’s it. Who will get sleep after this? I was not sure whether to poke her or to wait till morning for college. Anyway, at 1 am I messaged, “I couldn’t sleep, sorry again.”

And in the next 20 seconds, replied came, “I am up too, stupid.”

Me: Why are you up?

She: What, why? Because of today!

Me: I know I shouldn’t have done that. I am not sure what came over. You were looking so beautiful in the street light. I still can see you smiling when I shut my eyes. To me, your eyes have done something silly to my heart. I have never looked at you in that way, but now everything seems to have changed.

She: …

Me: What?

She: Nothing!

Me: What have you done to me?

She: …

Me: Please say something.

She: Can I call?

Me: Yeah.

I directly video called. She picked up and gosh how lovely she looked in her loose t-shirt with no makeup, loose hair, and a blushy smile. I can never forget her.

She: Hey, why did you call? If someone could see, I could be in trouble.

Me: I just wanted to see you. I can’t sleep without knowing that everything is fine between us.

She: Everything is fine, don’t worry, we will talk tomorrow.

Me: I won’t be able to…

She: OK, so what now?

Me: Nothing. I just like looking at you.

She: You are mad. I am dropping off will talk tomorrow

The way she interacted gave me a little confidence and patience that everything was fine. The next day when we went to college. We skipped all our lectures and roamed around the canteen, library. We left college after around lunch for a movie

I kept my hand around her shoulder. She tilted her head on me. Dude, dark theatre with no one around as we took the sofa seats. I just kissed her, she responded. Man, did she respond! She took my tongue and rolled it over with hers.

She started inserting her tongue down my throat. I could barely speak, but boy, that feeling was awesome. Then the adrenaline took over, and I touched her boobs. She moaned with her tongue inside me. I opened two buttons of her shirt and inserted my hand over her bra.

It seems the perfect size for my hand. I slid my hand over her breast and stomach to feel that soft skin and then pulled her towards me. To my surprise, she came over and sat on my lap. She started kissing my neck, and I was holding her by grabbing her soft waist.

I just wanted to eat her up, but somehow we restricted ourselves to foreplay. And the interval happened. We left right in the middle of that for my room. We went straight to my flat, locked the door. We jumped on each other as if we were both waiting for this for a very long time.

All her shyness and everything was gone. This was a different girl. I hugged her tightly, and she also hugged me with the same force. As if we did not want anything between us. I came behind her and hugged and cupped her boobs with both my hands. My lips were playing around her earlobe and neck.

She was enjoying it. She raised both hands to hold me, but as she did, her shirt came out of her skirt a little bit. I touched her stomach and grabbed her waist. Then I slid my hand up, trying to open her shirt. She rotated herself, pushed me to bed, started opening her shirt with a wink.

And then she came towards me and put her right boobs in front of me. She was wearing a black bra, though. I put that in my mouth. After sucking for a while, I kissed her shoulder and moved towards her hand through the armpit area. She was shaved, and what a smell that was.

I said can I kiss this, she nodded, and I raised her hand high and started licking. While I was doing this, she was looking at me. Something was there in her eyes which was saying to me, “I am all yours today. lick me… eat me… do me….” But these things were going over my head.

Anyway, I stopped. I looked at her, and we hugged. She then touched my junk from the top. She then looked towards me and showed her tongue, and then just kissed me. I was having a bit of a mixed feeling. I was horny and happy at the same time.

She then quietly teased me while touching her breasts and rotating her fingers around her yummy brownish area. Her nipples were erect. I could feel that hardness. I jumped towards her and grabbed her. She then softly in my ear told me to wait for a few moments.

“Then you can do whatever you want. I am all yours. I want to be licked, I want to be eaten, I want to be sucked.”

God, I was dying in hell, but trust me, it was all worth it. She then swiftly removed her panty and showed me her shaved pussy. I could not control and grabbed her. I made her layover bed and started licking her heaven. She asked me to lick her more.

She started to push my head inside. I also started enjoying it. Looking at her enthusiasm and everything, I thought I had found my match. But then, this time, I stopped and showed her my tongue but was not inserting it.

She insisted, “Please!” I said, “No, this is payback time. I jumped towards her boobs, but she grabbed them by both her hands. She then removed her one hand. But then she asked me to suck on one condition that I would give her something in return.

I blindly said OK. She then told me she wanted to tie me up and lick my balls. I had no idea what her intentions were. But trust me, I didn’t care. I was over the moon by the joy of listening to this.

But I can’t hold myself at least that long. So I said, “Can I insert please?” She said, “Yeah, we have plenty of night to cover our kinky desires.” Then we came into the missionary position, and I inserted my tool.

In that position also, she moved her waist. I was like, “Oh, yeah!” She was moaning. I enjoyed that so much that we both were in sync with our moaning. We came at the same time. Then I hugged her so close to my chest. Even while writing this story, I can feel her warmth and pleasure.

I hope you liked my steamy hot foreplay and sex with my college friend. Bye-bye and happy pleasure! If anyone wants to contact me or provide feedback, please ping me or mail me at [email protected]

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