My Seducing House Maid Sheetal

Hey guys, I am reading stories on this website since the past few years and I thought I should put up my first fictional story as well so that you guys can enjoy it. This story is more of my fantasies than just being a fictional story. I hope you will enjoy the story since it is my first.

My name is Rajesh and I am from Mumbai, I am 22 years old. The lead of this story is our housemaid Sheetal kaki. Sheetal kaki used to work for us prior to 2019 but then the maid was changed. In 2019, she was slim and had a good figure but I didn’t have any bad intentions for her.

After 2 years, Sheetal kaki came back as our maid, but there was a change in her figure. She got little fats on her body and I could not ignore them. For me, little fats on aunties turn me on.

The maid Sheetal kaki had 2 kids and her husband use to work in a company as a carpenter and sometimes he used to come home late. I knew her sex life was boring but I never had the guts to make a move on her. All I ever did was talk politely and in a friendly with her.

Days were passing by and I just kept stalking her and she used to notice me when I stalked her but she never said anything to my mother.

One day I was going to the bathroom and the maid was coming out. We crossed paths and as the door of the bathroom was small, our bodies got touched and I felt her breasts. It felt so good and I was having a semi-hard-on. She said nothing and left at that moment.

I kept thinking about Sheetal kaki the whole day and masturbated at night. The next day kaki came and she pulled my cheeks and smiled. I got confused and thought she would have just pulled it in a friendly manner and did not gave much thought to it.

When kaki was wiping the walls of the hall, I saw her pallu had come down. The maid saw me looking at her boobs but she still did not pick up her pallu. Instead, she tied it to her waist.

I was getting hard in my pants seeing her chubby waist and boobs. The problem was I do not wear any undies at home and she could see my tent in my boxers. I still tried my best to cover it as much as possible. Such incidents kept happening for 2-3 days and I was enjoying them.

One Sunday morning, mom and dad went to a wedding at 8 and would come late. Sheetal kaki came at 10 in the morning and she enquired me about my parents. I told her they went to a wedding and won’t be coming until evening. I saw her smile as soon as I said that. My mind started smiling, idk why.

After a while, kaki came with a bucket full of water and started wiping the floor with a cloth in her hands. She was bending while doing that and her pallu fell over. I could see her cleavage and I had a boner. She was wiping the floor and she suddenly screamed holding her hip, “Aigaaa” and she sat down. I asked her,

Me: Kaki, what happened?

Kaki: Suddenly my hip has started paining.

Me: Wait, let me see (I went near her and held her hip and moved her a little).

Kaki: Don’t, it’s paining.

Me: Kaki, wait I will take you to the bed.

I picked up the housemaid and she was holding my neck and looking down shyly as I moved towards the bed. I kept her on the bed.

Kaki slept on the bed and was holding her hip. I went and brought a balm to apply. She thanked me told me that she will apply the balm but I insisted and started applying balm to her hips from the side to the back and the front on her stomach. She was enjoying my touch.

I slowly removed kaki’s pallu and kept it aside and moved my hands towards her navel and kept tickling in her navel. She was moaning a bit. I slowly came on top of her, held her cheeks and started kissing on her forehead and then on the cheeks. I stopped near her lips.

Kaki kept her eyes closed and after 2 seconds, she opened her eyes, held my face and kissed me. We kept smooching for 10-15 minutes. It was very intense. We broke our smooch at last. She hugged me and started crying. She told me that it was her best kiss in years. I looked into her eyes and kissed her again and we started making out.

I went near earlobes and started circling around there. She was moaning and I was enjoying it. Slowly, I moved toward her neck and gave her pecks while my hands were busy removing her blouse. She could not control herself anymore and she got up instantly.

The maid removed her clothes and started undressing me. I was shocked and asked her, “Kaki, your back is not paining?” To which she said she was acting so that I can make a move because she was giving me hints since a few days which I clearly did not understand!

I asked her how this sudden change came in her and she told me that the day we crossed each other in the bathroom, my cock hit her hip and she was shy at that moment.

Listening to all this made my 5-inches cock hard. She grabbed it and started stroking it. I was in heaven. The naughty maid then started giving me blowjobs and I felt a current inside me. It was the best feeling ever.

I asked her if she had given blowjobs before? She said it was her first time as she could not resist seeing my cock.

We went to 69 position and I started sucking the servant’s pussy. As I entered my tongue in her pussy, she gasped heavily and was moaning. While giving me blowjobs after 10 minutes, we both came.

Before entering her, I told her I did not have a condom to which she said I can cum inside her pussy as she cannot get pregnant. I was happy to hear that.

I came on top of the maid in missionary position and entered her with a deep thrust. She moaned loudly and I had to kiss her to keep her from shouting.

We continued for about 10 minutes and changed to cowgirl position. I was sucking her boobs while fucking and she was enjoying it. She held my hair and was moaning with pleasure. I loved seeing her happy.

After about 5 minutes, we both came and she slept naked on me while I was still sucking her boobs (I love boobs more than any other part).

Later the maid got dressed and went home. While she was leaving, she kissed me while holding my dick over my boxers and came near my ears and said, “The fun has just begun.”

Any woman in Mumbai who needs to be satisfied or needs massages can contact me at [email protected] Keeping the privacy of each other is what I believe in. I hope you enjoyed the story and I can make you people happy with such more stories to come. Maybe the next story would be a real incident.

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