Flight Delay Led To Fucking A Sexy Foreigner

This happened a few months after Covid struck India and during the months that there was recovery. I had come to India on vacation and was getting back to the US. I was to fly out that night from Mumbai to Chicago.

Arriving to take the flight (Indian Airlines) from Mangalore to Mumbai in the afternoon, things began to unfold most unpleasantly. Initially, we were told that the flight from Mangalore would be delayed by a couple of hours. Then it was pushed by another 2 hrs.

During this time, I saw others waiting and expressing their disgust. Among those waiting was a foreigner. After talking to her, I realized that she was an American who had just completed her graduation. Before taking us any job assignment, she had come to India on a 2-month visit to travel.

Her name was Sarah, was in her early 20s, easily 5’8″ (tall even by US standards), more than pretty with a great rounded body – not too slim or too fat, but nice and real full (looking at her in her dress – jeans trousers and a nice T-shirt).

Speaking with her, I learned that she was headed to Boston from Mumbai and that we were on the same flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam – the first leg of the flight. Given that we had enough time, I took the liberty to talk to her and had some snacks to kill time.

During the time with her, I learned that she was single. She had broken up with her boyfriend before coming to India. I did not want to go deep into her personal story and left it there. But it was nice to talk to her for a few hours and kill time.

Finally, we learned that there was a technical/mechanical snag and that the flight would arrive later in the evening. Finally, the flight arrived, and we boarded at around 9.30 pm to reach Mumbai at around 11.00 pm. Collecting our luggage and making it to the terminal took another hour.

Sarah and I were nervous due to the delay as we approached the check-in counter. Then it was announced that the flight was overbooked. They wanted us to take the next day’s flight at the same time. I was tired and upset but knew that nothing much could be done.

Sarah was showing her disappointment. Having been in this situation before, I assured her that it was nothing serious. We collected our tickets for the next day’s flight. I did not even wait for the agent to provide us with accommodation for the night.

I told Sarah that I would be booking my room at the Leela, and she could join me if she had no issue. She hesitated for a minute and then said, ” I just want to get out from here.” Taking it as the green signal, I first suggested that we eat something – both of us were starving.

We had some nice food at the airport. Then we got a nice suite booked for the night at the Leela 5 star Hotel not far from the airport. We reached the hotel close to 1.00 am and checked in together. By now, sleep had slipped past us. The guy at the counter looked at both of us once and said nothing.

I could imagine what he was thinking (the same that I was – LOL). Finally, the hotel attendant helped us to our room on the 6th floor and came with our luggage. It had been a long day. Sarah sat on the couch and relaxed for a minute. I tipped the attendant a couple of hundred bucks and shut the door.

The suite was pretty big – double beds, a big table, a nice bathroom with tub and shower. Sarah came to me and expressed her thanks for accommodating her in my room. She gave me a warm embrace and a kiss on my cheek. It felt as if someone gave me an electric buzz.

Not to lose out on this chance, I hugged her and kissed her lips. She then lowered her voice and whispered, “Take me, I am starved.” I was on cloud nine. I knew that it was a good decision to get to the Leela and worth the money. Soon we were kissing like crazy and making all sensual noises.

We were drinking each other’s saliva without any qualms. She ripped open my shirt and moved her hands all over. (I am 6’1″ tall with a medium body build). I removed her T-shirt and just pulled her jeans down. She was standing in front of me – a brunette goddess in a black bra and panty set.

I lost my pants too and was just in my underwear. I wanted to take a good look at her and turned her around a full 360 degrees. Her bra size was an easy 36C, and her voluptuous, round and juicy buttocks were easy 38″ or more. She got rid of my underwear, and little johnny sprung out in an excited state.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Wow, ready to go, not bad.” It was now my turn. I undid her bra, and voila! 2 globes of pure natural delight popped out. We were making out near the wall. I lifted her and threw her on the bed. Both of us were now hot and alert, wide awake.

Knowing that she was starving for sex, we kissed again. Then I started sucking and kneading her breasts while she moaned in delight (genuine) while going back to kissing mode in between. I was moving my other hand inside her panty. She was moist and wet in a few minutes.

I removed her panty and spread her legs wide apart. That pink pussy with some fine hair was shining. Not bothered about the smell of her secretions, I dived right in and ate her out like a possessed man, using my nose, tongue, lips, and fingers to taste her private area.

In the meanwhile, I was getting rock hard, and my dick was ready for action. I asked her to get ready and gently teased her labia by rubbing my dick. She was breathing heavily and making all the right noises. I slowly built the tempo and was inside her.

In a minute, I was banging her hard and fast. I pounded her for a good 4 to 5 minutes. She was in heaven, mumbling while I finally pounded her and came heavily inside her (without any condom). Both of us were sweating like crazy, and the sheets were damp.

She sprung into action and took my dick, and licked it clean. She took a brief rest, and then she got up to get cleaned. I followed her to the bathroom. As she was about to pee, I lifted her and placed her on the sink. I watched her pee and drank a mouthful. She was pleasantly surprised and called me naughty boy.

She held my dick as I peed and returned the favor by tasting my warm lemonade. Both of us had a good laugh and came back and hit the bed. More playing around followed. I massaged her great ass and smelled her anus. She was a bit hesitant at first to allow me to play with her ass.

But after a lot of kissing and cajoling, she was open to exploration. She did likewise and fingered my asshole. She confessed that she had been sexually starved for the last few months. Finally, we decided to sleep and were in each other’s arms.

When we got up, it was almost 9.00 in the morning. I brushed my teeth, and the first thing I did was go down to the Pharmacy and get a couple of pills so that she would not get pregnant. I ordered some coffee and breakfast, and Sarah had finished brushing too.

She took the pill with her coffee, and I was ready for round 2. I wanted to enjoy her in broad daylight. I convinced her to allow me to shave her pussy.She returned the favor later on by shaving my dick and gonads. I was blown away by her pink pussy hidden between her milky white thighs.

I dived straight in and teased the hell out of her as she tutored me to get her closer to orgasm. She let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly I was slurping her vaginal juices. I was hard and enjoying drinking her secretions, and she was on cloud nine.

Suddenly she wanted to ride me and went cowboy and rode me like a bull, taking my dick deep and vigorously inside her. I warned her that I was about to cum, and she immediately dismounted and sucked me dry. We spent more time exploring each other’s bodies and relaxed for some time.

We took a shower together. I enjoyed soaping her and squeezing her body, and cleaning her holes. I went down to the restaurant for lunch, and she turned quite a few heads. She was not wearing either a bra or panties – just a top and a long skirt.

We took our time finishing lunch and spent time in the lobby just chatting away. We came back to the room, and both of us got naked. We were now taking liberties with each other and having fun. I still wanted to do one thing and had to wait for a couple of hours as we both dozed off.

We got up and got into a kissing frenzy, rolling over each other on the bed. I whispered to her that I was eager to eat her asshole and fuck her in the ass. She rolled her eyes and told me that she never allowed that before – that she was an anal virgin. It took me all my talking skills to get the green signal.

I placed her on her tummy and was blown away by her curvy ass. I started licking her anal zone and played with her buns – squeezing and kneading them while blowing kisses. I was totally into it as I licked her crack and parted her ass cheeks, and began smelling her anus.

It was stinking. I knew she had not taken a dump since we met at the airport the previous day. I gave her the finger test, and I could see yellow traces of her dung. I was getting excited and hard, and it was time to strike the iron while it was hot. I got her in a doggy position and enjoyed the view for a moment.

I took some spit and applied it all over her pie hole. I tried gently entering her anus but was not successful. She was requesting with me to be gentle and slow as it was her first time. Assuring her, I tried a couple of times and still could not breach it. I decided to give it another shot and used the full thrust, and I was in.

She howled in pain as I entered and then started delivering slow and steady strokes. She was now moaning but asking me to be gentle. I was in beast mode, though. Suddenly started pounding her as she clenched the sheets and let out a scream. I was pounding her fast and furious.

I was in the zone while squeezing her breasts to pulp from behind. Finally, I could not take it anymore and came inside her, raw, and collapsed on her. I withdrew from her asshole after a couple of minutes. My dick was smeared in her yellow shit and stinking.

I jumped out of bed and washed it with soap a couple of times. A few minutes later, Sarah showed up in the bathroom, wanting to poop. Not one to let go of this chance. I saw her taking a huge dump and then some more.

I washed her ass – Indian Style. She did not want me to but then relented. I explained why the left hand is typically not used while eating – unlike in the USA.

We both relaxed for a couple of hours and then hit the shower again before getting ready to have dinner and leave for the airport. Even though we were on the same flight, we did not get seats side-by-side. So we had to sit separately.

Once we touched down in Amsterdam, we had coffee together and went our separate ways. She took the flight to Boston while I proceeded to Chicago. It was a night to remember, for the erotic pleasure with Sarah in paradise.

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